Beige Color In The Interior Of The Apartment – Combination And Application

Beige Color In The Interior Of The ApartmentBeloved by designers for its elegance, lightness and softness, the beige color has become an impeccable choice for use in the interior of a city apartment. Its versatility and neutrality of shades is suitable for decoration and design of any room, from the hallway to the bathroom. This color is able to bring a soft and calm harmony to the interior, and the options for its use are endless. But the biggest plus is in compatibility with almost all colors and styles. Despite its popularity, it often remains underestimated due to a lack of understanding of its capabilities and knowledge of secrets that help to unleash the potential of the interior and arouse sincere admiration for impeccability.

A Thousand Shades Of Beige

The name of the color comes from the type of unpainted flax. An easy way to see natural beige is to add milk to a cup of coffee. Its traditional range of shades is located between white and brown. However, there are still hundreds of midtones. Despite the fact that beige is considered a neutral color, its shade can be warmer or colder, depending on which color it gravitates more to – yellow, red, gray or green. Add yellowness and get a shortbread. Olive will turn beige into khaki. Orange to terracotta. And if you add pink, you get cream. One of the secrets is not to cross the border of the primary color. An additional shade play an important role in what colors the combination will be most beneficial. Therefore, when choosing finishing materials,

Basic Shades Of Beige

Beige Psychology

If the goal is to create a peaceful, cozy and harmonious interior, then your choice is the predominance of beige as a background. Its energy is so favorable that in such places conflict situations become impossible. This is the color of friendship, romance and compromise. It is equally suitable for creative and business personalities, allowing you to reveal your potential. It helps to have a good rest and regain strength, creates a pleasant atmosphere in the house and forms a positive mood.

Beige In Different Interior Styles

Remaining neutral with respect to other colors, beige is one of the most multifaceted and multifaceted, therefore it can be used in almost any style. The undisputed leadership in its application is classic, but the right combination with other colors allows you to create unique interiors in the style of minimalism, Provence, eclecticism, art deco and even high-tech.

Any combination with white color will give the space a sophisticated classic elegance, which can be further accentuated by the use of dark brown color. Add a little gold to this and get a luxurious interior. We use a light beige background of the walls instead of white, we leave only the most necessary furniture and get a strict but cozy minimalism. Accents on a beige background, depending on the color, will attract attention to art objects or create a tender mood in the Provence style.

Secrets Of Harmonious Combination With Other Colors

Beige is the background color, so it is often used for walls, less often for the ceiling. As for the floor, the right combination will be a wooden texture in a contrasting shade or stone tiles. Using beige, you can do real magic if you know its “formulas”. For example, using only beige in different tint variations for decoration and furniture elements, you can create the most comfortable atmosphere in the room.

Let’s remember that this color in nature occurs in the form of sand, clay, tree bark and approaches the shade of human skin, so it is the first to attract other natural colors – green, white, brown, pink, terracotta, black. But it also serves as a backdrop for creating bold contrasts.

Pleasant And Not Cloying

It is difficult to use pink so that it evokes a positive reaction in everyone. Combining with beige will solve this problem. The main thing is to choose the right shades. Delicate “marshmallows” very well reckoned with coffee and milk. A winning background for bright fuchsia will be a grayish or greenish beige.

Freshness And Elegance

The combination with white color without adding contrasting elements is a sign of refined taste. It is not for nothing that this technique is used to decorate rooms of high-class hotels.

Luxury Magic

Thanks to the perfect combination with gold, bronze and copper, a beige background is the best basis for creating a luxurious interior – from antique to neoclassical. Arrange black or dark brown furniture with gold trim, and get a typically “palace” interior.

Contrasting Combinations

Bright elements on a beige background should not be in abundance, then they will look advantageous and will attract attention. Accessories and decor elements or furniture of purple, emerald, malachite, dark blue or purple will look spectacular. Just do not use all colors at once. Maximum – two, combined among themselves.

For Endless Relaxation

There are colors, the combination with which will create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere – bright yellow and sky blue. They can be used both together and separately. The secret is that with beige they form an easily recognizable trio of shades of sea, sun and sand.

Application Of Beige In Different Rooms Of The Apartment

Each part of the living space has functional features and purpose, which has a direct impact on the choice of style and color scheme. You can use beige color for some rooms or in all rooms at once, and you will not lose. After all, a thousand shades of beige will allow you to create a unique interior, if you show imagination and use design techniques to design each of the rooms.


The best use for beige color. Soft creamy and sandy tones will make the small hallway more spacious and lighter. And a large branch of the living room can turn out if you use the game of contrasts of decoration and upholstered furniture elements for seating.

Living Room

This room should be well-lit, spacious and at the same time cozy. Therefore, it is logical to use no more than two shades of beige for wall decoration. One is very light, the other is a little darker. And chocolate color for the outline. The presence of the latter may cause an irresistible desire to furnish the living room with soft orange furniture. If you want something less playful, use bright deep colors of velvet upholstery for upholstered furniture – burgundy, sapphire, dark turquoise for contrast. The combination of cream walls, light soft and black cabinet furniture is an elegant solution for a living room in a modern style. The combination of gray-beige, yellow and green is the right choice to create a light and fresh interior in an eco-style.


Here, in gentle beige shades, this is the place. The combination with ivory furniture will create an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility, necessary for a good rest. If you want to add a little romance, use sky-blue textile elements for pillows, bedspreads and curtains. Beige in the bedroom does not have to be background. The white walls and beige textile of the bed and window drapery are just appropriate here. A very bright bedroom, in which even the floor does not contrast with the decoration of the walls – this is a classic. But not everyone likes this combination. In this case, pay attention to the combination of a beige background with white and black elements of furniture and textiles.


The most concise and pleasant, and most importantly – practical interior design of this room will be in beige color. Here you can play on the contrasts of the most delicious colors – chocolate, coffee, cream, milk, biscuit. Choose any style from artsy classics to strict minimalism. But remember that the abundance of light details will mean the need for constant cleaning. Therefore, carefully select the color depth for work surfaces. For the Provence style, it will be appropriate to add light shades of turquoise, lavender and fresh herbs.

Children Room

The advantage of beige for this room is its versatility for any gender of the child. Here it will be used only as a background on which you can create a whole fairy-tale composition with the use of multi-colored wall decor, colorful toys and textile elements. According to psychologists, beige is a good helper in raising children, because it balances the emotional state and creates suitable conditions for relaxation, creativity and learning.


If where you can find yourself in relaxed solitude, it’s in the bathroom. Beige tiles of caramel and cream shades will not only make the room visually more voluminous, but will also contribute to the complete dissolution of all negative emotions collected from the outside world. The traditional combination of beige finish, snow-white sanitary ware and mirrors with gilded decoration – for an exclusively solemn and regal atmosphere. Mint and blue colors add freshness and help relieve fatigue.

How To Add Zest To A Beige Interior

Sometimes it happens that there is too much beige. A few tips will help you achieve your desired harmony:

  • add bright notes in the form of decor elements – a plot picture, an unusual patterned panel or a fresh floral bouquet on a table or near a mirror;
  • arrange objects from bronze or copper: jugs, figurines, chasing – any exotic souvenirs from yellow or red metal;
  • decorate the room with indoor plants;
  • Use textural decor elements – pillows, rugs, rugs, bedspreads and curtains.

In conditions of extreme rates of life and work similar to trials, it is simply necessary to be able to relax and rest in an atmosphere of peace, feeling reliably protected from external influences. If the apartment has at least one “beige room”, it will gradually attract all household members. So think about creating as many places as possible for psychological relief.

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