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13 Aug 2017

The House Of The Future – Tips For Your Own Smart Home

More than 30 years ago, the American Association of House builders coined the term “Smart House”. While the concept of remote-controlled or automated housing has not yet become a standard, it has been a success story in
29 Jul 2017

Waxed Concrete And Raw Cement In Interior Decoration In 12 Top Houses Of Architect

Appearing for the first time inside a little more than 25 years ago, waxed concrete is now just as current. Smooth and reflective or matt and rather natural, it is among the most used materials in architect
11 May 2017

Paint With Silicate Paints – Homeowners Mineral Paints For Interior And Exterior Use

Are you looking for a higher quality of well-being and want to create a healthy indoor environment in your home and live a lasting life? If you are already renovating and looking for a suitable wall paint,
19 Apr 2017

Concrete Wall And Light Wood For Furnishing And Facade Of A House

Concrete walls are no longer a rarity in modern facilities. They exude minimalism and a certain industrial charm and are used as a neutral background in the interior design, in order to emphasize colored accents. But also
29 Mar 2017

Tips for Placing Gresite and Decorative Meshes without Works on the Tiling

Give a new look to the walls and floor of your bathroom. Choose gresite in mesh or decorative meshes and avoid works to remove the tiling. They are very simple to place, you can put it on the old
28 Mar 2017

How to Isolate a Habitable Loft

The best solutions to insulate it, to cover the floor and to cover beams. 1. Tools Saw Rule Drill Meter Cutter Hammer Gloves Mask Stapler Scotch tape Wood plank 2. Criteria for choosing the insulation Before starting,