Concrete Wall And Light Wood For Furnishing And Facade Of A House

Concrete wall and light wood kitchen designsConcrete walls are no longer a rarity in modern facilities. They exude minimalism and a certain industrial charm and are used as a neutral background in the interior design, in order to emphasize colored accents. But also in combination with a neutral decor and decorations, the concrete wall creates a perfect ambience, which is not only residential, but also inviting.

Concrete wall in the interior

Concrete wall and light wood living room interiorAlso the house, which we would like to introduce to you in this article, uses this kind of wall design for the interior. It is located in Atherton, California, and was designed by arcanum architecture, inc. Modern designs and comfort are found not only indoors, but also in the entire outdoor area.

Interior Concrete wall and light wood designsThe rooms in which walls in the concrete look are not available, instead have furniture in gray color, which has the same attractive and elegant appearance. Combined with bright wooden furniture, a modern and classy design for the interior, the best comfort and comfort offers.

Concrete wall and light wood floorsThere is also a lack of concrete walls in the bedroom, but not modern design. Large window fronts, together with the built-in fireplace, ensure comfort and relaxation with a view of the garden. A wall niche was used perfectly to provide storage space in the form of a built-in rack and shelves.

Concrete wall bathroom designIn contrast to the living rooms, the concrete optics for the wall in the bathroom were used in abundant quantities. In addition to the modern appeal, this type of wall design in the bathroom brings a further advantage. The modern concrete wall saves tiles. The wet cell is spacious and invites to a relaxing shower experience, whereby the small niche can be used as a storage area.

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Concrete wall modern bathroom designBut the concrete look of the wall is by no means all that impresses the bathroom. In addition, there is a large, modern wash-house made of light wood, as well as a relaxing bath with a modern shape. Also worth mentioning are the large window fronts, which can also be found in this room and otherwise rather untypical for baths. They supply the space, which would be darker due to any concrete wall, with sufficient light. In addition, the pendulum lights in front of the mirror not only create the perfect lighting, but also create a beautiful decoration.

Concrete for outdoor use

Outdoor Concrete wall and light wood floorsThe concrete wall is also found here and there in the outdoor area. First, we will show you the terrace with canopy and support and partition with fireplace, which can be reached via the large sliding windows. It consists of a cozy lounge area, as well as a dining area with a large dining table, which offers space for many guests.

attractive pool area is surrounded by paving stones, concrete slabs and a lawn areaThe attractive pool area is surrounded by paving stones, concrete slabs and a lawn area. Here, too, there is a small seating area with table and chairs, which provides the opportunity for a chat by the pool and in the sun. From here you also get a great view of the house and a large part of the garden.

beautiful garden design of different plantsThe garden is characterized by a beautiful design of different plants. The footbridge, which leads to the pool area, has a romantic look and is decorated with various grasses typical of modern garden design. This creates the impression that there is a pond or even a lake. There is also no lack of trees and shrubs outside.

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concrete walls irregular façade of the modern houseThe wall in concrete optics is outside in the form of a wall. This is part of the irregular façade of the modern house and is combined with wooden surfaces for the canopy and the visible and sun protection of strips, as well as with white plaster. A contrast is achieved here and there also by the planting. An example is the bed in the right picture, which is directly in front of the gray wall.

minimalistic modern house garden landscapeA contrast is also created by house and garden design in general. While the house is very modern and minimalistic, the garden has been designed as naturally as possible. One reason for this was that the existing trees should be maintained and adapted to the overall image of the outdoor area. Could the garden have a more relaxing appearance?

gray paving stone drivewayHere you see the house again in the front view, so on the side of the driveway. This is spacious and simply made out of gray paving stone, but it is particularly inviting in combination with the greenery. And also for a pleasant lighting in the evening hours and at night was provided, in order to be able to enjoy the outdoor area at any time.

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