How To Choose Doors Depending On The Lighting

When changing the doors of home many times we make the decision seeing a catalog or because the model or the color is the one that we like at first sight. Even so, the result is not always the one we expected once placed at home. If you want the choice of doors is appropriate, today we share some recommendations to understand how to choose doors depending on the lighting.

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How to choose doors depending on the lighting?

The image of our house is the result of the harmonious coexistence of different elements, and light is an important part. That is why it is fundamental to know the type of lighting that predominates in our house and in each of the rooms to choose doors properly. To do this you have to ask yourself two questions that we ask you below.

1. During what hours do we have natural light?

Bathroom door ideasIn homes where natural light is abundant, all door colors are compatible. All you have to keep in mind is that natural light, unlike artificial light, does not have a stable tone during the day.

Those in which the solar incidence is in the morning, the light is more white and stable, and in those in which the incidence is in the afternoon, the tonality is more yellow and orange. If your case is second, the recommendation would be to avoid dark shades such as oak, wengue or sapelly. These, with the changes of tones, will cause a significant change in the color of the door during the day, including between the different doors of the same house, something not always desired and imagined.

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2. What kind of artificial lighting do we have in our house?

There are many options and types of lighting but to choose the doors of home the important thing is to understand why and how they affect you. If you want to know more details about lighting you can read the article about types of lighting that exist  and about the  three shades of light bulbs for your house.

The warm light tonality can change the hue of the color you perceive from a door and this can be more pronounced depending on the location of the luminaries. If you have this type of lighting and an afternoon sun mainly, you can choose without worrying about a color of wood doors, because regardless of the time of day you will have a similar perception of color. It will always be affected by a reddish and / or yellow hue. If on the other hand you have a morning sun and this type of lighting, you should opt for white colored doors or very light wood tones, because these are the ones that disguise more changes of tonalities.

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If on the other hand your lighting is neutral or cold, and have little natural light, the best option is to combine with doors of white colors or shades of very light woods. These will make the floor lighting much larger and the rooms look brighter and bigger.Grey wall paint color schemes white door ideas

As you can see, in the selection of interior doors the variables to consider are sometimes unthinkable so here we have given you some ideas for you to take into account when choosing. If you want to know more you can also read these tips to save at home with the doors or, if you get excited, you can look at our article on how to install a door in block. In a previous post we have also shared some notions to understand how to decorate your house with different types of doors.

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If you have been encouraged to make changes at home we invite you to upload your project of doors of passage to the comment section. If you have any doubt, you can open a conversation thread in the decoration category so that we can answer your question.


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