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26 Sep 2017

Modern kitchens 2018 – The Best Trends of Design and Decoration

The trends in the decoration of modern kitchens have taken a turn since before this space was only destined to cook and to eat, instead of at the moment it has become a place much more integrated
24 Sep 2017

Ideas for Kitchen Designs in Modern Styles – Make sure you have a pepp!

Versions and designs for the modern kitchen are available in an infinite variety. When choosing, not only does one’s own taste play an important role, but also the floor plan and the size of the space into
23 Sep 2017

Modern Kitchen Trends 2018 in 20 New Ideas of Coatings, Furniture and Lighting

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear about modern kitchen trends 2018? Your first associations are probably related to high-end furniture and appliances placed in a minimalist context or almost. You are
23 Sep 2017

Green Kitchen Ideas 2018 – How To Combine The Harmony And Energy Of Different Tones

Nature is the greatest source of joy and peace. Its richness of green nuances brings a feeling of harmony and comfort to a space. The green is available in many tones more or less intense. And it
22 Sep 2017

Decorative Retro Kitchen – 20 Ideas Of Countryside Chic, Industrial And Modern

The kitchen is the room where we prepare and sometimes consume our food, but it is not that. It is not by chance that it is called the heart of the house because it gives it a
16 Sep 2017

Kitchen Design 2018 – Innovations and Trends

The kitchen definitely belongs to one of the most important rooms in our own home, because it is cooked, laughed together and fueled for the day. Therefore the desire for a trendy and exceptionally furnished kitchen is