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2 Apr 2017

Materials and Colors to Combine In Your Kitchen

The choice of materials and colors to carry out the project of our kitchen will mark the style that we want to give. We can do many combinations. Choose materials with which you get a functional and warm space
30 Mar 2017

6 Ideas for Decorating Kitchens with Bars

Nowadays, the kitchen and bathroom are taking on a new role inside the house, both of which are becoming places that are both habitable, welcoming and warm, where people hang out in addition to carrying out their
30 Mar 2017

5 Keys for Designing a Kitchen Bar

In the design of a modern kitchen, more and more priority is given both to the work space and to the area where you can eat or drink with family and friends. That is why, more and more
29 Mar 2017

The Best Ideas for Placing Crockery in Your Kitchen

Are you thinking of changing or modifying your kitchen? In this post we give you some ideas to put your dishes as neat and comfortable as possible, in pots or tall furniture, with dishwashers or with organizers. All of them
28 Mar 2017

Trends 2018: Decorate the Kitchen To The Last

The kitchen every day becomes more important as a functional and decorative space. What used to be only a place to cook, has now become a much more integrated place in daily life, becoming the perfect place
24 Mar 2017

Decorating Ideas for Modern and Small Kitchens to Inspire You

More and more people have to adapt to the small spaces, however, the decoration of these can make them look a little wider, and in the case of modern kitchens, we must take into account some of