Decorative Retro Kitchen – 20 Ideas Of Countryside Chic, Industrial And Modern

Decorative Retro KitchenThe kitchen is the room where we prepare and sometimes consume our food, but it is not that. It is not by chance that it is called the heart of the house because it gives it a personality, of the soul. Therefore, its functional and aesthetic design is just as important as that of the living room, the dining area and so on. On the other hand, in the world of fashion and interior decoration, there is an enthusiasm for everything that originated in the first half of the previous century, in other words, everything vintage. The retro kitchen decoration is therefore of first order and deserves to be examined under the magnifying glass.Decorative Retro Kitchen

The first thing to know when talking about retro kitchen decoration is that it does not design a unique style. In fact, this expression covers several types of aesthetic decorations that differ greatly from one another. Chic, industrial, American or modern campaigns, what they have in common is the allusion that they make to a past era. Let’s face it, the “retro modern” variant seems to be an oxymoron, but it also exists and has some good surprises to offer us.

The chic retro kitchen decoration of country spirit

Decorative Retro KitchenLet’s start with a style of decoration whose essence blends perfectly with the concept of retro kitchen decoration. It is indeed the country spirit, also known as rustic, which intoxicates the viewer of its authentic charm of yesteryear. Its main purpose is to transport it in time by placing it inside the house of its ancestors. In short, it is the kitchen of Granny, in the best sense of the possible term, that we aim to accomplish by decorating.Decorative Retro Kitchen

Almost useless to mention that solid wood furniture, antiques and craft items are highly honored. These are indeed the fundamental pillars indispensable for the decoration retro kitchen, immersed in the country atmosphere. All these “rules” and generalizations are manifested in a very specific way in the spaces that will be examined and can in turn adopt a rustic, Provencal or chic look according to the materials and colors that dominate them.

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Ideas on retro decoration dominated by rustic chicDecorative Retro Kitchen

The term “rustic chic” reflects exactly what the two words imply – a marriage of elegance and country ruggedness. The best way to achieve a similar retro kitchen decoration is through the proper colors and textures. And what is the most sophisticated color and the rural material par excellence? Naturally, who is interested in interior decoration already knows that it is the association of pristine white and raw wood.Decorative Retro Kitchen

Then, this chic rustic backdrop can be perfected by many accessories that will give it a specific look. For example, taps with brass, bronze or other patinated metal look super pastoral that corresponds excelsely to the decoration retro kitchen decided in the country. The antique objects and the copper cookware are the other magnificent complements not to be underestimated.Decorative Retro Kitchen

Some interior designers exaggerate the use of solid wood in furnishing and decorating the kitchen in the old fashion. We get a super cozy space that nevertheless gets a little away from the retro kitchen decoration properly so called. The final result is visually closer to the interiors of luxurious mountain chalets which is, by the way, an ornamental strategy also well appreciated lately.

The retro chic kitchen decoration soaked in pure white

Decorative Retro KitchenOwners and decorators who find that the rustic cabin spirit is not exactly their kind can go in the other direction. Leaving the wood in the background and privileging the white is the perfect maneuver to accomplish a retro chic kitchen decoration. From mural painting, through tiling, to furniture, this immaculate non-color gives the viewer the feeling of more space while emitting his unparalleled sophisticated charm.Decorative Retro Kitchen

For example, the addition of high white cabinets with glass doors is a solution of genius in decorative kitchen retro chic. Thus, we keep the air atmosphere and do not risk to choke the room using full facades in intense colors. The white metro tiles with slightly bevelled edges is another very good idea as well as the SMEG refrigerator which is the most emblematic representative of vintage appliances.Decorative Retro Kitchen

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Naturally, Snow White is not the only refined option in the context of the retro chic kitchen decoration. The water-green, the pastel turquoise and all the pale green blues are wonderfully adapted especially if you have a dreamy character or you are passionate for the interiors of yesteryear with romantic touches. Our personal favorites to share are natural shades such as verdigris, sage and celadon color.

Decorative inspired retro kitchen of the 50’s in America

Decorative Retro KitchenIn fact, the color palette used plays a role of paramount importance for the stylistic impact of the kitchen. For example, the retro kitchen decoration of the 50’s, and especially that of the American-style bistro-style cuisine, focuses on the turquoise and carmine red chord. If this idea tempts you, do not hesitate to borrow some decorative ideas by the frankly magic space illustrated above.Decorative Retro Kitchen

To highlight the beauty of these intense colors they are specially combined with the black and white duo. As a result, checkered tiles are often the unmistakable star of American style retro-inspired cooking. The Tolix high metal stools also work beautifully, although they are supposed to be reserved for the interior of industrial lofts.Decorative Retro Kitchen

Table services, accessories, utensils and other small objects should not be underestimated either. Richly decorated antique plates, porcelain teapots and enamelled pots are just a few of the good options. Opt for open storage, wall shelves and dressers that will allow you to proudly display your favorite pieces.Decorative Retro Kitchen

Then, do not worry if your furniture and decorative objects do not correspond from a stylistic point of view. The absolute truth is that the furnishings in the homes of our grandmothers were not impeccably matched and logically, our retro kitchen decoration adapted to the spirit of the time does not necessarily have to be either. On the contrary, some of the prettiest vintage kitchens are especially those with refurbished furniture that look totally jumbled.

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The retro kitchen decoration through the prism of the industrial style

We continue with some inspiring ideas on retro kitchen decoration seen through the prism of industrial style. The design and interior decoration of these spaces are inspired by the real American warehouses built in houses during the 70s and for this reason they are part of our current list. One immediately realizes that the keyword here will be the well thought-out choice of materials and textures.

Unlike rustic pieces, strongly dominated by wood, the “must” industrial material is apparently metal. Riveted stainless steel and brushed aluminum come used for almost any conceivable element in retro kitchen loft design. The work tops and metal sinks are common enough to give industrial kitchens an unmatched professional look.

The infallible complementary materials that come to their rescue are brick, wood, stone and especially concrete. The latter is mainly used as base or floor and wall coverings, but also in the design of ceilings and worktops. If you find the idea of a waxed concrete countertop interesting, you can also consult our article specially on this subject by following the link.

Finally, we arrive at the decoration retro kitchen the most “improbable” – that of modern spirit. One can quietly say that it embraces in itself several styles otherwise incompatible, but the final result turns out super aesthetic. It is the only place that can put together an industrial ceiling, vintage cabinets, exotic tiled floors and modern design fixtures and always preserve its exclusive air!

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