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11 May 2017

Optimal Kitchen Equipment – To Reconcile Space and Furnishings

The kitchen is a place of great importance. Here, not only the preparation of delicious and fresh food, but also a large part of social life takes place. In order to increase the feeling of life and
11 May 2017

Decorate Kitchen with Herb Garden – Tips and DIY Ideas

There are many ideas for kitchen decoration, but we like it very much, to decorate the in-house kitchen with herb garden. A herb garden on the window sill, the balcony or on a shelf looks cozy in
24 Apr 2017

Kitchen Design Ideas and Hottest Trends in 2018

The hottest trends in kitchen design that we should take with us from 2017 The end of 2017 is getting closer and closer and it is time for final accounts and balance sheets. Let us take a
14 Apr 2017

Small Kitchen Clever Set Up – Variants and Tips For Best Use Of Space

What a small kitchen area or area means is differently understood by different people. While for a small one means that it is a small or narrow space, others understand a small working surface. Even in a
12 Apr 2017

Plinth Seal for Kitchen: Which Color or Look to Choose?

A base plate for kitchen is the icing on the cake for a successful kitchen design. It gives the built-in kitchen the finishing touch and also connects it visually with the floor. The skirting board prevents dirt
4 Apr 2017

10 Tips for Small Kitchen Designs

The designs of small kitchens are fashionable because spaces are increasingly smaller. It is important to get a design for small kitchens suitable for the space we have, investing in original and practical decoration ideas. In the