How Do I Choose the Right House Paint Colors

Paint is one of the essential elements in the building, in addition to protecting the walls of your house from the changes of the weather, of course, the paint will also have an aesthetic value to the home if appropriate in the selection of colors and materials used paint. In the selection of paint colors for your home is actually no fixed rule, because it is an art and in art there is always a freedom, depending on the tastes of the homeowners want to paint the house any color, and it expresses the soul of the house owner. However, there are certain point’s performance determine the selection of a good paint for the home.



The main thing to consider before determining the choice of colors to paint your house is the paint materials the house you want to use, consider whether to paint it contains harmful substances, does not contain lead or mercury, and have high levels of volatile organic compounds is low, or low volatile organic compound and has a green label paint sign are safe to use. Choose paint that contains 100% acrylic and environmentally friendly (environmentally friendly), easy to apply at home, easy to clean, and never leave the paint smell is pungent and long disappearance.

Note also the size of the room you are going to paint, if the room you want to paint relatively narrow, then avoid the selection of dark colors because it would only lead to the impression of space becomes increasingly narrow. Use pastel colors are soft so the room will seem more spacious, let one color dominates, while the other colors you can use only for accent or enhancing the aesthetic value alone.

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If you want to use a different color for each room in your house, make sure the color -color selected is the color that rhythm, not to be contrary to the color of the room with a color other room.

You home location is also will affect the harmony of colors that you will use later. For tropical Indonesia will be more charming if using cool colors and neutral, just as green, blue or purple. The rooms facing north, southwest or northwest tend to get indirect sunlight, so choose warm colors such as yellow brown or peach.

It is better to use different colors for different room functions, such as a bedroom for adults, for children, kitchen or any other room would be better adapted in the selection of colors.

Wear a handyman who is already an expert in the paint, make sure the handyman that we use experienced, especially in painting the edges, the connection with the list, ceiling or floor, with their experience of course paintwork will be more tidy and efficient in the use of paint.

Whatever color you choose your course fully entitled, however, keeping the painting above the expected results you want will be maximal.

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