What are the Christmas 2017 Trends?

Want to stand out with a Christmas decoration pile in the trend? Vincent Grégoire, a trendsetter at the creative agency Nelly Rodi, shares the flagship styles of 2017 Christmas, colors to adopt and ideas to prick. Between classics revisited and daring surprises, follow our advice for end-of-year celebrations full of style and daring.Christmas 2017 Trends

For which colors to opt for Christmas decoration? What style to adopt for his party table? Fir natural or artificial? How to decorate its exterior for the holidays? Vincent Grégoire, a proven hunter, answers all these questions, and more. DIY, natural ambience, modern and futuristic look, summer or glamorous shades, colorful spruce… The trendsetter decrypts the decoration of the decoration of Christmas 2017. A real gift before time!

Christmas 2017 under the signs of re-enchantment and letting go

Christmas 2017 TrendsEvery year, the end-of-year celebrations are special moments to be together and to meet. And in the “hectic context” in which we live, Christmas offers itself as a decompression valve and as a “good excuse to celebrate, mark, enjoy and do good around us,” says Vincent Grégoire. Christmas 2017 is divided between the need for tradition and fancy. In deco, this duality is found through classic atmospheres or more “fun”. But that the interiors are articulated around traditional values or more modern inspirations, this year, Christmas is loaded with affection and attentions. We spend time decorating our home, pampering our entourage with nicely packaged gifts, we make a personalized table decoration and we take care to choose qualitative products for the feast. In short, we take Christmas seriously while infusing a suspicion of surprise and madness.

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Decorative trends of Christmas 2017

If we find some of the trends of the past years, in 2017, these are “twisted” by some touches of fantasy. A few eclectic, Christmas moods mix reliable values, contemporary inspirations, traditional symbols and whimsical elements. “There is even a tendency to mix expensive and cheap, or even chic and cheap,” says Vincent Grégoire.

A Christmas in the natural. In 2017, the natural and purified atmosphere is always appreciated. Sometimes inspired by the Scandinavian decoration with its clear hues and its minimal ambience, sometimes the rustic look of the country houses, this year the “nature” tendency has a less “basic” side. “We multiply the elements of wooden deco, which we cheer with more fun accessories, like small animal figurines or false snow, for example,” explains the trend.Decorative trends of Christmas 2017

A colorful and bohemian Christmas. For Vincent Grégoire, our desire for sun and escape is reflected in this Christmas trend directly inspired by the journey. Cactus, ethnic motifs and pink flamingos come together for a decoration of exotic and offbeat…

A futuristic and fantastic Christmas. Spaceships, star skies, unicorns, robots, silver tints, digital candles… No, you do not dream. The spatial and chimerical decoration took the interiors of assault at Christmas. A true return to the future and a fantastic journey full of fantasy that will awaken the soul of children of the greatest.Decorative trends of Christmas 2017

A classic Christmas revisited. “This year, the traditional Christmas look is less square,” announces Vincent Grégoire. One keeps the codes of the classic like the crackers posed on the festive table and the dull hues, and one adds elements in the current tendencies like velvet or metallic colors. To accentuate the classic style, “we see more and more lucky objects, like four-leaf clovers or superstitious grigris”, notes the tender. “The pan feathers also bring a sophisticated touch to traditional atmospheres,” he adds.Decorative trends of Christmas 2017

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The colors of Christmas 2017

On the side of the natural decoration, the red finish. Amber and orange tints inspired by autumn are adopted, which are softened with softer colors.colors of Christmas 2017

For the Bohemian Christmas decoration, we put on the multicoloredand the summer motifs. Joyful hues and tropical patterns mingle for a “Christmas from elsewhere”.

For the modern and futuristic atmosphere, turquoise, silver and iridescent tones have the wind in their sails.colors of Christmas 2017

As for the classic decoration, it puts on dull and glamorous shades, such as navy blue or burgundy, awakened by touches of bright colors such as gold, for example.

The Emerging Styles of Christmas 2017

Still shunned by the general public but more and more appreciated by lovers of decoration, some trends emerge in 2017 and begin to detach from the lot.

The kitsch. Declined around staggered themes, the trend of the kitsch plays with cliches. Thus, vintage pullovers with dubious prints and deco tacky or disproportionate take the place of the more traditional looks for a Christmas full of self-mockery.

The vintage style. With its small cherubs made of felt and blown glass baubles, the Christmas decoration of the 70s returns to the front of the stage. We therefore pace the aisles of flea markets in search of the rare vintage pearl to give a retro charm to the interiors during the holidays.Styles of Christmas 2017

A busy and festive table for Christmas 2017

This year, the party table is not afraid to do too much. On a traditional white tablecloth, candles, paths and placemats accumulate for a typically festive table. “In 2017, the Christmas table is prepared for the family, with the children. We put our hands to the pulp and we make decorative elements to decorate the party meal,” says Vincent Grégoire. The table decoration trend of 2017? ” The glitter to sprinkle all along the table,” he adds. They hang the light and immediately transform a decor too banal.table for Christmas 2017

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We put the hand to the paste for a DIY decoration full of attention

Christmas 2017 pays special attention to the sharing and re – enchantment of the holiday season. It is therefore quite natural that the trends of the DIY and the “homemade” are intensifying. This year, Christmas is preparing for the family, the Advent calendars adorn all the fireplaces and the gifts are packed with attention. “We do things by ourselves and we pay more attention to what we buy,” says the trend.diy decoration for Christmas 2017

Natural or artificial tree?

For Vincent Grégoire, everyone is free to choose his side. Those who have opted for a natural and rustic decoration will inevitably lean for an authentic fir, just like the followers of the classic decoration, who will be able to “modernize their tree with colored sprays”. An artificialgold tree will go perfectly in the bohemian interiors, while a natural model will contrast with the more modern atmospheres.trees for Christmas

We take care of its decorative entry

In 2017, we pamper his entrance. If the light garlands still have the wind in their sails, in 2017, the outdoor Christmas decoration focuses exclusively on the doorstep. The traditional crown again dresses the entrance doors and these are sublimated thanks to the “powder of sequins that is sprinkled in front of its door”, reveals Vincent Grégoire. Magic ! decorative entry for Christmas

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