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15 Aug 2017

Kitchen Trends 2018: Best Designs and Colors for Kitchen Planning

In this article, we will tell you the Kitchen trends 2018. A kitchen is first of all something that all need, who do not always want to eat only cold. With the right design, however, there is
15 Aug 2017

Kitchen Design Trends 2018: The New Center Of Your Home

If you are thinking of renovating your kitchen today we review some of the latest kitchen design trends 2018. The designs evolve to turn our kitchen into a central part of our home. If you are thinking
11 Aug 2017

Kitchen In The Roof Slope – You Should Pay Attention

Under the roof, in principle, all the rooms can be integrated, which can also be accommodated in the floors below. A low kniestock makes it a bit more complicated to accommodate a kitchen or a bathroom, but with a bit
31 Jul 2017

Separate Open Kitchen from the Living Room: Partition Walls In Industrial Look

Open floor plans and generous room concepts are nowadays totally trendy. In doing so, the kitchen, dining room and living room blend into one another and form a single room. However, it also has disadvantages such as
31 Jul 2017

Beautiful Kitchen Wallpaper Ideas For Every Furnishing Style – 30 Inspirations

The kitchen and the dining area are the living rooms in the apartment, where you eat together with family and friends, laughs and spends nice time. In order to create a feel-good atmosphere in these rooms, one
12 May 2017

Seating Corner in the Kitchen – 22 Cozy Furnishings

A seating corner in the kitchen offers a variety of advantages with regard to the interior. It can be easily and in various ways registered in your kitchen design and has its secrets and advantages, which still