Bedroom Decor Trends 2018: New Trends in Furniture and Color Design

Bedroom Decor Trends 2018The bedroom is probably the most personal space of any apartment – nevertheless it was treated with regard to the design for a long time rather neglected. What hardly anyone sees, does not have to be made particularly … far missing! The new trends in furniture and color design are intended to encourage every guest to use the possibilities of materials and design to tailor his resting oasis exactly to his individual needs. Whether meditation room or energy source – there is the right equipment for every requirement. Sleeping rooms can be quite different. In this article some interesting bedroom trends will be shown.

The bedding trends – the center of the bedroomBedroom Decor Trends 2018

The cozy bed is the heart of every bedroom. For the night rest as well as for clouds, the correct bed support as well as the appropriate frame are important. Currently both boxspring beds and solid wood furniture are particularly popular:Bedroom Decor Trends 2018

The boxspring bed: In America, everything is bigger – this general space also applies to the beds. This massive variant of the sleeping furniture consists of three layers, which stacked on top of each other as a lounging comfort as on cloud sieves. A wooden frame equipped with a metal spring core, the so-called box, forms the basis of the furniture. A mattress with corresponding dimensions is directly on the box and the “topper”, a thick mattress support forms the conclusion of the lying surface. If you do not want to completely re-establish yourself, you will also get the traditional bedsteads, which take the place of the slatted floor. This allows the bedding quality of a boxspring bed to be given to every bed.

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Natural materials in the bedroom furnitureBedroom Decor Trends 2018

Solid wood furniture: Natural materials are in full swing in 2018 – the time of veneers and coated chipboards is over, especially as far as sleeping furniture is concerned. In addition to the inimitably beautiful appearance of natural wood, the material also has health benefits. Where it is difficult for pressed wood to find a variant that does not guarantee the absence of formaldehyde, solid wood furniture provides various information on whether furniture pieces are low in emissions and are harmless to health. The “golden M” of the German goods association for furniture, the Blue Angel or the eco-control label of the Eco-Institute certify these qualities. In addition, high-quality solid wood furniture as long-term acquisitions perfectly epitomize a time spirit that strives for sustainability and resource conservation. Decor Trends 2018

The mattress: the tonal pocket spring core, latex, cold foam and memory foam – never before had there been so many materials available in the bedroom for soft and ergonomic comfort . At the moment, different toppers are in the focus: mattress pads of different thickness, which form the comfortable upper layer of the recliner on a box-spring as well as on the standard bed. Gelfoam adapts ideally to the body contours of the lying, offers the softness to the sinking and supports on the other hand the physiologically advantageous lying position.

2018 Trend colors for the bedroomBedroom Decor Trends 2018

In recent years, colors have played a major role in the design of the living quarters – finally, they also enter the bedroom. In this case, the user should first decide whether he would like to put energy or relaxation in the bedroom furniture:Bedroom Decor Trends 2018

Yellow: Without a doubt, yellow is the trend color of the year 2018 and therefore also affects the bedroom design. Whether gold stool, mustard gel or sun gel – the color has countless faces, but all of them radiate: positive, warm energy. If you often miss the sun in the morning and need a motivation when you get up, you should follow the color trend and try the effect. In the process, not all walls have to be painted yellow, but more targeted accents are to be set.Bedroom Decor Trends 2018

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Rose quartz and Blue gray: The two trend colors have appeared solo and in combination for some time in the textile sector. For the bedroom, bed linen, decorative cushions and curtains are available in the pudrig-delicate color nuances. Unlike bright yellow, the broken pastel tones convey an aura of peace and relaxation. If you want to relax after a hard day in the bedroom and if the shutdown is sometimes difficult, a new color scheme in delicate rose and blue tones could be a favor.Bedroom Decor Trends 2018

White: The Scandinavian classic is already shaping our bedrooms for some time and is also indispensable in the presence of new trends. After all, white in bed linen, carpet, curtains and as stained furniture offers a uniquely clear effect, which makes the bedroom a meditation room. Shutting down here means also the turning away from all the color stimuli of everyday life and the concentration on the essentials: a captivating book, a sentimental letter or an emotional piece of music. White also brings natural materials to the point where solid wood furniture or floorboards spoil their original charm most effectively.

Bedroom furniture trends 2018 – furniture for individualistsBedroom Decor Trends 2018

The bedroom furniture from a few series has finally come out of fashion. Instead, style-conscious individualists orient themselves to the color, material and, above all, the purpose of the respective fitting piece. This creates a unique collection in every bedroom:Bedroom Decor Trends 2018

Padded headboards invite beds not only to sleep, but also to linger. In the case of a comfortable television, reading or relaxed listening to music, the sleeping furniture slowly slows down the sofa.Bedroom Decor Trends 2018

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Modular stools and sideboards are used more by the occupants of the bedroom according to their individual needs than traditional furniture. This allows the stool to be converted to the side table and the sideboard to the bench – according to what is to be played in the resting room.

Wardrobes now offer more possibilities in terms of individualityBedroom Decor Trends 2018

In 2018, wardrobes are no longer massive boxes that take away space but serve the needs of their owners. Drawers and the number of clothes racks are freely combinable in many models, thus increasing the space available, while sliding doors ensure that the full space in the bedroom is maintained when opening the cabinet. Flexible lighting options can fulfill both functional purposes when choosing clothes, as well as the indirect light source for a cozy room atmosphere.

ConclusionBedroom Decor Trends 2018

Double bed, two side tables and a massive wardrobe and all the pieces from a series – so the bedroom looked from yesterday. Currently, the restoase of each apartment can be designed more individual and unconventional. A wide range of beds and recliners offer the right sleeping space for the most varied needs, as well as the rest of the furniture, thanks to their modular character, better adapt to the owner’s life. Fresh color in the bedroom provides for a good mood when getting up or relaxing asleep and makes the bedroom a comfortable place to stay.

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