Decoration Small Spaces – Do Not Give Up Anything

The decorating small floors are a reality with we found daily. The scarcity of meters of houses in large cities may be a handicap,. Instead of contradicting ourselves, we have to look for the charm of living and decorating small spaces.

Decoration small space living room apartmentA very interesting way to take advantage of all the possibilities in decorating very small space is based on the loft decoration.

Small loft style decoration

We can learn from the decoration loft style houses and enjoy a lifestyle that favors open and integrated spaces.

Small loft style decorationThe industrial loft decor, the rustic loft decor and country style emerged as a true lifestyle in the 70s in New York then, many artists from different fields preferred to give up the breadth to live in better places located. They remodeled small floors in old buildings and for more comfort they made a decoration open spaces, canceling the partitions and avoiding the walls.

For these artists the interior decorating small flats was a way of looking for a more affordable cost of living ( low cost decoration small apartments ) and chose the last floors, sloping floors or double height floors. The latter very suitable for duplex loft decoration

Modern small floor decoration

Modern small floor decorationToday, getting an interior decoration that includes everything you need to create comfortable environments is much easier because the small loft decoration is a practice of decoration that has worked and work professional decorators supported by designers and furniture stores.

To furnish small spaces and taking into account all kinds of budgets we have stores near our home furniture stores or type IKEA that offers options to get the most out of the cheap loft decor.

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The choices we found in decorating small IKEA floors and IKEA loft decorations can be of great help.

Most companies engaged in the sector include in their catalogs furniture style loft, kitchen style loft and accessories decor accessories small apartments.

Small Floor Decoration Tips

Small Floor Space Decoration TipsThe main objective in small spaces; Flats, lofts or in the apartment decoration is to be able to enjoy everything like in the big houses but, avoiding the feeling of overwhelm and the heaping of furniture.

We can not forget that we are realizing a 40m2 loft decoration or perhaps 50ft loft decoration.

To do this, it is essential to follow some guidelines:

  • Carry out a study of our priorities and as in the loft decoration, make in a unique space with different environments delimited by furniture, colors, accessories or decoration accessories.
  • Locate dual use furniture or convertible furniture. This type of furniture besides being able to be used for its habitual use can fulfill the function of creating spaces, of being used for different things, of being able to fold or deploy as we need, etc.
  • Encourage natural light and enhance lighting with artificial light points, very important in the decoration of environments.
  • Couple parts that bring lightness to the integrated environments and delimit the environments.Ultra modern tiny kitchen small apartment design
  • All areas should be furnished according to the space available, select from small modern kitchens and think about the capacity and placing organizers for drawers, both in the kitchen and in the rest of the cabinets.
  • All wardrobes that can engage us avoid lost spaces but can also place cabinet’s separators or cabinets various functions.
  • Research all decorating ideas that may be feasible to improve the final result in decorating small spaces.

Decoration loft or decoration small spaces

Decoration small loft space ideasNowadays, many companies opt for  loft decoration and have great ideas with integrated environments.

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But, there are also people who prefer to keep the original construction with the different delimited spaces and reuse the old facilities. In both cases, the common feature is the need to perfect the interior decoration and create a practical, functional atmosphere, with a personalized and harmonious decoration style.

The absence of walls is an instrument in the development of the decoration project and allows us to enjoy open spaces, but also entails some inconveniences in terms of privacy.

Precautions in modern loft decor and small floor decoration

modern loft decor small floor decorationIt is imperative to take some basic precautions to avoid losing the original features, in an unique space of a loft.

  • Do not use different materials to cover the floors. If we want to delimit different areas, use carpets, furniture or other accessories. Different floors give you less space.
  • To define the different environments it is advisable to use furniture, bookshop type, sideboards, countertops, walls at half height, different colors…
  • The colors play a crucial role and must be carefully chosen. It is convenient to use different shades or a single contrast to avoid falling into the exaggeration.Aluminum round stairs small space interior decor
  • Do not forget to keep the organization and the functionality of the different spaces.
  • The creativity and combination of decorating styles is fully valid in decorating small flats and decorating lofts. Using the style of personalized decoration that pleases us is important, but the small spaces marry perfectly with a minimalist loft decoration.
  • Avoid buying many items. The ideal is to invest in a project with little furniture, enough for the day to day, and some objects of decoration to give life to the place. It is also important to pay attention to comfort. The use of the furniture to define the spaces is fundamental, for example the sofa in the living room and the breakfast area or the bar in the kitchen.
  • In many cases the electrical, heating, air conditioning and plumbing pipes are obvious and complicated to hide. We can take advantage of its image to create a characteristic industrial loft decoration, typical of New Yorkers’ models. And in cases of double height, play with it and create a duplex loft decoration.
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Decoration accessories small spaces

Decorating small space home interior ideasWe can take advantage of decorative accessories small spaces to give the personal touch to the decoration. They are very appropriate:

  • The loft-style paintings that give prominence to the main walls
  • The decorative vinyls provide personality to the environment without subtracting space, on the contrary, in many cases give depth creating sensation of amplitude.
  • The curtains, blinds and Japanese panels not only to decorate the windows but to define spaces or cover.
  • Storage furniture like beds loft style bedrooms, livable beds, hidden beds on a low floor or wall beds in height…

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