10 Best Smart Home Appliances for 2017 at a Glance

smart home appliances for 2017The Smart Home appliances for 2017 offer more than comfort and energy saving. Smart lights, thermostats and co. Facilitate our lives because they can also be controlled by app and WLAN connection. Intelligent technology also does not have to be expensive and difficult to install. We have a few examples today – the 10 best 2017 smart home appliances from various manufacturers including Amazon, Belkin, Philips, Nest, Ecobee3, August and Skybell.

Smart Home appliances for 2017 – Amazon Echo

Smart Home appliances for 2017 - Amazon EchoAmazon echo can be ordered from the USA (amazon.com) and delivered to Germany. The device will most likely appear this autumn on the German side (amazon.de). The functions of Amazon Echo are numerous: Echo connects to the Internet via WLAN and reads Wikipedia entries, plays music by voice commands and even has a shopping function. The device can be operated via the app so fast.

Smart Home appliances for 2017 – Amazon Echo Dot as a more affordable variant

Smart Home appliances for 2017 - Amazon Echo DotThe other Amazon model is much cheaper compared to echo and is called echo dot. The unit has no display, only one microphone and a simple loudspeaker. If you want to listen to music, it is recommended to connect additional loudspeakers.

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Easy smartphone control from Amazon Echo Dot

Easy smartphone control from Amazon Echo DotUnfortunately this device is not available in Germany. Another drawback is that you must be a Prime member of Amazon and use your voice through Amazon Fire TV or Amazon App to order Echo Dot. In other words, you can not go to the website, put the product in the shopping cart and just go to checkout.

IFTTT automation with Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion

IFTTT automation with Belkin WeMo Switch + MotionA few months ago, another smart home device – the Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion – has appeared on the German market. The set contains a socket and a motion detector. When someone comes home, the device detects the movement and this can also be stored and evaluated. The aim is to detect movements within a radius of about 3 meters as well as to illuminate dark corners in the house automatically.

Switch the wall outlet on and off with your smartphone

Switch the wall outlet on and off with your smartphoneThanks to the IFTTT function (if this, then that), you can set the socket so that it automatically switches on the light after sunset or switches off the lighting every day at 11 o’clock. The Belkin WeMo Switch + Motion can unfortunately only perform simple tasks and does not get along with the complicated tasks, such as light interruption, if the movement detector has detected for 2 hours no movement.

Smart Home Appliances 2017: Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit reduces energy costs

Smart Home Appliances 2017 Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit reduces energy costsThe Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit can be installed and used in your home without problems. You can connect up to ten Philips Hue lamps with the switch, and you can adjust several lights simultaneously with the dimmer.

Elegant magnetic remote control from Philips Hue Wireless Dimming Kit

Elegant magnetic remote control from Philips Hue Wireless Dimming KitThe magnetic dimmer switch is battery powered and can be individually placed so you can use it either as a remote control or wall switch without sacrificing comfort. It can be attached to the refrigerator.

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Modern nest thermostat for your home

Modern nest thermostat for your homeThe manufacturer’s nest offers a smart home solution for home use. A smart thermostat that adapts to the temperature preferences of the occupants and does not have to be programmed like other gadgets.

Temperature intelligently regulate with the smartphone

Temperature intelligently regulate with the smartphoneIf necessary, the temperature can be controlled at any time with the smartphone via iOS or Android App, so that according to statistics with the automated mode can pay up to 20 percent low energy costs.

The AppleWatch compatible Ecobee3 thermostat

AppleWatch compatible Ecobee3 thermostatThe Ecobee3 is regarded as a nest competitor in the smart thermostats. The device controls the temperature intuitively to ensure your comfort. Compared to the Nest, the Ecobee3 is compatible with the Apple Watch, offering high comfort, a smart design and improved control.

Nest and Ecobee3 thermostats are competing with smart home appliances

Nest and Ecobee3 thermostatsWith 32 sensors and Wi-Fi connection, the unit is perfect for larger rooms or offices without losing control. Both gadgets have advantages in terms of energy savings, but Nest is still a well-known brand for end users as Ecobee.

August Smartkock Homekit – connect the castle with WLAN

August Smartkock HomekitAugust Smartkock Homekit is the next gadget of smart home appliances that we have prepared. In addition to the WLAN lock, the company offers a keypad, which can be used on the other side of the door to open it with the aid of a code instead of a key. Alternatively you can also control the door by August App.

Voice commands for door opening – the smartphone app

Voice commands for door openingAll those who own an Apple iPhone are able to open the front door by voice command. You get push notifications about the app, while the camera provides extra control. A major drawback is that you can pre-order the lock only in the USA.

WLAN and Camera at Skybell Door Bell

WLAN and Camera at Skybell Door BellThe Skybell door bell is equipped with WLAN and camera and is one of the smartest Smart Home appliances of the year 2017. The movement sensor is used to tell you when someone is outside the door, no matter whether he has already rung or not. In the absence, this gadget is particularly useful.

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Video and messages from visitors

Skybell door bellData and images are quickly transferred via the iOS and Android app on your smartphone. Skybell door bell takes videos and messages from visitors via WLAN. With this smart device, you never lose control, so it is absolutely recommendable for your home.

ISmart alarm system as a safety system

ISmart alarm systemThe smartphone as well as app control is today more and more often in the case of alarm systems. This modern wireless iSmart alarm system serves as a safety and monitoring system and can be easily and quickly installed in any apartment.

Cheap iSmart alarm features

Cheap iSmart alarm featuresThe functions are easy to operate with 4 buttons: on / off, homemode and panic button. The alarm system reacts quickly and sends notifications via Livestream directly to you. Currently only in the USA and Canada and unfortunately not yet in Germany to buy.

Smart light in seconds with switchmate

Smart light in seconds with switchmateSwitchmate always detects when you are at home and automatically turns on the light in a few seconds. The funds for this project were collected through a campaign on the website Indiegogo.

Connect Switchmate to Bluetooth or Smartphone

Connect Switchmate to Bluetooth or SmartphoneIf you have this device, you can control the lighting at any time via the smartphone. Switchmate is modern and it seems so that at any given time someone has stayed at home. You also do not have to stand up to turn the lights off.

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