How to Create a Themed Room in Your House

To avoid boredom with a room that’s it, just try to create different themed spaces in every room in the house. Often arranging house is done by lifting one theme, for example, a white house, modern style house, modern minimalist house, and so on. Unfortunately this theme has the potential to become monotonous and boring.



Not Quite A Scene

Are you a fan of some of the theme of the interior? But find it difficult to translate the nuances of home interior? Now there is a beautiful solution that you can apply. You do not have to choose one theme, but some themes can you applied to interior in your home. Try to use all your favorite theme in the spaces of the house. Of course, you can not apply them in a single space, apply that theme in different spaces.

Different spaces we mean the living room, family room, dining room, and bedroom. If you want to apply various themes, remember that you choose a separate theme with other themes in different rooms. The goal is that theme is applied not to confuse one with the other.

From Where You Need to Get Started?

So you are not confused, begin to see the collection of ornaments, painting goods, or furniture that we have or are already in the room. For example, you can use vases, ceramic, or a plate of China. Departing from there, the oriental theme is one option that you can develop well. Make one wall as an accent, for example, painted in red. Sofa added that there are enough small cushions with oriental nuances, such as painting a dragon, bamboo, and others.

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Classical can be coupled with Minimalism

Classic themes usually considered as something complicated and very contradictory with the minimalist theme that is simple and modern. Actually, this statement is not necessarily true, you can still pair of classic and minimalist theme. For example, a house that usually apply the concept of minimalism, can apply classic shades as accents in the interior of the election. Liaison between minimalism and classic is the use of color matching.

In accordance with the color of the painting, living room wall, you can paint with a greenish beige color that gives tranquility and harmony. Similarly, the sofa, you can choose a sofa that is practically the classic impression. Give the painting with shades of gray of the painting, it can take you to the classic atmosphere but remain in a minimalist style.

Take the theme of Painting

In the living room you have installed a classical painting. Then consider these paintings and connect with other elements such as sofas, newfangled simple. The solution is the theme for a room with a minimalist-classical style, the minimalist concept by implementing painting color as the dominant color in the interior.

Modern impression on Abstract Painting

Painting is evidently still a basic reference for structuring the dining room and family room. This time try to lift the impressive modern abstract painting to tie the spaces that exist within a unified theme.

Choose warm colors in paintings such as yellow, brown, gray, purple, orange. Choose a color that stands out by you to be applied in the interior elements of space. For the wall elements in the dining room, and family room, you can tie it with elements of gray. This color can create memorable theme modern room simple and clean. Beige and brown also strong, it’s applied is on elements such as fabric sofa and wooden furniture.

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