Bedroom Teen Girl Decorating Trends 2018: 20 Fascinating Ideas You’ll Love!

Bedroom Teen Girl Decorating Trends 2018Do you want to renew your daughter’s bedroom and are you looking for fascinating ideas? So, first of all, it is essential to mention that such an interior design must reflect the style of the children. That’s why, the teen girl bedroom decor is so important. sitazine is always at your disposal to provide you with some charming proposals. We invite you to continue reading to discover our inspiring ideas!

Teen girl bedroom decor – choose simplicity!Bedroom Teen Girl Decorating Trends 2018

The decoration of the teen room must express the style and personality of your daughter. Take into account that the teenager’s vision of her own room is very different than yours! Indeed, it is there, where teens escape from the world. Their room is also their fortress. That’s why; you have to pay attention to the details in order to succeed the perfect teenager bedroom decor!Bedroom Teen Girl Decorating Trends 2018

So, why dare simplicity? The answer is just as simple: because in this way the decor takes on a look that is both cozy and elegant. This is exactly the case illustrated above: a very chic room, decorated according to trends. All of its elements are extremely modern and reflect the Scandinavian style. The exposed brick wall and the wooden paneling create an encounter between heat and cold.Bedroom Teen Girl Decorating Trends 2018

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Very often, in terms of layout, the rooms in the eaves are considered a challenge but it is not quite true. Indeed, they are very aesthetic and functional. In addition, they create a charming and cozy atmosphere. Let’s take a look at the example in the photo above. The gray walls are in unison with the whole while contributing to the welcoming atmosphere. The wallpapers are also a detail not to be missed – they make sure to liven up the room.Bedroom Teen Girl Decorating Trends 2018

So, dare simple deco and neutral colors. You will not regret it! We would like to offer you some cool ideas. For example, the light strips create, without doubt, a warm atmosphere. Your daughter will love them. Opt for lockers like the ones shown above. They are very practical as storage furniture.

The pink color – essential shade for the bedroom decoration teen girlBedroom Teen Girl Decorating Trends 2018

It’s no secret that pink is often associated with girls’ youth. So, it finds its place in a large number of teenage rooms. Indeed, in recent times, we also notice a predilection for the rose and walleye which creates an aesthetic and welcoming atmosphere.Bedroom Teen Girl Decorating Trends 2018

Note the teenager bedroom decor on the photo above. It is advisable to bet on the wall shelves since on one side, they are very practical. On the other hand, thanks to them, the room does not seem overloaded. The black parquet contributes to the cozy atmosphere while cutting with the rest of the interior.Bedroom Teen Girl Decorating Trends 2018

Remember, today’s teenage girls are always aware of new trends. But, most often, they are torn between childhood and their desire to grow up. That’s why most teens do not feel ready to give up their favorite toys. So you will need more storage furniture. If this is the case, sitazine presents a very practical and multifunctional solution: the separation library like the one above. So, what do you think?Bedroom Teen Girl Decorating Trends 2018

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Here is another very modern aspect of the teenager bedroom decor: lighting. In fact, it lends itself to many variations and is given great importance. Lighting has the ability to focus on certain aspects of the interior.Bedroom Teen Girl Decorating Trends 2018

Here you have it, a nice example of teenage girl bedroom decor. The furniture is simple but very chic and practical. The lighting emphasizes the two large mirrors that, in effect, give the feeling of a larger space. And what girl does not want to have a mirror in her room? And two? Good!

Why not the gray walls?Bedroom Teen Girl Decorating Trends 2018

There are many contradictions as to the gray color. But, a lot of people are more and more tempted to adopt it. Accompanied by lighter shades, this color is a real revolution in the field of interior design. As you can see, looking at the picture above, the lighting focuses on the gray walls. A curious fact: the pink and gray room is very aesthetic and it continues to gain popularity.Bedroom Teen Girl Decorating Trends 2018

You can, of course, give some life to gray walls by betting on wall stickers. In this way, you will also customize your daughter’s room. There is a wide variety of wall stickers, so you will, no doubt, find the sticker that suits you!Bedroom Teen Girl Decorating Trends 2018

Who says bedroom decor for teen girl, also says romantic atmosphere! Many girls are passionate about Parisian love stories and what the Eiffel Tower symbolizes. Whether it is a wallpaper, a sticker or a little figure of the Iron Lady, the Parisian decor is always welcome!Bedroom Teen Girl Decorating Trends 2018

Deco blue duck – we love it! This nuance symbolizes the unparalleled nobility, is invited in the teenager bedroom decoration to create a harmonious atmosphere. The duck blue comes in a wide range of shades and you can combine it with neutral tones, pastels or even flagship colors. It’s up to your daughter to choose.

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Wallpapers – a trend that never goes out of fashionBedroom Teen Girl Decorating Trends 2018

The plants are a perfect addition to the bedroom decoration teen girlBedroom Teen Girl Decorating Trends 2018

Dare pastel shades to succeed the cozy atmosphereBedroom Teen Girl Decorating Trends 2018

Wall stickers are perfect for animating the wallsBedroom Teen Girl Decorating Trends 2018

The wooden paneling contributes to the welcoming atmosphereBedroom Teen Girl Decorating Trends 2018

A very pretty decoration just as in fairy talesBedroom Teen Girl Decorating Trends 2018

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