Building the Pedestal Bed – Practical Solution for the Modern Bedroom

Pedestal bed bedroom furnitureA pedestal bed offers many advantages and proves to be a particularly practical and space-creating variant for the small bedroom. The increase creates more space, which is urgently needed in small apartments. If you want to build an equally beautiful pedestal bed, let yourself be inspired by our ideas.

Building the Pedestal Bed: What possibilities are there?

Pedestal bed modern bedroom furnitureA pedestal is usually referred to as an elevated area in space. In architecture, this increase can be used differently, for example, to classify a large space. Such a platform could still create an interesting accent in the interior architecture or increase the functionality of the room. In a pedestal, shelves, drawers, cabinets and a bed can be integrated without the need for space in the room.

Building the Pedestal bed: What should you pay attention to?

small minimalist bedroom pedestal bed ideasThe pedestal bed is a multifunctional piece of furniture that is not only cozy, but also practical. Style and size can easily be adapted to the wishes of the residents. But there are a few rules to be considered, one wants to build a platform bed.

  • The materials used to build a pedestal bed must be environmentally friendly and free from toxins. The finished pedestal should also be stable and withstand a lot of weight.
  • The height of the pedestal is limited by the height of the ceiling – an adult should be able to stand on the podium in full.
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With a pedestal bed, the room can be divided into zonesOne bedroom small apartment pedestal bed ideas

  • If drawers are provided under the platform, it should have a height of at least 40 cm. A pull-out bed below requires a minimum height of 60 cm.
  • If the pedestal is higher than 40 cm, a staircase or a few steps must be installed in order to reach the bed comfortably.

Pedestal bed integrated into the living room

Pedestal bed integrated into the living roomMaking a one-room apartment attractive and functional is a real challenge for homeowners. A room-high shelf, which serves as a decent room divider, and a pedestal bed with drawers, provide a convenient storage space.

A platform with drawers is a practical solution

Platform bed with drawers is a practical solutionA pedestal bed is much easier to build than a conventional bed. You just need a sturdy pedestal that can carry heavy loads, and a thick mattress that can sleep for comfortable.

A landing bed offers more space

landing bed offers more spaceStorages can not only be created under the bed. It can be surrounded from all sides with cupboards. This also creates comfortable storage space for books, table lamps and even a flower box!

Shelves, drawers and storages

Shelves, drawers and storages bedroom furnitureIt is best to move a platform straight between two walls or in a niche. If you also want to use the vertical space optimally, you can design the bed like a large box. So you can also design a small wardrobe with hangers for hangers.

The design of the pedestal bed

The design of the pedestal bed can be very different and can be adapted to all different furnishing styles. It does not just depend on your taste. The space situation and available space play a decisive role.

Determine the size

Modern small bedroom with pedestal bed designA bed in the size 140 x 200 cm is suitable both for one person and as a comfortable bed for two. The single beds usually have a size of 90 x 200 centimeters. These bedding variants support the space-saving character of the podium beds and are therefore also ideal for a small bedroom.

Where should the pedestal bed be placed in the room?

White pedestal bed frame modern small bedroom furnitureA pedestal bed can also have a spatial effect. When placed close to the window in a long, narrow space, the space appears optically square. Thus, one benefits from more usable space in the middle of the room. A pedestal bed can also be perfectly integrated into a niche.

A stable sub structure is indispensable when building a platform bed

wooden platform bed bedroom furnitureThe pedestal can be designed according to your wishes and creative ideas. Sturdy posts and slats are needed to build a stable substructure. The wider the bed, the more posts are needed.

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The right mattress for the podium bed

platform bed mattress ideasThe conventional mattress can not be rolled up during the day, but it ensures a comfortable sleep and proper back support. When selecting the right mattress, the material and its degree of hardness play an important role.

Mobile version with futon mattress

pedestal bed futon mattressOn the pedestal also fits a thin mattress, which can be rolled up or raised during the day. These are called Futons in Japan. During the day you can practice on the podium or perform other activities. Before you buy a futon, you should be thoroughly informed about the kinds and how they need to be maintained.

Bed in the podium

Modern bedroom pedestal bed low profile bedsA pedestal with an embroidered bed is another way to make the bedroom original. Important is that the mattress is ventilated from below. Otherwise, mold formation occurs.

Pedestal bed of pallets

Pedestal bed of palletsPallet beds have been very popular for a number of years and are particularly well-known in their own bedrooms. The material is very cheap and you do not have to be an experienced home improvement to build a bed of this kind.

Grind the pallets and paint in any color

Grind the palletsDepending on the size you need four to eight Europaletten, arrange them next to each other and nail them together, so they do not slither. If you want a higher bed, the pallets can also be stacked on top of each other.

Bed and night tables made of pallets

Bed and night tables made of palletsWith the pallet bed, the bedroom gets an interesting industrial look. To this style also fits perfectly interior decoration with veneers in brick optics. If the bedroom is kept in black and white, it looks timeless and chic.

Bedside table or support surface next to the mattress?

Bedside table or support surface next to the mattressIf you need a matching bedside table, you can also build it from Europaletten. An alternative is offered by European beds, where the mattress also has a small supporting surface.

The natural beauty of wood

Natural wood pedestal platform bedWood definitely brings a lot of coziness into every room, especially when it has such interesting age traces. Every bed made of old wooden beams is therefore unique. Particularly solid and indestructible, old wood can also be combined with concrete.

Indirect lighting puts the bed right into the scene

Indirect lighting puts the bed right into the sceneIndirect lighting creates a comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom and offers a wide range of design possibilities. With LED strips, architectural features can be emphasized or optical accents can be set. The bed seems to float in the air and the ceiling is higher than it actually is.

Pedestal bed in the children’s room

Pedestal bed in the childrens roomThe pedestal bed for children is a great way to get the most out of a difficult space situation with a small space. With this new piece of furniture, you will be very happy with your child.

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Steps for easy boarding and descent

Pedestal bed nursery roomA bed in the nursery must fulfill many criteria: it should be stable, robust and safe. Make sure that your child can not drop from the landing bed. Even if it is not so high, it could be a bad experience for the little one.

Support surface with poster cushion next to the mattress

Support surface with poster cushion next to the mattressIf you are building a pedestal bed yourself, you can also decide on the design of the headboard. In this article you can find exciting ideas and suggestions.

Pedestal bed combined with a bench seat

Pedestal bed combined with a bench seatIf the children’s room is large enough, you can design a whole seating landscape. A podium bed with a bench was combined here. The cream-colored upholstery ensures a uniform look.

Single bed on pedestal in children’s room

Single bed on pedestal in childrens roomThrough a few skillfully inserted elements this small children’s room looks fresh and airy. The L-shaped pedestal bed and the hanging cabinets provide more storage space, while the mirror wall and the glass desk top reflect the light beautifully in the room.

Drawers and open compartments under the bed

Drawers and open compartments under the bed kids bedroomThe walls play a special role in this children’s room. Behind the bed is a climbing wall with climbing handles and on the right a fabulous wall decoration extends over the whole wall. Perhaps as an alternative to wall shelves offer a few open compartments storage space for toys, books or other eccentric things.

Pedestal with pull-out bed for guests in the living room

Pedestal with pull-out bed for guests in the living roomAre guests frequently visiting? Then you can consider building a landing with a pull-out bed for the living room. For the children’s room such a piece of furniture is also excellent!Pedestal with pull-out bed for guests in living room

If necessary, the bed can be pulled out and hidden under the pedestal again. The bedding can be stowed behind a door in the pedestal.

Pedestal bed with integrated bedside tables

White pedestal bed with integrated bedside tablesA podium bed with a high-gloss finish in white impresses with its modern design and can be perfectly integrated into every modern bedroom. The simple look is also reminiscent of the Scandinavian style.

Subtle drawer handles

pedestal bed equipped with drawersIf a pedestal bed is equipped with drawers, you can save yourself a wardrobe in a small bedroom. Let yourself be inspired by our great ideas!

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