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22 Feb 2018

Wall Color Trends 2019: New Color Ideas for Any Style House Design

You want to miss your apartment a new color trend and are looking for inspirations for the wall design? Here we tell you with which wall colors you are fully in line with the trend. Wall Color
19 Feb 2018

Wallpaper Trends 2019: The 5 Most Popular Motifs for Wall Decor

Say goodbye to your white walls and discover completely new possibilities of visual interior design! Because of the technical progress in the digital photo and printing technology today wall decor are more trendy than ever. Any motif
15 Feb 2018

Which Color Suits Green – Tips for Successful Color Combinations with Green in the Interior

The focus of our article today is the fresh green color. In fact, not everyone has a green color on the walls in his apartment. But if you want to give your own four walls an individual
13 Feb 2018

New Ceiling Wallpaper Trends 2018-2019: Inspiring Ideas to Enhance Your Decor

Do you still believe that your home is a simple functional space with four walls, a floor and a ceiling? Not so long ago, most of us did. But it’s over! Today, more and more people are
11 Feb 2018

Beautiful Wall Design with New Wallpaper Trends 2018

Not only did the time for spring cleaning come with the first warm rays of sunshine, many households are carrying out delayed renovation measures in spring. Replacing old wallpaper or wall paint and wrapping living spaces in
7 Feb 2018

Which Color Suits with Brown? Tips for Beautiful Color Combinations

Anyone who has wooden furniture has at least once asked themselves the question: which color suits with Brown? However, the answer is closely related to the selected hue and can vary widely in different situations. That’s why