The Best Ideas for Placing Crockery in Your Kitchen

Are you thinking of changing or modifying your kitchen? In this post we give you some ideas to put your dishes as neat and comfortable as possible, in pots or tall furniture, with dishwashers or with organizers. All of them are a good option to have your crockery accessible and comfortable, both when storing and when to use it.Ideas placing crockery kitchen

How to put your dishes to make you more comfortable? Everything will depend, first of all, on the space that we have and if you find it more practical in height, in tall furniture, or in low furniture and pitchers. In this post, we show you several options to choose the one that best suits your kitchen.

Place the dishes in tall furnitureDrainer for high furniture in PVC, white epoxy or stainless steel

  1. Drainer for high furniture in PVC, white epoxy or stainless steel. This type of dish drainers have different sizes that can be adapted to your furniture. They have three levels, one for the dishes, it is recommended to put on the top, another for the glasses and a tray that will serve us so that you can drain the dishes inside the same piece of furniture without dripping on the furniture.Stacked directly on kitchen furniture
  2. Stacked directly on the furniture. You can also place the plates placed directly on the furniture, for this I recommend that you place an anti- slip roll that will protect the furniture, in addition to prevent the dishes from slipping. They are in various thicknesses and colors.

Place the dishes in low furniture and pans

In this section keys are the accessories that can help you to better organize your dishes.pan-dish organizer

  1. The pan-dish organizer  is a very practical accessory where you can eliminate the bottom of your casserole and adapt the spaces to the size of your dishes with the pivots.
  2. Support for dishes. They are bases that you can install in the low furniture that can be of bamboo and adaptable in steel.low furniture dishes
  3. Non-slip rolls without accessories. You can also place the dishes without any accessories directly to the panzer, for that, as in the furniture, I recommend that you use the non-slip rolls.
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Place crockery in corner or special furniture

The third idea that I propose is to place it in your piece of furniture in which you will be able to access it more easily with the different accessories. For this I recommend that you visit our ideas post to make the furniture of corners easier in which you can find the solution for your corner.Place crockery in corner or special furniture

Another way to put the dishes in the kitchen is to do it in special furniture with dish rails, designed especially for more rustic kitchens.rustic kitchen furniture with dish rails

I hope you have been useful and you can have your tableware more accessible and orderly, in addition, you can visit our post how to have the kitchen ordered always. And you know if you want to share your ideas and inspire other users, you can do it in the section Of Projects. And if you have any questions on this topic, you can leave a comment on this post or open a new thread in the comment box.

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