How to Decorate a Garden with Feng Shui Style

Creating a garden and how to decorate a garden with Feng Shui style are two exterior decorating trends that currently cause us much interest, as Eastern beliefs are demonstrating that they achieve their goals: natural balance, create a place of peace, harmony, a place Of spirituality, of meditation that will lead you to happiness and inner peace.feng shui garden

The feng shui doctrine in decoration can be applied in every room of your house and in the garden is also relevant.

“Life begins the day a garden begins” (Chinese proverb).

We all want to enjoy the outdoors and have a place where to do it in a comfortable way. When spring and summer arrive, we need to go outside, take advantage of the good temperatures extending our social and family life that we have had neglected in the winter. And what better way to do it than in a garden decorated with a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere! The options of how to decorate a garden with respect to the style are many; Decoration minimalist gardens, classic gardens, rustic style gardens or gardens oriental design as we speak today.

How to decorate the garden according to Feng Shui

The beliefs of Feng Shui have their roots that millennial times and the people who put them into practice are people with great balance and tranquility, with many values ​​and security. They comment that they do it thanks to the positive energies that they obtain from the decoration of the house and, in some cases, the decoration of the garden.

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Another ancient Chinese proverb said: “The plants of a garden are plants of happiness.”

As in the interior decoration of a house, the design of gardens must be a mirror ofourselves. So you have to present an exterior decoration with our personal taste and decorative style and one of them and very special is the oriental style decoration. We will see the guidelines to follow of how to decorate a garden with doctrine feng shui.

Essential Keys for Decorating a Garden with Feng Shui Style

  • The first key is to achieve harmony. Feng shui focuses on spacious places where we do not find obstacles that prevent energy flows in both interior and exterior decoration.
  • Place the different elements with order and placement. It is important to mark the different spaces by paths that we will perform with rocks that are always present in the decoration of feng shui gardens for being considered elements with influence of positive energy. They allow to distinguish the zones of the plants, with or without flowers, and of the earth.
  • Another fundamental, essential and necessary element is moving water, reflecting abundance. All the experts when we ask: how to decorate a garden with feng shui style? They will indicate the importance of the presence of water from the sources. But we can not forget that standing water is prohibited because it would be a negative energy. The cleaning of the place in general and of the water stream in particular is essential to obtain good energies.
  • Colors decoration gardens. The plants and flowers according to feng shui are relevant for a good atmosphere of harmony. The plants with flowers that you choose influence the different energies depending on the color of the flowers:
  • Colors in blue tones enhance positive internal values.
  • The white attract people who can offer help and always give you their support.
  • The pinks and reds are related to couples, romanticism and love.
  • The visual effect of a Zen garden or feng shui style should not show straight and hard lines but they will chase the curves and the subtlety of the waves. When planting different plants and flowers should be taken into account and avoid placing the plants in line, so that the current of the energies flow and circulate easily. The choice of the varieties of floral plants we must make to try to ensure that throughout the year we enjoy the flowers, meaning that each plant has the moment of flowering in different seasons. It is also very important that in garden decoration according to feng shui unify different types of shrubs or plants (tall, low, large leaves,
  • How to decorate a garden in feng shui if we want to place an orchard with fruit plants, vegetables and vegetables. Belief contemplates it, but we must give it a space apart because it can not be mixed with the rest of the elements.
  • Feng shui style gardens that we want to use to spend long moments with family or friends, we have to furnish them with wooden garden furniture, as this material does not contaminate the balance and adheres perfectly to the positive energy of all elements.
  • The lighting naturally in gardens zen decoration is one of the essential elements is more in the feng shui garden plants and other shrubs could not live without light, we must let it come to the last corner and avoid the gloomy and dark areas.
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How to decorate a small feng shui garden

How to decorate a garden with feng shui style when we do not have much space and we want to get the most out of it, is a question that comes up very often.

In principle, we will have to analyze and give priority to our greatest interest; If we prefer a garden decoration composed of plants, flowers and orchard or we prefer to use it as a living area, and choose one or the other. For according to the oriental doctrine we could not recharge the design of gardens, we need empty spaces for the circulation of energies.

We must include all important elements such as lighting gardens, water and plants but without forgetting the order and placement, cleaning and arrangement of the elements to obtain an environment with harmony and peace.

And if you do not have an area where you can create a garden, you can comfort yourself and enjoy the feng shui zen miniature garden that are marketed as decoration accessories and in some cases you can make changes and put the different elements your way.

Some interesting images of how to decorate a garden with feng shui or zen style that can also be applied to other places in the house. And if we have some outdoor space we can think of how to decorate a garden or something similar in our patios, terraces or balconies.

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