Choosing The Right Bench For Bedrooms – Tips And Examples

Choosing The Right Bench For BedroomsOne of the most practical (and therefore most popular) pieces of furniture that can be placed at the foot of a bed is the bed bench, sometimes called the “bedroom bench“. The bedsteads not only provide comfort when dressing, but also help to create order in the bedroom. But choosing the perfect bench for the bedroom is not always easy. Color and style, the practical piece of furniture must match the design of the bed and form a unity with the interior. Also in terms of size and proportions, there is a lot to note. Read our tips and let the great examples below inspire you!bedroom bench trends

Materials: Contrast Wins

Normally you would choose a bed bench after the bed is already in place – the exception is when you purchase complete bedroom furniture set. Interior designers recommend choosing a bedside bench for the bedroom that will stand out easily from the bed pad or vice versa. If your headboard is upholstered, then a wooden or metal bench at the foot of your bed might look nice. If your headboard is made of metal or wood, opt for an upholstered bench.

Silhouette: light and airy

Opt for a bed bench with elegant feet. Curved or crossed foot variants look particularly noble. A massive bench with heavy feet, on the other hand, seems too bulky and blocks the view of the bed.Choosing The Right Bed For Bedrooms

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With or without footboard?

Unexpressed design rules state that if the bed does not have a footboard, it makes sense to add a bench with a backrest. So you can lean on, for example, while wearing the pants. But that’s not a must. Of course, the reverse also applies: If the bed has a high footboard, a bench without a backrest is recommended.Choosing The Right Bed For Bedrooms

Width: The bed bench should be narrower than the bed.

So that the bench does not protrude on both sides of the bed (which would be both awkward and disproportionate), the bench should be narrower than the bed width. Allowed are 15 to 20 centimeters on each side. So, if you have a queen size bed (160 x 200 cm) that means your bench should be about 120 cm wide. For a king size bed measuring 180 x 200 cm or 200 x 200 cm, the length of the bench could be as high as 140 or 160 cm.Choosing The Right Bed For Bedrooms

Height: The bed should not be too high

Usually a few inches lower than the bed is best. Here you have a bit more scope. For example, if the bed has a footboard, the bench should be the same height or less.

Depth: It depends …

“how much distance you have between the bed bench and the opposite wall. The piece of furniture should not block the way. A narrow and tall bench takes up less space in a small room.

Now you know what to look for when choosing the right bedside bench for bedrooms. And now we want to show you some inspiring examples.

Play with color and pattern!Choosing The Right Bed For Bedrooms

If you want to furnish a large bedroom, you can not only buy a comfortable king size bed , but also a large bed bench. To further enhance the style of the room, designers create a strong contrast with color and pattern. In the picture above, we can see how beautifully the colorful fabric of the bench pad contrasts with the linen of white linen.Choosing The Right Bed For Bedrooms

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Pick another pattern in the room to create a consistent look. Here, the bank design repeats the same marble-like pattern used for the wall paneling behind the bed.

Gleaming surfacesChoosing The Right Bed For Bedrooms

Through different foot and frame variants you can also set effective accents in the room. Cozy fabrics and shiny chrome in a gray-black neutral color scheme set the scene in this bedroom. The bench and the bed give the room a raised, modern look.

Warm metal colors such as gold, brass and copper are the best when setting up and decorating as an accent. Many designers combine them with pastel colors, light wood and fine concrete.

Create practical storage space at the footChoosing The Right Bed For Bedrooms

Here the bed bench gets a double function: from seating and shelf. The shelf offers space for reading material, blankets, pillows or other things.

This example shows how important it is to choose the perfect shape for the cot so as not to interfere with the openness of the room. This simple design allows the room to appear tidy and provides a nice frame for the bed.

Think about how you feelChoosing The Right Bed For Bedrooms

Consider the emotional impact that bright and muted colors can create together in a room. Emotional design is an exciting topic these days. This unique ottoman at the foot of the bed brings character and soul into the quiet bedroom while creating a sense of coziness and luxury.

Create optical connection through colorChoosing The Right Bed For Bedrooms

When setting up and decorating it is important to create a uniform look through colors. It is therefore advisable to choose a color that can be found in the pillows, the art and the bedside tables. Let these pieces be your splash of color and keep the rest of the palette neutral. This creates an optical balance.

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Alternatives to the bed bench: As long as the functionality remainsChoosing The Right Bed For Bedrooms

If a long bench does not fit your needs, you could always place a few stools or two shorter benches at the foot of your bed. When choosing, you should stick again to the interior design style in the bedroom.

Two stools with storage spaceChoosing The Right Bed For Bedrooms

A bench with a lid can often seem bulky. However, if you do not want to go without the storage space, you can use two stools instead of one seat. In the stools can also store various things.

Floor cushionChoosing The Right Bed For Bedrooms

Floor cushions are family and pet friendly, but they often appear out of place – such as in the middle of a room.

A simple (and stylish) solution: the floor cushions at the foot of the bed. They offer a nice difference in height as the eye moves through the room, and have an interesting Shibori pattern.

Wooden chest provides an antique charmChoosing The Right Bed For Bedrooms

Another alternative to the bed bench is the wooden chest. The chest is ideal for stowing blankets and pillows and is a real gem. If you are a fan of classic country style, this model will fit perfectly with you.

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