The Best Wall Color with Wooden Furniture to Wake Up Your Interior

Wall Color with Wooden FurnitureDo you like wooden furniture and all the warmth it brings to your home? But you do not know with which wall color to associate it in order to emphasize it? Well, we must admit that this task is not easy at all! The wall color of your bedroom, living room or kitchen certainly has an influence on you and on the atmosphere at home! There are colors that act favorably on our health and morale, while others – no! So, to help you find the wall color that will best match your light, teak or rough wood furniture, sitazine has prepared a bunch of ideas and practical tips to follow.

What wall color with raw wood furniture for a cozy and relaxing atmosphere?Wall Color with Wooden Furniture

Treaty or not, the wooden furniture brings a nature side in our house. It favors soft tones that vary between yellow, beige, light blue, almond green and pearl gray while creating a calm atmosphere and Zen. And to reinforce it, please prefer natural materials, such as cotton and wool! Feel free to put some small objects in black or other contrasting color that will certainly complete the whole, while highlighting the soft tones!Wall Color with Wooden Furniture

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Another solution to recreate this raw wood ambience, will be to swap half of the soft tones against muted colors, such as mouse gray, blue, khaki and taupe color. These will intensify your natural wood furniture, while making the interior a bit more industrial. For those who love extravagance, you can go even further by choosing a more attractive wall color, such as purple violet or fuchsia pink! Start by painting one of your walls using the darkest color in your palette. Then soften the set with a clear tone and prolong the dark color through your decorative objects: boxes, vases, curtains.

What wall color within our light wood interior?Wall Color with Wooden Furniture

Even if some different materials of the wood have begun to invite us into our interior, wood is probably the star of our kitchen decor! But what wall color to choose to enjoy a Scandinavian style kitchen? Light and white wood – this can be the classic scenario of a typical Scandinavian room with a welcoming and natural atmosphere! Immaculate and ultra-clean, white is the favorite color that goes through all the elements of our decor – from the floor to the walls.Wall Color with Wooden Furniture

However, the white must always be accompanied by a slightly more stimulating nuance, because the Scandinavian kitchen needs a brightness! Therefore, another possibility will be to combine white with contrasting tones such as black, blue, pink, gray, pastel green or black. On one or more sections of walls or as tiling on the wall, each of these colors marries perfectly with the wood without going too far from the desired style!Wall Color with Wooden Furniture

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And if there is a combination that works wonderfully with light wood, it’s quite black and white. Used in moderation, these two colors bring life and relief to the whole and create a contemporary look that never goes out of fashion! This proposal is a safe bet for all types of interior design!

Which wall color to choose for a teak wood interior?Wall Color with Wooden Furniture

Teak wood is a wood of Asian origin and very well known for its resistance. Therefore, it is often used for garden furniture or for the manufacture of parquet for the wet spaces of our house. We can also find this type of wood furniture for our living room, bedroom or kitchen. Thanks to its bronze yellow look, this precious wood allows several possibilities in terms of wall color. The golden rule will be to harmonize our interior in solid teak wood using three contrasting colors!Wall Color with Wooden Furniture

Another alternative to get off to a good start with your interior makeover will be to combine this type of wood with a green wall color. These two elements put each other in value! The same rule applies to blue, especially turquoise, which gives a daring touch to solid teak wood furniture!Wall Color with Wooden Furniture

In order to reinforce the Asian spirit that this wood gives us, prefer the wall color in yellow, in light green or in orange! For a version both contemporary and extravagant, you can incorporate a little pink or a dark purple. Another less risky and ideal option for a discreet and elegant Asian decor will be to bet on the mole, the beige or other warm colors!Wall Color with Wooden Furniture

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Finally, know that to bring the wood in your home, you must absolutely choose the right wall color! Wood is a warming material and we must not abuse it by adopting it from floor to ceiling. Thus, we risk turning our house into a mountain chalet! However, it is recommended to harmonize our interior by focusing on clearer tones, even neutral, and furniture with strict and contemporary forms.

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