Choose Wallpaper for Living Room – 17 Ideas for Modern Wall Design

Wallpaper for Living RoomThe living room should always provide the occupants or guests with a pleasant atmosphere. Apart from the furniture, the entire interior and above all the appearance of the walls is of great importance. Wallpapers for living rooms are a delicate matter. The look and feel of a room depends not only on its furnishings, but also on the choice of wall colors and design. That is why we have summarized some stylish ideas and tips for a modern wall design. Give your interior a piece of individuality with beautiful combinations of wallpaper for living room.

Whether your living space is formal, a luxurious lounge or a cozy family room – our collection offers matching and contemporary designs to suit all tastes. Beautify your home walls with exceptional colors and textures to create the perfect space. Create an ambiance in the living room where you can relax, entertain, or simply enjoy your stay.

With the right pattern, wallpaper for living rooms can create a whole new look and highlight certain features of the room. Just take a look at our examples for more inspiration and ideas.

Equip a niche with design wallpapers for living roomWallpaper for Living Room

Use pattern wallpaper to get the most out of all the original features in your home. These floral patterned wallpapers highlight the beautiful gypsum plastering around the niche. The beautiful sofa in retro look fits perfectly with the ambience. The shades of green and purple filter the soft furnishings for a simple yet sophisticated color scheme.

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Choose green for garden motifs

If you want to design your country house with natural colors in garden theme, green wallpaper for living room are the best choice. For example, choose a design with floral elements or scenes from the flora and fauna. Complete the main theme with a setup that includes, for example, a rustic couch and cushions with leaf motifs.

Wallpaper for living room in stone lookWallpaper for Living Room

If you’ve always loved the look of masonry, you can use that effect on your wallcovering. These stone wallpapers for living rooms create a rustic and cozy feeling enhanced by the gray sofa bed.

Beige wallpaper for living roomWallpaper for Living Room

With noble beige wallpaper you can give a touch of luxury in your home. The beautiful motifs in this example are a welcome addition to any room. Treat yourself to a qualitative wall design with wallpaper for living room made of heavy vinyl and beautiful textured surface. Fill the room with a vintage-inspired design and a neutral beige color scheme for added comfort.

Horizontal striped wallpaper for more spaceWallpaper for Living Room

Make a small living room look great with horizontally striped wallpapers. Neutral colors and striped textures are always in vogue and work as a simple backdrop for any color scheme. The stripes in this image are wide, but their gentle shades open the room without being haunting.

Wall design with 3D wallpapers for living room3d Wallpaper for Living Room

A three-dimensional effect on the walls will astonish your guests or family members. You can create a realistic atmosphere in the living room using 3D photo wallpapers in your own home. Choose unusual patterns or photos with protrusions, ornaments, landscapes and anything that can add to the unique look of your living room.Wallpaper for Living Room

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Decorate the room where you spend most of your time with exciting and stylish designs. In this way, you have a great decoration that will last long and admired by each of your guests. There are enough intriguing wallpapers for living rooms in 3D design, which are a real treat for the senses.

Combine gray with yellow or other colorsWallpaper for Living Room

Choose modern wallpapers for living rooms with floral patterns and combine them with gray, yellow or various color schemes. The use of neutral and gray tones creates a tranquil ambience that can be enlivened by the bright colors. A few pillowcases with matching elements complete the whole.

Design mantel with monochrome wallpaperWallpaper for Living Room

Black and white wallpaper for living room makes an immediate impression. In this example, you will see a beautiful exotic tears design, which draws the eye demanding on the pure white mantel. A piece of boldly patterned mid-range wallpaper adds an interesting dimensional effect to the room. The whole thing contrasts with the monochrome color scheme.

Use brown damask wallpaper for wall decorationWallpaper for Living Room

The choice of colors and patterns is very sophisticated in this extremely sophisticated and modern living room. The chocolate brown damask wallpaper gives the classic interior a charming and warm touch that has a soothing effect. The small white sofa illuminates the living room, which makes it at the same time balanced and elegant looks.

Geometric wallpapers for living roomWallpaper for Living Room

Current wallpaper with geometric patterns are currently a popular variant for wall design. The combinations of unusual geometric shapes create a visual at-risk in your home. Numerous possibilities for their use are available today.

Wallpaper for living room with flowers for a creative designWallpaper for Living Room

The walls of this hammer-decorated living room have been embellished with a wallpaper covered with large red and white flowers. The colors contrast nicely with each other by designing the leaves in gold and beige. The dressed wall section fits perfectly with the elegant curtains in the room.

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Cozy yellow wallpapers for living roomWallpaper for Living Room

This is a really sunny and beautiful variation that can give your living room a bright ecstatic accent. The lively nature of this pastel-colored wallpaper breaks through the simple appearance of the room and provides it with interesting and charming attraction.

Wall design with white wallpaperWallpaper for Living Room

The bright decoration of the living room looks elephant, exquisite and luxurious. The wall design with white wallpaper visually enlarges the interior and lets in the light. The uniqueness of this color is that it can be combined with all other colors. Ordinary white wallpaper is the perfect background for stillvole furniture and any wall decoration. For more texture and extravagance, you can also use a 3D variant.

Wall decoration with stickersWallpaper for Living Room

Stickers are a versatile alternative to wallpaper for living room. Paint the wall with a color of your choice and add pattern stickers to the appropriate position to match the wall design. This can be much easier than applying wallpaper. The eye-catching tree silhouettes were decorated with photo frames in this picture – an additional way to personalize the look of the room.

Liquid wallpaperWallpaper for Living Room

Another interesting option is the liquid wallpaper. In a white or colored mixture you can add decorative elements in the form of silk fibers, mother of pearl, mica or wood shavings. The layer can be easily applied to many surfaces.

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