Buying garden house: 10 good reasons for an additional house in the garden

If you want to buy a garden house, you can only win with it. More space, more order and maybe even use as a party house are just three reasons for a little house in the garden.

Buying a garden house: 10 reasons to invest

Property owners looking to purchase a garden shed may need a home for the garden tools, rubber boots, and other tools used in everyday gardening. But a garden shed is even more versatile and can not only offer additional space or storage space, but can also be used as a roof for garden parties or even for overnight guests.

Here are the 10 best reasons why everyone should buy a garden shed:

1.       Personal retreat in the garden

Those who rely on high-quality and weather-resistant garden houses create a personal retreat in the garden. From here the entire garden can be viewed wonderfully, planning for the new season can be tackled and the garden can perhaps be divided into separate areas.

One of these areas is the relaxation area, which in turn has the garden shed. Incidentally, this is also a wonderful retreat when the hustle and bustle in the house becomes too big due to children or visits from the in-laws. Just go into the garden, disappear into the house and enjoy the wonderful tranquility.

2.       Set up the garden house as a reading room

Bookworms know the problem: wherever you want to sit in the house, someone is already there. Or the music is on, the TV is on, someone is on the phone. If you don’t want to read in the middle of the night, you’d better look for a place outside the house. A wonderful reason to buy a garden shed! In the best case, this is furnished with bookshelves and a kitchenette so that herbal tea and coffee can be made.

If there is also a small refrigerator, the garden shed is almost a small apartment, from which a real reader only wants to get out if necessary. Tip: There should still be space for the music system in the garden shed, because then you can also enjoy reading music.

Buying garden house
Retreat to a garden house with a book and relax, this room can also be used for this (Photo: Shutterstock- sylv1rob1)

3.       Use the garden house as a home office

The home office has become ubiquitous in modern times. But not everyone has a study, after all, until two years ago it was not foreseeable that one would become an absolute necessity. But sitting at the kitchen table or on the sofa is not particularly beneficial for concentration and good work, or for your back in the long run. The garden shed offers a solution!

The internet connection can be placed here, a desk is set up and there may even be a place for the music system. There are now garden houses for every requirement, so that they can even be used as a real office and visitors can be received. Important: The garden shed must be heated!

Buying garden house
Home office in a cozy summer house is no problem (Photo: Shutterstock – M Glavan)

4.       A house for the hobby

You don’t just need a bit of rest for reading, other hobbies should also be carried out in peace. Anyone who wants to paint or build sculptures, like to make pottery or just want to build the large model railway needs space and peace. A garden shed can be used in many ways and, with the appropriate size, there is certainly also a place where the hobby can be indulged.

There is certainly enough space for the garden tools. Incidentally, such a garden shed is also an asset for musicians: If you don’t want to bother the rest of the family with weird sounds or loud music, you can move here and practice new pieces in peace. Music is a great reason to buy the garden shed!

5.       First office space for the start-up

A start-up was founded? Then maybe you don’t need a complete office or a production hall. Usually small rooms are sufficient in the beginning, in which, for example, a mail order business can be carried out or small things can be produced in-house. The garden shed does not cost any rent and therefore does not increase operating expenses, it offers the necessary peace and quiet and a place where the work materials can be left without disturbing other family members, as in the house.

6.       Increase the value of the property

If you want to look at it soberly, you can buy a garden shed to increase the value of the property. The reason is the additional living or storage space that is created, which is relevant when the property is sold or rented. Experts even believe that it is easier to find buyers for properties with a garden shed on them.

In any case, the market value for the property increases, as there is an additional space that can be used in a variety of ways. After all, the garden house does not have to be used as such!

Buying garden house
A garden house certainly increases the value of a property. (Photo: Shutterstock – _Simon Bratt)

7.       Create additional storage space

There are so many things that build up over the years that no one wants to throw away or dispose of. Grandpa’s old armchair, the shelves from the children’s room and the ski clothes that are only used once a year. The sports equipment that clogs the living room or the old TV that was kept as a replacement for the newly purchased model.

All of this takes up a lot of space that is usually not available in a normal single-family home to the extent required. It is therefore important to outsource things and that works wonderfully in an additional house that can also be heated. If you want to buy a garden shed because it is to be used as a storage room, you must therefore think about ventilation and heating so that all things can be stored dry and protected.

8.       Use the garden house as a fitness room

The exercise bike is in the hallway, the rowing machine in the living room? Is there only room for the yoga mat when the sofa and table are pushed aside? If you want to buy a garden house, you can use it to create a place where you can do sports. If the garden shed is large enough, the sports equipment can be accommodated there.

In addition, in the best case scenario there is still enough space for the yoga mat, for a meditation session or for other sports that can be carried out indoors but that still require space. The additional advantage is that space is created again in the house and guests can be received there without having to apologize for the mess.

9.       Living space for children

There is furniture in the house that gets in the way of child’s play. The floors are not suitable for slide vehicles, and the LEGO models are somehow always in the way. The solution is the garden shed! If parents buy a garden shed, they can offer their children a wonderful place where they don’t have to tidy up after every play hour, because the great buildings don’t bother anyone.

It can simply be picked up the next day where it left off today. Not only is this great for children, it also helps keep family peace. Some children even move into the summer house and feel a little like a little adventurer there.

Buying garden house
A house of their own for the little ones. The toy can stay where it is and thus ensures harmony in the family. (Photo: Shutterstock – Andrey Demkin)

10.     Use the garden house as a guest room

Those who have frequent guests but no guest rooms can buy a garden shed and create their own space for visitors there. However, this function should be planned well from the start, because a guest house also needs a small bathroom and a kitchenette. Various models of garden houses that meet these requirements can be found in stores.

It is of course also possible to build the garden house yourself and thus erect it according to your own ideas. But it is important that a building permit is obtained in advance. Whether this is necessary or not, should be inquired before the start of construction with the responsible building authority, otherwise it can happen that the building is threatened with demolition.

Tip: A full bedroom does not necessarily have to be furnished for a guest house, a cozy living room with a sofa bed is sufficient.