The Best Ideas for Decorating Rustic Bathrooms 2017

The rustic bathrooms are trend. There are a lot of different styles to decorate the bathroom but, the current trends in bathroom decor are the rustic details.Rustic bathroom decorating ideas

This style of decor, coupled with vintage style, shabby chic designs and country – style touches are becoming more and more popular.

A bathroom with a rustic interior can implant a warm and relaxing atmosphere, and allows us to feel closer to nature. Creating a rustic bathroom is easy, we just have to focus on the fundamental use of natural stone and wood: wooden beams, new or recycled wooden bathroom furniture, suitable bathroom accessories.Small grey rustic bathroom decor

And we cannot forget that, the rustic style bathrooms are not at odds with a functional decoration of the modern   bathrooms nor, with the decoration of bathrooms cheap.

Rustic bathrooms

Decorative tiles rustic bathroom design ideasUntil some time ago, the category of rustic was considered inferior and even, was used with contempt to denominate crude and little elegant things. At present, the rustic decor inspires and offers a cozy and homely feel.

To obtain rustic designs it is very practical and necessary to make elements of work such as countertops, stone or brick walls, rustic bathroom tiles or ceramic floors.

Then complement them with restored or recycled wood and rustic bathroom accessories. That way we can enjoy a decoration of low cost bathrooms with all the charm.

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Cheap rustic bathrooms

Cheap rustic bathroom ideasBeing able to use second-hand materials, furniture and accessories, recycled and even DIY elements makes the investment in bathroom decoration or remodeling cheaper.

The rustic style of decoration will allow us to include some old elements; Furniture, mirrors, chairs, shelves… that bring that touch to decorate a rustic bathroom.

All these accessories we can recover them from old houses, markets or acquire them in stores specialized in decoration, at good prices, as in the sections of rustic baths Leroy Merlin, Ikea, Amazon…

Good ideas for decorating rustic bathrooms

Storage is very important, but it does not have to be at odds with the decor.

Many ideas here!

Getting a rustic effect in our bathroom can be simple without committing major works or changes. We will need to use rustic bathroom accessories, auxiliary bathroom furniture or accessories to serve our purpose.Inexpensive rustic bathrom decor

We can appreciate fundamental details in many of the photos of this article. We will find pictures of rustic bathrooms and toilets of the purest style.

And also the combination or mix in modern bathrooms or minimalist bathrooms:

  • Some materials such as wood, forge, zinc or tin  applied to bathroom furniture or accessories.
  • Wooden beams. Friezes walls, ceramic floors and romantic curtains are complements with expectacular results
  • The wicker baskets, wire baskets, ladders recycled as towel racks and shelves and aged mirrors with gilded frames are great ideas

Tips for decorating small rustic bathrooms and rustic toilets

Small rustic bathroom designsThere is a belief that a rustic style decoration needs spacious spaces. It really can be that way when we use colors too rustic rustic bathrooms and furniture of sinks and large bathtubs.

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But, we also have the option of selecting the rustic bathroom accessories of smaller dimensions and brighter colors to decorate small bathrooms.Small rustic bathroom accessories

We are not forced to give up this style of interior decoration due to the shortage of meters; we should only follow some decoration guidelines small bathrooms so that the result is a success:

Rustic bathroom lighting

Rustic bathroom lightingTo take care of lighting to the maximum, we need to create a visual effect of amplitude, so that no corner can be dark. We will take advantage of all natural light if we have it.

Rustic bathroom colors

Small rustic abthroom wall paint colorsThe rustic elements tend to move with a palette of colors risqué. But that palette we can vary it to lighter and more luminous tones as necessary in small spaces.

Rustic bathroom accessories

Small rustic bathroom accessories decor ideasWe will choose light bathroom furniture, or we will combine some heavy-looking furniture with other open and simpler furniture.

In the decoration bathrooms of this style are perfect rustic improvised towel rails such as hangers, stairs, etc.

We can also choose the bathroom shelves before the cabinets and look in the large catalog of rustic bathrooms the most suitable toilets, furniture, accessories and accessories for rustic toilets or small bathrooms.

Rustic bathroom tiles

Bricks wall tiles rustic bathroom ideasThe choice of wall coverings and rustic floors is of great relevance because of its prominence in this style.

We cannot imagine a rustic bathroom without palisades, friezes, ceramics or rustic tiles. Although in small baths perhaps we should not abuse their use.

The ideal is to combine these materials with smooth painted walls to not visually recharge the environment.

Rustic tub as main element

Wooden tub rustic bathroom ideasThe installation of a rustic style bathtub, claw foot tub, decorative bathtub as the protagonist of the stay may be the best idea in the interior design of your bathroom.

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