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23 Dec 2017

Modern Bathroom Furniture – What Are The Trends For 2018

During the past year we presented many articles dedicated to the design of bathrooms and modern bathroom furniture. This year is not different but today we decided to share with you our observations on modern bathroom furniture
14 Nov 2017

Bathroom Tiles: Some Trendy Ideas for Walls and Floors

Are you looking for creative ideas for bathroom design? In the following article you will find a lot of inspiration on the subject. Create the place of your dreams, with the following ideas for modern bathroom tile.
13 Nov 2017

Bathroom Faience – How to Make the Best Choice Quality-Aesthetics-Utility

A perfect choice for covering walls and floors, the bathroom faience promises to add style and refinement to the powder room. Resolutely contemporary and trendy, nothing like faience to design the bathroom dreams! The wide range of
27 Sep 2017

Modern Small Bathroom Trends 2018 – Create the Optical Illusion of Greater Amplitude

Whenever small spaces are available, maximum use can be made of it. The bathroom is no exception. It is very common for new buildings to save space in all environments of the house, especially in the bathroom.
30 Aug 2017

Bathroom Fixtures In 20 Ideas To Improve Its Blazon

Successful bathroom design is an art that requires a number of things, including solid design knowledge and a pronounced taste for modern architecture. Small or large, contemporary or vintage, the bathroom is a real field of expression
21 Jul 2017

All About Painting Bathroom Tiles – 15 Inspiring Ideas and Expert Tips

Our era is accustomed to frequent changes. There is nothing surprising, as the trends are constantly changing. To enjoy an interior space in the air of time, very often, one tackles the renovation and small cosmetic changes.