Decorate Kitchen with Herb Garden – Tips and DIY Ideas

decorate kitchen with herb gardenThere are many ideas for kitchen decoration, but we like it very much, to decorate the in-house kitchen with herb garden. A herb garden on the window sill, the balcony or on a shelf looks cozy in the kitchen and is practical. The fresh herbs chives, basil, tarragon, sage, parsley or rosemary give the room a pleasant aroma. At the same time, the tasty herbs can be used for cooking and refining dishes. Since many herbs have different curative effects, they are also suitable for combating diseases. Cultivation is easy when the plant fans take account of the location and nursing requirements of the individual herbs.

These recommendations provide informative guides. Herbs thrive best in boxes or pots, on the window sill or the balcony. It is important that the plants get enough light and water and are sown at the appropriate season.

Decorate the kitchen with a herb garden – Clay pots and planters with decoration

Indoor garden kitchen decorIf you want to decorate the kitchen with herbs, you should use clay pots for the planting. The material does not harm the earth and clay pots are available in different colors. They give the kitchen a pleasant atmosphere. The herbal friend can also paint her herself and adjust the colors to the color scheme of the kitchen or set accents.

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Indoor herb garden decorThe buckets and clay pots should stand at the window or on a light-flooded shelf, where they do not interfere with the kitchen operation, but make the kitchen look beautiful. Planting plants should not plant more than three herbs per pot. Herbal fans should also take care that under the plants is a bucket with garlic. On the one hand the evergreen leeks are a beautiful plant with a lilac flower, which gives a beautiful picture; on the other hand, aphids do not like garlic. This keeps the other herbs from pests.

Decorate the kitchen with a herb garden – herbs, shelves and other baskets

how to decorate kitchen with herb gardenIf you are a skilled craftsman, you can create special wooden shelves with self-assembly instructions, which can accommodate several pots, can be positioned variably or can be clamped into the window frame. The herbal ladder can be quickly screwed together from old planks. Different herbs can be placed on the individual steps. The ladder looks particularly decorative in an unused corner in the kitchen.

Hanging planter kitchen herb garden decorIf you have an old wicker basket at home, you can use it for herbal planting. The basket can be easily lined with a large foil or plastic tarpaulin, which should be waterproof and thick. The edges of the foil can be stitched the hobby burs with needle and thread roughly with the basket. Then the basket is to be filled with garden soil and the herbs to be used. It is important to press them in the ground and to water the basket with water so that the plants can grow well. Particularly decorative it looks when the basket is planted with different herbs and contains hanging, low and high herbs. The herb basket looks as beautiful on a large kitchen table as on a sideboard.

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Decorate the kitchen with herb garden – Table decoration with herbs

Kitchen table decoration with herbsMany herbs are color intensive and can be used as flowers, branches and other natural materials, very good for an original table decoration . They are robust and tear resistant and can be wrapped easily. They can be used to make homemade napkin rings and beautify them with herbal flowers.

Beautiful to look at and at the same time are scented herbs. They consist of a mixture of flowers and herbs. The best are rosemary, stearin, fennel, thyme and spit. They can be attached with a flower wire around a metal ring without breaking off. If you make the herbal wreath as a gift, you can use a wet wreath instead of a metal wreath. It soaks up with water and keeps the herbs fresh longer.

Herbfans, which house chives in their garden, can combine the grasses into a bouquet by wrapping the lower portion with a cord. The chive bouquets serve as table decorations, for example, they can be used as knife benches. At the same time, the guests can use the herbs to season the dishes.

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