Bedrooms for Couples 2017: The Best Wall Paint Colors

The colors for bedroom for couples 2017 set trend this season and surprise us with beautiful and original combinations. The tonalities and the color palette this season do not only refer to wall paint but it is the combination of colors for double bedrooms in walls, furniture, textiles, accessories, and decorations.Double bed master bedroom for couples

The latest trends in marriage dormitory decorations look for harmony to achieve the best emotions and mood of each of us.

Best Bedroom Wall Paint Colors

To achieve the best choice we must combine several factors and one of the most essential are the optimal combinations of paint colors, wallpapers, wall coverings and decoration with vinyl.Couple bedroom wall paint colors

To obtain a suitable atmosphere where the decoration of atmospheres is pleasant and comfortable is the current preference in interior for the people at present.

The warm colors for the rooms are a great idea to create relaxing atmospheres. It is more advisable to apply strong and vivid colors for walls in living rooms, living rooms or common areas.

Colorful bedroom ideas

wallpaper wall decor bedroom for couple ideasWe cannot forget the characteristics of the different rooms. It is not the same the choice of colors for small matrimonial bedrooms, the decoration of colors juvenile dormitories, the colors matrimonial dark dormitories, the colors wall, etc.

Painting room, analyzing each space and studying the different shades that we are going to apply so that the combination with the rest of the elements harmonize in the decoration of modern and current bedrooms, is ideal.

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What color to paint the room in 2017

Cottage style couple bedroom theme ideasWe want to emphasize that the most important thing is that the result is adapted to our taste, personality, and style of decoration. In decoration, everything may be valid although there are some guidelines.

For example:

  • The vintage decor and the shabby chic stays often make the difference by being the protagonist the color white.
  • The rustic style decor usually uses wood paneling and paint walls in matching colors.
  • The colors for matrimonial bedroom according to feng shui focus on some beliefs and traditions although they are open to some variations.
  • The retro industrial decoration will include different colors and there will be no lack of oxides and metallic colors.
  • In contrast, the modern 2017 bedrooms use a greater range of colors.White bedroom theme decoration design ideas

Colors to paint a matrimonial bedroom

The color of the bedroom paint depends on the surroundings of the rooms (floors, ceilings, and walls), along with the size and brightness of the room. As these characteristics are the basis that we must take into account when starting a suitable interior decoration and successful.

We recommend choosing colors that are to our liking. Do not use many different colors in room painting, gives better results combine and mix different tonalities taking into account furniture and complements.

When we have doubts it is better to paint a room in white or a palette of neutral and clear colors. That way we can add color in the different elements of decoration.

For this reason, we present an impressive variation of colors to paint a bedroom and the combinations of color with the totality of the components so that you choose yours.

Paint ideas modern gray bedroom for couplesGrey bedroom colors double bed room ideas

A very good alternative when we want to place the main furniture or auxiliary furniture with a glossy finish is to paint walls and ceilings in gray. The rooms are painted in neutral colors and offer modern fittings and modern marriage furniture, offering a lively and personalized design.

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Trends colors 2017, brightness and silver bedroomBrightness silver couple bedroom double bed ideas

The latest trends return bright and sumptuous colors like gold, copper, and silver. The blue and silver double bedrooms are elegant and new. The luminosity of the silver color helps to feel the atmosphere of luxury bedrooms although well applied creates a comfortable, current and beautiful interior design.

White double beds the timeless joker

Silver grey couple bedroom decorating ideasThe everlasting whites in décor provide spaciousness, give a sense of cleanliness and blend perfectly with all the remaining color ranges. Intensify the earth tones and pastel. They soften the strong colors and act like comodin in all the styles of decoration (minimalist, vintage, Nordic…)

As we said, the combined white color can be the protagonist in the trends of the decoration of each season.

Black and White Marriage Rooms

These colors for marriage dorms are the ying and yang, poles opposed, the highest contrast and at the same time a sure hit. With this option, it is almost impossible to make mistakes. And also allows to add a third color easily in small extensions, that way it is easy to renew the decoration with minimal effort and money creating attractive interior designs.

Bedrooms in red black and white

Red black and white couple bedroom designIt may be a classic color scheme, but in the marriage dormitory decor is a rather daring choice. They are usually very young people who opt for this option that brings new energy in the interior decoration. These matrimonial colors, black and white, also combine with yellow tones creating harmony and elegance.

Bedroom decoration in blue colorBlue bedroom for couple decor

The usual combination is usually blue and white bedrooms as it helps to create a fresh and clean environment. All these shades are very harmonious, so you can safely use them for any stay. They are colorful modern juvenile bedrooms with a great success. Simply, the 2017 trend is in placing bedding, carpets or bedroom furniture in earthy colors.

Green and blue bedroom colors

Green and blue bedroom colorsTwo colors found but in some of their tonalities, they create a youthful contrast. The colors for double bedrooms are ideal shades to apply them in bedding and curtains, easily replaceable, as they can cause boredom after some time.

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The combination of colors for light green marriage bedrooms and the blue sky go together from the birth of the world and look great as bedroom colors and living rooms.

Blue blends perfectly with soft tones. Create the kind of atmosphere we want in the bedroom decor. Mixed with cream, white or gray color reminds of clouds, the sea. And some earth tones like the sand color will work perfectly to create a truly relaxing atmosphere.

Warm colors for bedrooms

The warm colors for rooms are always very appropriate in the bedrooms of marriages and with them, we achieve very welcoming environments. They are the most used in romantic dormitories.

Double beds neutral colors and pastelDouble beds neutral colors and pastel

Colors for marriage bedrooms vintage pink and grayColors for bedrooms marriage vintage pink and gray

Besides the white color in all its variants, a vintage style decoration is perfect if we use pink and gray. We can vary the tones and shades depending on the desired effect and get a combination of very appropriate color in shabby chic style, Nordic décor. It can also be ideal for babies and children rooms.

Colors for bedroom for couples in brown tonesColors for double bedrooms in brown tones

Although the grays have recently been the protagonists in choosing a neutral background, but the brown color is not old-fashioned. The browns, glacé, coffee, mocha, chocolate are rich tones, they give the maturity, personality, and solidity to the interior in bedrooms. They can be used in details such as bedroom ornaments, carpets or curtains, bedspreads, and furniture,

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