The Decoration Complements That Will Most Triumph In 2017-2018

Do not miss the decoration complements that will most triumph in 2017-2018. Redecorate your life simply and for very little.most outstanding decor accessories 1

The complements are the last contribution of a decoration and with them we can transform any space. We love the complements because their price is not too high allows us to renew them more continuously than the rest of furniture and that way to update any space of home.

If you are thinking of introducing new notes to your home this season, take note of the decor accessories that will triumph in 2017-2018, do not let them escape!

These are the most outstanding decor accessories for this 2018

1. Shelves

shelves - most outstanding decor accessoriesIt’s time for the shelves. In all kinds of shapes, sizes, designs and materials the shelves become the center of the rooms and take center stage of the walls. You can opt for hanging shelves in which you will find a great variety.

Or by the standing shelves that are now renewed and specially covered with metal. And it is that we have talked for some time that metal structures were a trend. And the passion for them continues. How do you choose your bookshelf?

2. Baskets

baskets - most outstanding decor accessoriesThey are fashionable and you can not deny that we love the idea. You’ve already seen them in many decoration shops and if you have resisted them… do not do it! Baskets of wicker, raffia, rope… can be very useful in the home. Whether as baskets for clothes, for blankets next to the sofa, for the bathroom…

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But without a doubt the idea that we love most and that we are already putting into practice is to use XXL baskets as pots for our terrace or balcony. A very chic boho touch that we love. Do you dare to try it?

3. The tropical touch

tropical decor - most outstanding decor accessoriesWe have been saying it for some time, the tropical style is fashionable and, it seems, will continue strong in the coming months. Our entire home is dressed in vibrant colors and colorful designs. And also our table. If you have to organize a party or special meal, get inspired in the tropical style and you will triumph.

But also the rest of the household clothes is joined to the tropical passion: bedding, towels, blankets, rags… You will not be able to resist its cheerful color! A very fresh and irresistible air for any corner of your home. And the green color is the tone of the season, do not let it escape!

And if you want more inspiration to give a tropical touch to your living room do not miss our article.

4. Terrariums of metal structure

Terrariums of metal structure - most outstanding decor accessoriesThe metal is fashionable, we have been telling you for some time. And each season is renewed with new elements and designs to attract our looks and provoke our desire. In this season the terrariums of metallic structure will be a plus in the subject of complements decoration 2018. You will find them in many sizes and with different designs, as beautiful as these.

Another good option are the hanging terrariums to decorate any corner and give it a very bohemian and full of charm. Both options we like so much that we do not know by which to decide, and you, which do you like more?

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5. Crockery with flowers

Crockery with flowers - most outstanding decor accessoriesIt is the latest trend as we could see in the last MET gala just weeks ago. The tableware and all the elements of our table dress of flowers to receive the new season. And if fashion says so our home was not going to be less. So do not resist and let the flowers come to your table and to your house.

6. Rings of rose

rings of rose - most outstanding decor accessoriesThe pink quartz of 2017 or the pink stick of 2018 is just two of the shades of pink that we can find in multitude of decorative complements. And is that the little by little has been getting a hole in our home. In its most pastel and appetizing tones you can use it for all kinds of elements.

Combined with white, gray and copper, which is still giving a lot of war, the result can not be more beautiful and sweet. So do not resist him and introduce this color in your decoration this season. You will not regret!

7. Cactus

cactus - most outstanding decor accessoriesWhat do you like plants but what is yours is not taking care of them? Well now forget to water them with these cacti. In all kinds of materials and designs, cacti invade our home to fill it with its greenery and freshness. Especially in ceramics we can find them of all sizes and designs.

But also in the form of cushions or decorating all kinds of fabrics with cactus prints. Or even for our walls. The hard thing will be to resist not to put a cactus in our home.

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And so far my selection of novelties in decorative complements to give a new air to your home. There are for all tastes so surely you have found some that you like and that you are wishing to introduce at home, what will it be? I point to the fashion of the baskets as pots, and I have an eye for a pair that I will not escape. And the same goes for the metal terrariums, yes or yes I have to get some. And you with what complement you are this season? I await your comments and ideas and you can see more inspiration in my Pinterest page. Happy week and thanks for reading!

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