How to Decorate a Mirror Frame

Original ideas to renew the old and worn frame of your mirror, or to make a completely new one.

How to Decorate a Mirror Framehow to decorate mirror frame

Ideas for Decorating a Mirror Frame

Who does not have mirrors in his house? They are infaltables for decoration and for personal arrangement, especially for women. So, if they are so useful and indispensable, how not to renew them and adapt them to the decoration of the place?

Here are some ideas for decorating mirrors simply and inexpensively. Just have an emery stone, universal glue and the elements you want, such as snails, burlap, percale, cork boards, paintings, etc.

How to Decorate a Mirror Frame

If the edges are a bit rough, the first thing you should do is soften them with an emery stone. Then follow the instructions according to the material chosen to decorate:

  • Snails: If you frame your frame with snails, you should stick them around the mirror as you like.
  • Burlap: Take a piece of burlap the same size as the mirror. Cut and remove the center, and fray the sides a little.
  • Percal: If you want a percale frame, cut a strip about 5 cm wide and considerably longer than the perimeter of the mirror. Sew machine by the center of the strip and then, carefully, pull the lower thread, to go frilling the percale until reaching the measurement of the edges of the frame.
  • Cork: Cut according to the measurements of the mirror (a little larger), and glue on the frame. The thicker the cork board, the better.
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“If the edges of the frame are a bit rough, the first thing you should do is soften them with an emery stone.”

How to Paint and Renew a Mirror Frame

If you already have a nice frame and want to renew it, it is very practical to paint it using different decorative techniques. In this case, there are several steps you must take.

Sand the surface to remove the original paint.

  • Give the frame a base color (it can be black), and once dry, apply a layer of white paint.
  • Once both paints are dry, sand the paint gently so that in some parts of the frame the black paint can be seen. You can use the combination of colors you want, just try to be contrasting each other.
  • You can also paint a first layer of white and then, with a toothbrush dipped in another paint color, splash the white coat with your bristles, applying small droplets of paint.

This technique is known as “Stenciled “and is so simple that even children do it in school. On this white paint you can also use the technique of” mopping “or” sponge “with a small cloth or sponge.

The combination of colors is your choice, taking into account your tastes or the decoration of the place where you plan to put the mirror.

“If the mirror is made of metal and will be in a humid place, give it a layer of ore to protect it and prevent it from rusting.”

Finally, if the place where the mirror is found is wet (for example, the bathroom), frames can be oxidized if they are made of metal. To avoid this, we advise you to pass a layer of minimum, which is a product that protects the iron to prevent it from oxidizing.

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