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28 Oct 2017

Modern Kitchens 2018 – Discover Rising Trends On Pinterest

Wondering what modern kitchens will look like in 2017/2018? You have certainly seen some news, but according to experts, the major trends of recent years are still relevant. The usability and functionality remain the must characteristics that
26 Oct 2017

Kitchen Wall and Floor Tiles – Which Designs and Trend Colors To Choose?

Thanks to its super easy maintenance and good resistance to external influences, kitchen tiles are among the most sought after coatings. Whether it’s flooring or wall tile , this trend will not change in the near future.
26 Oct 2017

What Color Trends for a Chic Kitchen: 40 Stunning Paint Colors and Furniture Ideas

According to psychologists, our favorite color can reveal many aspects of our personality. Quite often, it is preferred by choosing the outfits and decorations of the house without even realizing it. But is it really so “universal”
26 Oct 2017

2018 Kitchen Colors – What Are The Trends For The Coming Year?

It is very clear; it is thanks to the colors that we give the tone to a decor. When planning to decorate or renovate a room, the same approach is followed. It is a matter of choosing
18 Oct 2017

Modern I and U-Shaped Kitchen – Overview Of Existing Advantages, Constraints And Solutions

L-shaped kitchen, linear, U-shaped, with or without island … there are as many ways to create a modern kitchen that it is impossible not to profit from. Defining the kitchen plan is an essential step to be
6 Oct 2017

New, beautiful Ikea kitchens 2018 – These are the new products and highlights!

You may already have heard it: The new Ikea catalog 2018 is already there! Last week we talked about the highlights about decoration. Today we would like to take a closer look at the IKEA Kitchens in