Decorative Panels and Wall Coverings for All Decoration Styles

The decorative panels for wall decoration in a great solution in the world of interior design. This part of the decoration is full of new ideas and offers a new look of traditional wall coverings and a wide range of textures, colors, and patterns.Decorative panels wallcoverings living room decor

Leather, stone, wood, ceramics, paper, textile, and mosaic are materials used since ancient times in wall coverings and have not lost their popularity by setting trends in decoration and the creation of modern decorative panels.

We will try to show examples of the different options so that we can get a real idea of ​​the results obtained when choosing the lining walls that we like the most. We can see magnificent models with images that cover decorating walls with original interiors, exclusive designs, unusual and traditional materials and creative ideas.

Decoration of interior walls with decorative panels

We want to include in the typology of decorative panels for interior walls these 10 types of coatings considering that all of them are being widely used in current interior designs.Decoration of interior walls with decorative panels

In a good interior decoration of all styles, many factors influence, some more predictable and some less. The colors, the decoration of the walls, the lighting, the small complements, the plants, the decoration of the windows, etc. can and are so important that by themselves they completely vary the visual effect of the environments.

Therefore, when we propose to decorate the rooms of our home, we must know the different options in decorative panels and coatings of which we have in the market that can be great decoration solutions. We do not only have painting, much less.

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The 10 best and most modern decorative panels for interior walls

1.     Interior stone wall cladding

Interior stone wall claddingThe stone facades are moved inside and we create the stone walls is one of the most traditional and original ways to decorate and transform the interior of our floor or house.

Decorative stone claddings have a special appeal and we can find a wide variety of finishes in modern stone wall claddings. Both natural stone or as decorative stone imitation benefit from wide range of textures, shapes, and colors.

The stone wall cladding is used in many styles: rustic, modern, contemporary, vintage, Mediterranean, etc.

2.     Wooden wall cladding

Wooden wall claddingWood paneling as a wall cladding offers a practical solution with great visual appeal. Wood panels are a way to hide unequal surfaces of the wall and, in addition, have exceptional properties of thermal and acoustic insulation.

Wood is durable and the market offers many varieties of wood wall coverings of different species: pine, oak, walnut, birch, apple tree, and even exotic species and ecological woods.

In addition to the great options provided by these panels or friezes, we have to mention the opportunities in low cost and creative decoration of the use of recycled wood and pallet wood.

These alternatives are especially valued by fans of custom and cheap designs and those respectful of the environment and concerned about natural conservation.

Decorative wooden wall coverings give the interior decoration an extraordinary appearance, show the great taste, elegance, and personality of the house and its owners.

3.     Wallpaper Wallcoverings

Wallpaper WallcoveringsWallpaper is considered one of the most popular wall coverings for a long time with the great difference that the range has been greatly expanded with different colors, designs, and textures that allow us to adapt them to all styles and decoration of walls of any room.

The variety in types of wallpaper is very wide: light paper, vinyl paper, textile paper, 3D wallpaper, self-adhesive wallpaper or decorative vinyl, photomural, etc. The design options are unlimited in motifs and colors: geometric, printed, floral, decorative elements in all styles and due to their relatively low prices, simple installation and maintenance are used in almost any room of the house to decorate halls, living room, bedrooms, hallways, corridors and even in bathrooms and kitchens.

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4.     Textile wall covering

Textile wall coveringTextile coatings are one of the alternatives of wallpaper that includes classic fabrics like silk and linen, but also cotton, wool, jute, raffia, twill, etc. Treated and interlaced in the correct way to make a wall covering providing a special warmth and comfort to the room. With the great advantage of having a long shelf life and decoration impress with sophistication and style.

5.     Cork wall coverings

Cork wall coveringsThe cork wall cladding is a fantastic choice for people who savor natural materials. Rolls or cork panels are a modern alternative to traditional wall coverings.

Cork is offered in various styles, designs, and colors and will be a fantastic addition to the interior design. Cork is a material with a beautiful modulation and with many exceptional features in design and decoration. The cork walls are an interesting option in the decoration of all the rooms, lobbies and especially in the decoration of children’s rooms.

This material has great insulating properties, absorbs sound and can be recycled. And in addition, they are creating cork furniture with a great design.

6.     3D Wall Coverings

3D Wall Coverings3D walls are a new dimension in decoration for the modern home. They give a unique, personal and individualistic look to the interior design.

The 3D panels for walls can be made of various materials: wood ecological fabulous designs with great aesthetic appeal, panels of glass 3D are spectacular for bathrooms or areas where we want to expand the natural light option. Although they have a high price and reach great weight so they are usually replaced with 3D PVC coatings.

These PVC panels are very suitable for coating walls with high humidity, as they are water resistant, easy to clean and very durable.

7.     Leather wall covering

Leather wall coveringThe leather is a material associated with elegance and high standing. The installation of leather coverings on walls creates a sense of exclusivity, an interior high – end and blends perfectly with the natural wood, animal skin and elements of bronze and copper.

The leather is soft and environmentally friendly and durable. It is a breathable material, very warm and does not absorb odors. It is excellent for combating noise and has insulating properties. It is widely used in luxurious-looking decorations style.

8.     Plaster wall coverings

Plaster wall coveringsPlaster and plaster are the most used and known materials in construction and decoration since ancient times. The modern decorative plaster has a distinguished look while providing simplicity, efficiency, and originality.

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Gypsum can be used as a final finish on walls or as an intermediary of other materials prior to application. These materials offer unlimited decorative solutions and creative wall decor ideas.

This wall covering, once applied, can be painted with satin finish or any other finish to suit the interior design of our home.

9.     Brick wall coverings

Brick wall coveringsThe face brick has gone from being a unique installation in exterior wall coverings to creating wall tiles of imitation brick walls of all models to decorate walls of all styles of decoration and all rooms.

This brick lining is much sought after by young people to apply in industrial designs, modern interior decoration giving a fascinating touch to any place. They are perfect for the decoration of lofts to mark the different areas.

10. Ceramic Wall Coverings

Ceramic Wall CoveringsMosaics, tiles, and ceramics are usually applied in decorating kitchens, cladding bathroom walls, terraces or patios only. Ceramic covered walls may sound like an unusual solution for many people, especially if we are talking about decorating ideas for bedroom walls or living rooms.

However, once we get out of the stereotype, we will discover striking ideas and decorative wall designs that are a true wonder. Ceramic tiles and tiles will last a lifetime and will require the least maintenance, simply a damp cloth. Enjoying stays with tiled walls is fantastic.

Decorative panels for all styles

These wall coverings are simple to buy and install. Many original models are offered in decorative panels, different prices depending on the materials and also we can find decorative panels cheap that we can choose according to our desires. Here are some examples:

Minimalist style wall coveringMinimalist style wall covering

Nordic style wall coveringNordic style wall covering

Rustic style wall coveringRustic style wall covering

Contemporary style wall coveringContemporary style wall covering

Mediterranean style wall coveringMediterranean style wall covering

Modern style wall coveringModern style wall covering

Loft style wall coveringLoft style wall covering

Low-cost style wall coveringLow-cost style wall covering

Industrial Style wall coveringIndustrial Style wall covering

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