Choosing the Best Comforter – Shopping Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2018-2019

Choosing the Best ComforterWhen it comes to dressing your bed, the comforter is one of the most polyvalent pieces that we can find. Products that allow us to enjoy warmth in winter and a nice design throughout. When looking for one of these models, it is important that you consider aspects such as the filling materials of the product or the grammage and the weight of it, to adjust it to your needs and those of the station in which you are, since not all the comforters are valid for the whole year. Within our selection we find models such as Abeil 15000000540 comforter, which is light and pleasant, with a resistant and easy to clean structure, accompanied by a very pleasant winter filling. Another interesting option is the model Sabanalia EN400-150, which has a hypoallergenic filling, presented in a wide variety of measures and which has been designed especially for cold environments.


Abeil 15000000540 – Comforter, 220×240 cm, white

This design has a quite surprising weight of only 3.1 kilograms, so it is a completely light comforter compared to other existing models, being then easy to handle, move and even store by users.

This model of comforters does not have anti-allergic and anti-dust treatment in the textile fabric, so it is prudent to avoid using it in case of suffering from any skin sensitivity.

Product positioned among the best cheap comforters, which provides an Airfill fiber coating system with an innovative polar effect, in order to maintain body heat.


Sabanalia – Nordic comforter, fiber 400 g Xtreme (several sizes available), 150 cm bed – 240 x 220 cm

Comforter model designed in several dimensions, being able to adapt to any type of bed according to the need of the buyer. Highlighting 6 groups of different dimensions, which will vary in ranges from a minimum of 150 x 220 centimeters to 280 x 240 centimeters.

The transpiration system implemented for this comforter model is not the most suitable, since some accumulation of moisture can be evidenced, this in case of excessive sweating.

Comforter considered among the best, which compiles an excellent quality – versatility ratio by having different dimensions of use, a weight and even size of lightness and handling.

Fogarty Hush – Nordic Comforter (tog 13.5)

Nordic comforter made of textile material based on hollow fiber, so, in addition to offering a good coverage of the cold, also has an excellent breathability. Likewise, it has a hypoallergenic and even anti-mite cover, making it possible to rest with ease when using it.

Because we are talking about a Nordic design, its implementation in other seasons such as summer, autumn or spring will not be possible, thus limiting its use only to winter.

Cataloged as the best comforter with an antiallergic design, lightweight, highly mobile both to take it to the washing machine and when moving on the bed.

What is the best comforter on the market?

At the time of dressing our bed, the comforter is a fundamental piece. On the one hand, because it offers us a nice warmth in winter or a cool feeling in summer, but at the same time it helps us to decorate our bedroom properly. That is why it is so important to follow the advice of a guide to buy the best comforter, like the one we present below. Because being a piece that will serve to make your rest more comfortable, it is obvious that it is convenient to dedicate the time it deserves.

Comforter shopping guide

Comforter filling

One of the most common aspects in any comparison of comforters is to assess what is the filling of it. A material that should vary depending on the season, since those products designed for the winter season will be too hot for summer or spring. Therefore, let’s see what materials we can find in the market, especially considering that this material also makes the difference regarding how much the comforter costs.

In general, we can distinguish two large groups, where we have natural and also artificial fillings. In general, the natural filler is very good insulator and tend to be lighter than those of synthetic filler. These fillings are usually duck feathers or goose, being those of higher quality and smooth goose, but also those of higher cost and higher calorific value.

As for the synthetic type models, it is normal for the filling to be made of conventional fibers, hollow fibers or microfibres. Within this group, we can indicate that hollow fiber fillings are more breathable, easier to clean and antiallergic, in addition to better capture the heat, but microfiber are becoming more popular, because they imitate the texture of the fibers very well. of down. In this group it is usually easier to find cooler comforters for when the heat tightens.

Weight of the comforter

As the second important element when choosing a comforter, we have to assess both the weight and the weight of the piece. An important aspect since, the greater the grammage of the material, choosing more heat will bring that comforter. That is why it is convenient to choose a weight that makes you feel comfortable considering the ambient temperature of your house, the season of the year and your own preferences.

In general, when we speak of grammage, we refer to the density of the comforter filling. It is measured in grams per square meter (g / m²), and is a factor that is usually present in the characteristics of all mattresses. For reference, in synthetic fill comforters, you can look for a light comforter with a density between 175 and 250 g / m², suitable for temperatures of 18 to 21 degrees. As the temperature decreases, the grammage increases, to fillings between 400 and 500 g / m2, recommended for temperatures of less than 15ºC.

Obviously, this weight also has a significant influence on how much the product costs, so you should not stop valuing this second aspect. In this case, the total weight depends on the grammage, but also on the measurement of the product, so that the larger the comforter is, the heavier it will be. Rate this aspect again, since not all users have the same preferences when resting.

Maintenance and cleaning

As a last important issue that we must assess, it is necessary to talk about the process of cleaning and maintaining the comforter. An aspect that can be something secondary for companies of economic cut, so it is convenient to take it into account, since like the sheets, it is advisable to maintain an adequate hygiene of the comforter so that it has the best possible appearance.

In relation to maintenance, it is important to consider the filling, since natural fillings must be treated with special care. It is not the same to wash a comforter of natural feathers than a fiber comforter, so maintenance instructions must be followed to the letter to avoid problems.

In any case it is advisable to bet on comforters that we can wash in a domestic way, since this saves us having to resort to the dry cleaner or the industrial laundry in case we want to wash the comforter. The same applies to the drying process, which is recommended to be air, generally. In case you need a model that you can dry in a dryer, surely you have to look for something more.

What is the best comforter of 2018?

One of the greatest pleasures of life is the simple fact of sleeping and that is why having the best comforter is so important. Dress your bed to enjoy a pleasant and restorative night acquiring one of the best comforters of 2018:

Recommended Products

Abeil 15000000540

Main advantage:

Among the options of comforters, the 15000000540 of Abeil stands out for being woven with a series of materials that offer you comfort, warmth, softness and an ideal space to relax and rest.

Main disadvantage:

Although you should bear in mind that this model does not have the quality of being anti-allergic so it is not recommended to be used by people with respiratory problems.

Verdict: 9.9 / 10

If you are looking for an accessible comforter and excellent quality, the 15000000540 Abeil has excellent reviews and ratings that can make it the ideal model for your home.

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Main Characteristics Explained


Comforters are highly used mattress covers around the world, being especially popular in those areas where temperatures are low according to the season. In order to acquire a good model, we recommend you to take into account the materials of which it is made so that you can determine its thermal degree, duration, among others.

If you want to know if Abeil 15000000540 comforter is the right model for you, we want you to know that it is special for cold climates. In the interweaving of this comforter you will find a combination of fiber dimension polar effect and an Airfill type lining that offers an excellent warmth. Also, these materials allow a correct air circulation so that you can also enjoy the freshness. Thanks to this, you can possibly enjoy your comforter being winter or summer without any problem.


When looking to buy a good comforter for the home, one of the aspects in which buyers are most fixed is the physical touch they offer. In order to guarantee a good night’s rest, it is recommended that the comforters be soft, fresh and pleasant to the touch, so it is good that you take into account those that fulfill all these characteristics.

In the case of Abeil 15000000540 comforter we must highlight the fact that this model has a finish of its peach skin fiber, that is, you can find on its surface small particles of fabric that will make the comforter feel especially soft. In addition, among the reviews published by their buyers, it was seen that many of them consider that the 15000000540 Abeil is incredibly comfortable and thermal, so it is highly recommended to get restful nights and an incredible rest.


It may not be that many people notice the feature of the weight of the comforter but the truth is that this is a very important aspect to be able to acquire a good model. If you know the weight of the comforter, you can determine the degree of mobility and portability when you need to wash it, plus it is not too comfortable to cover with a comforter too heavy because it can be hot and uncomfortable.

Abeil 15000000540 comforter seems to far exceed these disadvantages to have an excellent weight for its category. Specifically, this model has a total weight of 3.1 kilograms which, as commented by its buyers on the pages of product reviews, allow it to be very easy to move and even influences when washing it since its weight does not result excessive and can be handled without problems.

Sabanalia EN400 – 150

The comforters are specially acquired to avoid the low temperatures present in the winter since these give a better retention of heat allowing you a pleasant and restful rest. Many models are searched based on their weight since the destination of use of the comforters can turn them into heavy and uncomfortable fabrics to use.

In the case of the comforter EN400 – 150 of Sabanalia we must mention that one of its most appreciated aspects is the fact that it is ultralight, this allows a freer handling and greater freedom of movement in the bed. It has a diamond design that allows you to place it directly on the bed giving it a very attractive and elegant look, you can also purchase it in different sizes to adapt perfectly to the size of your mattress.

It is also made of breathable materials to prevent the accumulation of odors so you can always enjoy it as new.



The comforter EN400 – 150 of Sabanalia can be purchased in its versions of 180 x 220 centimeters, 220 x 220 centimeters, 240 x 220 centimeters, 260 x 240 centimeters, 280 x 240 centimeters and 150 x 220 centimeters.


The materials and construction of this option between comforters will allow you to wash it safely in any common washing machine while maintaining its size and quality.


In addition, the materials used in its manufacture make it hypoallergenic so you will not have to worry about allergies or other respiratory diseases.



You must bear in mind that this comforter is Nordic type, so it is designed especially for cold temperatures, so if the room temperature is not appropriate, you will spend heat.


In addition, some users consider that perspiration is not the most appropriate because if you sweat very easily, there may be moisture accumulation.

Fogarty Hush

The Hush comforter by Fogarty offers everything you could hope for when purchasing the best comforter. This Nordic comforter is made of hollow fiber so although we assure you that it will keep you warm during those harsh winter nights, you will not get too hot either thanks to its excellent air circulation. Manufactured completely in antiallergic materials, you can rest easy without worrying about allergies or breathing problems.

Its dimensions are 135 x 200 centimeters in length so you can use it on any standard size mattress with ease and comfort. This comforter is categorized as easy care because it can be washed in a regular washing machine and also dried in a common dryer. Forget spending excessive sums at the dry cleaner, get this excellent comforter and we assure you that you will not regret it!

If you arrived here it is because you are surely interested in buying the best comforter, so we invite you to know the incredible advantages offered by the Hush model from Fogarty:



This excellent comforter for the bed is made entirely of antiallergic materials designed to avoid discomfort in people suffering from allergies so you will not worry about whether you or any of your guests have sensitivity to fabrics or fibers.


One of the most remarkable advantages is that this comforter has dimensions of 135 x 200 centimeters in length so it can be placed in a standard or King size bed and fit perfectly. Do not ever bother with comforters that come out in the corners, get the Fogarty Hush.


In addition, it is listed as Easycare because it is very easy to remove and wash in the washing machine so you do not have to spend money and time to take it to the cleaners, you will save big by purchasing it!

Type of fiber:

And if that were not enough, this excellent comforter is made of a type of synthetic hollow fiber that will maximize ventilation through the fabric so you do not suffer from too much heat during the summer days, however, it will provide you with the necessary warmth during those long winter nights.

Pikolin Home Nordic stuffing

The comforters are filled covers for the bed that give the user more heat retention, so they are widely used in cold climates or with seasons. Nordic comforters vary in their fill, which can be made of feathers or synthetic material and is purchased according to the taste of the buyer.

The Comfortered Comforter Comforter by Pikolin Home is a very good option for those looking to acquire an accessible model. It has Nordic style synthetic filling, so it is able to offer you a good temperature.

Its exterior is made to be touch type pen, which makes it quite soft and comfortable to use and also, you can buy it in different sizes so that you adjust it to the size of your mattress without problems. And if you have specific tastes in colors, you can also choose between your options.



One of the advantages with which you will find when you buy the Comfortered comforter comforter Pikolin Home Nordic is that you can choose the right version for your bed according to size, which can be 150 x 220 centimeters, 180 x 220 centimeters, 220 x 220 centimeters and 240 x 220 centimeters.


If you want to combine your comforter with the decoration of your room, the Pikolin Home Nordic Filler model can be purchased in three different color combinations; chocolate, gray and linen.


This model is filled with synthetic Nordic fiber, for the best thermal sensation. Its exterior is 100% polyester, which makes it hypoallergenic and allows you to clean it in common washing machines without complications.



You must be careful when choosing between its various sizes since some users had problems adapting it to their beds or their children’s.


In addition, we recommend you keep in mind that it is Nordic so it is advisable to buy it for cold seasons.

Sabanalia EN300-150

Interested in knowing which is the best comforter? We have the answer for you: the comforter EN300-150 from Sabanalia is unquestionably one of the best options in comforters for you and your whole family. This Nordicsynthetic comforter is in the high-end category, due to its specifications, which range from being manufactured hypo-allergenic, so you should not worry about allergies or skin rashes due to them.

With dimensions of 220 x 240 x 10 centimeters, you can use it on any mattress without any inconvenience and thanks to its filling of virgin silicone roe fiber, you can avoid the cold outside and keep you at a comfortable temperature all night.

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It is completely washable in a washing machine, so you will save a lot in dry cleaners. Acquire this comforter and ensure your comfort and rest at night without problems.

And if you feel thrifty, we also have the best comforter for 40 euros from Sabanalia with your EN300-150:



The best thing about this comforter model is that you can buy it in various sizes to be able to adapt it to your mattress perfectly.


And it is also noteworthy to mention that this comforter is very easy to clean since it can be placed inside the washing machine and be washed from the home without having to go to a dry cleaner.


Take into account the sizes:

The different sizes in which the comforter has been presented should be taken into account so that there are no problems when placing it inside the comforter covers.

Need of cover:

Another disadvantage is that this comforter is recommended to use with a cover as it is a stuffed type.

Catherine Lansfield BDB3 0429

Nothing better to give an extra special touch to your room than acquiring a beautiful and comforting comforter. The BDB3 comforter by Catherine Lansfieldoffers a beautiful design with avant-garde and elegant touches. With a combination of colors in the range of gray, black and white along with minimalist floral designs, give that touch of distinction to your mattress and in addition to everything, improve your quality of sleep and rest by avoiding suffering from the harsh winter weather.

The comforter has dimensions of 230 x 220 x 75 centimeters so you can use them in the mattress you want and in addition to everything, this combo includes pillowcases to keep the harmony in your bed and best of all, it is its incredible and affordable price. Do not hesitate and buy one of the best comforters that the market could offer.

And if after knowing thoroughly the previous models you still do not know which comforter to buy, you may be interested in knowing the pros and cons of this Catherine Lansfield model:



One of the most striking features of this model is its design with floral patterns on a background in black and gray scale that will give your bedroom a touch of elegance.


In addition, it is fully suitable to be washed in the standard washing machine that is found in homes to avoid the costs and costs of dry cleaning.



It was mentioned the effect of the fact that the comforter is black and is that because of this, lint and hair are more visible than if it were another color.


In addition, for some users the white color of the interior fabric makes it not look really attractive.

Abeil 15000000540

Abeil 15000000540 comforter, is among the best cheap comforters to buy among the options offered by the market because it has a polyester microfiber shell, the renowned peach skin, so you can enjoy a soft and comforting texture at bedtime. It has the exclusive patented Airfill coating, which is a dimensional fiber coating with a polar effect that guarantees a feeling of warmth even in the coldest weather.

Its dimensions are suitable to be used on any standard size mattress and the thickness of the product guarantees that you will not suffer from that cold so uncomfortable. Do not ever lose a good restful night of sleep and rest as you should when acquiring and using this excellent comforter.

Continuing with our analysis, we bring you the model 15000000540 of Abeil, considered by some as the best brand of comforters in the market:



The most remarkable advantage of this model of comforter for the bed is that it is made with a fiber of polar effect dimension that will give you a feeling of continuous warmth thanks to its Airfill coating.


In addition, its finishes make the fabric peach skin type, that is, that fabric that feels extremely soft to the touch thanks to the microfibres of its surface.


Besides all, one of its biggest advantages is that it is not at all heavy to have just 3.1 kilograms, in fact, many users say it is a pleasant surprise to find this detail as it facilitates its placement and transport.


It is not antiallergic:

However, as a negative point to mention, we have the fact that the comforter has no antiallergic materials so if you or the person who is going to use it is sensitive to fabrics, it is not recommended to buy it.

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Novotextile 180

The comforter R. Nordic 180 of Novotextil is definitely the best comforter quality – price. It has a very attractive design in a combination of purple and purple colors that will add a touch of elegance and exclusivity to your room. This comforter has a great thermal retention capacity so you can rest all night long without suffering the ravages of the winter weather. It is reversible, which allows you to wear it and use it on both sides.

It has a grammage of 350 grams / m² so the presence of micro fibers guarantee you to maintain a pleasant temperature for the body without falling back into excessive heat. The materials with which it is manufactured offer you a soft and smooth finish to the touch so you can enjoy your dream as a child and besides everything, it is anti mite to avoid the presence of those unpleasant insects.

If our previous model did not seem economical enough, we have for you the model Novotextil 180 as one of the cheapest comforters of the moment:


Design: The highlight of this comforter is that it is made in bright colors and attractive as well as having a nice design that looks great on the bed.

Weight: In addition, it is well acclaimed by the people who have acquired it the fact that this comforter does not represent too much weight and is very comfortable to use.


It is not antiallergic : As a negative point we have the fact that it is not antiallergic so you should be careful with sensitive people or with respiratory problems.

Variation in deliveries : It was reflected in the comment of a user who ordered a certain color but was given a different one, which is why it is recommended to verify this at the time of placing the order.

How to use a comforter

The comforters need a special cleaning. Most can be machine washed. But the weight and size of a comforter full of feathers or synthetic material the size of a bed, makes the task of washing the comforter a trial and error experiment.

A single comforter can fit easily in the washing machine, but if you own a King-size comforter, you will most likely need to send it to a laundry room. The same goes for feather comforters because their weight when they are wet makes common cleaning in the washing machine impractical and drying outdoors (which is the safest drying method) can take a week or more weather.

Fortunately, comforters only need an occasional wash, especially if you use them as planned – as decorative covers for your bed during the day and that move away at night. Due to its large size the options available to wash them are in a professional laundry, in the bathtub or in the washing machine, if this one is big enough.

Liquid spill on the comforter

However, if any spillage of liquid occurs on the comforter, you must act immediately to clean it. In this case, wash the comforter in the washing machine (if it fits) or in the bathtub (if it does not fit in the washing machine). First remove the biggest and most obvious spots. For example, rinse the blood spots with cold water.

In addition, we recommend soaking only the stained sections of the comforter to save you the trouble of drying the entire comforter. If you are going to wash the comforter in the bathtub use a mild detergent, rinse this detergent and add a few drops of disinfectant if you are cleaning after an accident with vomit.

Remember that bathtubs are not designed for prolonged exposure to detergent. If you are worried about how your bathroom can react to a comforter wash session, use an absolutely safe solution, such as a bubble bath or liquid detergent. However, if you use any of these, then you will need to rinse the comforter three or four times.

Dry the comforter

Ideally the comforter should be dried outdoors, however, in winter one option is to spread the comforter in front of the heat radiators (without touching them), and then finish the drying process in the laundry room or in another warm place And dry.

If you want to use a very sunny day to wash and dry your comforter, you can use the children’s inflatable pool. Of course, you must start early because you need all the time possible for drying outdoors. We recommend filling the pool with warm water and using non-biological detergent.

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This way you can wash and dry more than one comforter at a time. Instead of using your hands to mix and scrub, you can walk (of course, with clean feet) around the pool. Imagine that you are in a vineyard crushing grapes. Remember to use fresh water to rinse, to finish squeeze the excess water by rolling tight pieces of comforter under the open air and the sun.

The most popular comforter brands

For winter nights, there’s nothing like a good bedspread adjustable to your need. But buying a new comforter is not anything, so we analyze the main features of some of the best models and compare them with the opinions of users on the Net, all with the aim of making the selection easier. Now we want to dedicate this article to the best brands of comforters, among which are Sabanalia, Abeil and Catherine Lansfield.

This Spanish brand was born in 1971 and has a virtual store where it sells household linen. In Sabanalia they are manufacturers and sellers at the same time, so their products compete very well with other brands for the good value for money they offer. One of the secrets of the success of Sabanalia has been that it personalizes the products, worrying in addition for the satisfaction of the user beyond the purchase, since it keeps track of the orders.

Among the Sabanalia products are the variety of Nordic comforters of feathers and synthetics that the user can choose according to their need and particular taste. The materials used to manufacture these comforters are of very high quality, which guarantees the durability of the product. These comforters help to alleviate the cold during the autumn and winter seasons and come in different sizes, whether we look for a 150 cm bed comforter, or for a 200 cm bed.

But Sabanalia also offers other home textiles such as bedspreads, bed linens to measure, underwear, and Nordic bags, tablecloths, towels, among others, offering sizes, colors and combinations to suit the user, because the customization of the products is a of its fundamental maxims.

This is a French brand that was founded in 1870 in Auvergne. It is a manufacturer of blankets and comforters that has a century in the local first and later international market. During the 60s the company brought to France, directly from Germany, the new technology to make the synthetic comforter with polyester fiber filling.

The boom of the company occurred especially in the 90s and the first decade of the 2000s, where its sales increased around 12% per year. Since 2011, Abeil is part of the German group EuroComfort, one of the European leaders in the manufacture of comforters, pillows and bedding. Being part of this important company, Abeil has managed to reach hundreds of homes throughout Europe.

Since 2004, Abeil has dedicated himself to the recycling of bottles with which he manufactures the so-called Cyclafill fiber, made of bottles of mineral water that is soft and comfortered. With this method he has managed to recycle around 150 million bottles.

Abeil comforters with Nordic filling have a good reputation among users, as they are able to provide warmth even on the coldest winter nights, the touch is pleasant and has an optimum density.

This brand of Portuguese origin is known for the style of its designs. The towels, textiles for the living room, for the kitchen and the carpets do not go unnoticed, they are luxury products but at affordable prices. This company has a very wide catalog of products that adapt to every need, even sells curtains, cushions, bathroom accessories and gowns.

Among its most famous lines is the collection for children’s bed with animals and other reasons. Any product that has the stamp Catherine Lansfield is easily recognizable at a glance: if it does not look like any other comforter, then it must be one of the brand Catherine Lansfield.

One of the advantages offered by this brand is that you can buy sets of clothes for bed or garments separately. Every fabric used in the manufacture of these products is selected with the utmost care, which guarantees a unique finish.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How can I put the duvet comforter in its cover easily?

Keeping a comforter in its cover can be a complex task, but with a good technique the process is simplified considerably. In fact, since the comforter has a design of squares, the most practical thing is to proceed to fold the comforter progressively as if it were a puff pastry, so that it is folded properly, trying at each step remove the air from the interior by pressing some areas with others in order to avoid that this air hinders the process of storage. Another technique is to carry out this process by product lines, folding one over the other until obtaining a long line that is then doubled by halves. Depending on what you prefer you can bet on one option or another.

Q2: I want to make a comforter for my baby. What do you advise me?

When making a comforter for babies it is necessary to take into account the weight of the product, as well as the level of shelter of the same. Both elements are also related because, usually, the higher the level of shelter of the product, the greater the weight of it. In any case, you should always bet on fillings as light as possible within the need for warmth you have. A comforter designed to withstand warm temperatures in winter is not the same as using it where winter temperatures reach several degrees below zero. As for the dimensions it is convenient that they are adjusted to the size of the crib and your baby, without being excessive, so that it does not get tangled beyond what is necessary nor does it suppose an excessive weight for your body.

Q3: How can I wash a duvet comforter?

The process of cleaning a synthetic comforter is a complex process, especially if your washing machine is not very large, in which case it is advisable to opt for professional washing. If you finally decide to do it at home, you need the comforter to be introduced little by little, starting at one corner and turning the drum so you can completely enter the washing machine. Once inside it is convenient to accompany the product of two or three tennis balls in the drum so that it moves the filling and clean it in a simple way. To improve the results, it is convenient to choose a program of delicate garments and mild detergent to avoid damage to the outside or to the filling. By the way, these same tips can be put into action if you decide to clean the product in the bathtub, Although the effort is going to be considerable so the comforter weighs wet once. In any case, do not forget to dry it in the sun, but avoiding excessive exposure to the mime so that it does not lose color.

Q4: How should you wash the down comforter?

To wash a down comforter properly you have several options. Although it is true that it is something you can do at home, it is also necessary to have a washing machine with a good capacity so that the product can move. If you opt for the domestic solution it is essential to verify the maximum temperature at which you can wash it and that is on the product label, using a program of delicate garments and a detergent for this purpose. This detergent should be previously diluted with some water to help the product work and spread better through the clothes. To obtain better results, it is recommended to have several tennis balls, which we will put inside the washing machine to be able to move the feathers properly during the process and help with the cleaning of the product. Equally,

Q5: I can not decide between quilt and comforter. Which is the best option?

For a long time there has been a remarkable difference between the Nordic and feather models, mainly because of the higher heat conditions offered by the feather models. However, the Nordic models have evolved considerably to the point that they are increasingly able to offer sensations more quality and pleasant. In addition, they have the advantage of offering a more adjusted price than the pen models, even when the latter have also been reducing their cost progressively. This being the case, the difference today hardly exists as much in generation of heat as in weight. If you prefer something more traditional you can bet on the feathers, but beyond touch you will not really find big differences in the product.

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