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17 Apr 2017

10 Best Smart Home Appliances for 2017 at a Glance

The Smart Home appliances for 2017 offer more than comfort and energy saving. Smart lights, thermostats and co. Facilitate our lives because they can also be controlled by app and WLAN connection. Intelligent technology also does not
17 Apr 2017

Installing Smart Home Systems For Better Living Comfort

Smart home systems are becoming more and more part of the household and, without a doubt, bring their advantages with them. The Smart Home technology ensures home comfort, increases safety, and even reduces the cost of energy,
14 Apr 2017

15 Useful Smart Home Appliances with App Control for Your Home

The Smart Home has been predicted by generations of sci-fi writers and is finally becoming a reality. We have therefore compiled some of the best smart home appliances that meet the most demanding requirements. While many of