Designer Kitchens Ideas for Kitchen Peninsula Distributions

Designer Kitchens IdeasAs you will have noticed in our first image today we will be talking about designer kitchens, ideas and variants with peninsula. A peninsula of general shape can be said to be an island connected to one of the walls of the kitchen.

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Designer kitchens ideas for rustic settingsDesigner Kitchens Ideas

They bring great benefits in terms of spaces as we will see. If you have an L-shaped kitchen then a peninsula would change its design to a U-layout kitchen. As we can see in many pictures, designer kitchens, ideas and peninsula models serve to separate many environments. In general, a peninsula is one of the great additions for any kitchen.

Designer kitchens ideas combining white and black with peninsulaDesigner Kitchens Ideas

Its use is highly recommended when it comes to small kitchens as an island variant. In a small kitchen if an independent island is located in the center, movement and space in general would be limited. With the kitchens of design ideas and the peninsula variants a fluid communication between the spaces is maintained.

Elegant contemporary open plan kitchen and a long peninsula for bar or mealsDesigner Kitchens Ideas

Perhaps the main benefit of these kitchens is their usefulness. As with the islands, there is a wide range of potential uses. Depending on the configuration, they can be used as an extra storage area. There are several systems of drawers or cabinets that can be located on the peninsulas. They are perfect to keep the different utensils organized.

Beautiful traditional space with wooden floors and another idea of bar with wooden stoolsDesigner Kitchens Ideas

The designer kitchens ideas and peninsulas that are added become an extra worktop. Our kitchen gains in surface what directly increases its possibilities. This extra countertop is ideal for food preparation. Otherwise just for light meals or breakfast. This storage function is an opportunity to highlight any accessory in the kitchen.

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Functional design that has several drawers and steel finishes for the design of the peninsulaDesigner Kitchens Ideas

The location of the peninsula is always protagónica and this we can exploit it to highlight any decorative detail. These designer kitchens ideas and the peninsulas themselves have a highly functional potential. Beyond storage spaces or use of countertops or bar can be used otherwise. As we see in many of the photos are precisely the peninsulas where sinks have been placed or the own burners.

Another peninsula case for an open plan home with great natural lightingDesigner Kitchens Ideas

This improves the so-called working triangle that increases the functionality of our kitchen. The effect of this distribution is summarized in a more effective cleaning and comfort at the time of cooking. For designer kitchens ideas and the image of the peninsulas there are endless finishes. The limit is really our imagination and the budget is clear. If you prefer a harmonious site, the peninsula can follow the general design line of the entire kitchen.

The combination of white and gray looks perfect in this small functional kitchen spaceDesigner Kitchens Ideas

It is a comprehensible solution since the peninsula is a connection that follows the line of the countertop or a wall. So you can create a uniform countertop with a similar design. All the options in the kitchens of design ideas and the peninsulas have finishes that can act as an interesting visual point. Be it by the contrast of the peninsula’s own material or by adding other extra elements to the decoration.

Traditional ambience and design with beautiful marble countertops and outstanding luminairesDesigner Kitchens Ideas

Vases, vases or traditional bowls with fruit will fill your kitchen with color. However it is in your option to provide an extra work surface where the peninsulas stand out. So its decoration should include those details that likewise have a practical function. For the usual cases of lack of space can be the perfect substitute for a table.

Another contemporary space with an open plan and a peninsula extended from a wallDesigner Kitchens Ideas

Thanks to the stools then all comfort will be completed. From the point of view of the distribution, greater proximity can be achieved if there are several areas near the kitchen. Especially when it comes to living rooms or dining rooms in an open housing plan. If you visually appreciate as distant a kitchen design with peninsula can help create a greater balance.

Beautiful fresh kitchen with interesting color accents and bar integrated into the peninsulaDesigner Kitchens Ideas

However in the designer kitchens ideas to include this extension should start from an important point. It is about the very dimensions that it must have. As in the case of islands, a peninsula should favor a comfortable transit through the kitchen. You have to follow a uniform balance with all the space that surrounds it. If this point is not respected, the peninsula can simply become an obstacle.

A warm lighting pattern completes very well the style of this beautiful traditional kitchenDesigner Kitchens Ideas

Especially affecting an adequate movement from one area to another. One of the best ways to be interesting and practical at the same time is thanks to the combination of materials. In many of the proposals we show, the use of marble or granite combined with wood is evident. As well as the quartz in many of the countertops. This is what creates unique effects.

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The peninsula can function as another area for the preparation of meals or breakfastDesigner Kitchens Ideas

It will be precisely these attractive finishes that will help turn the peninsula into that focal point that we mentioned. To complete this modern or traditional image the effect of lighting is basic. Kitchens design ideas and the style of the lamps always counts. It is necessary to create lighting that helps us highlight certain points of our kitchen.

The pendant lights oriented on the peninsula are always a good decorative optionDesigner Kitchens Ideas

Over the peninsula it will always be necessary to have several accents of light. If it is used as an extra zone for the preparation of much more food. This is a factor that they share with the islands and it is something that relates them. Having the advantage that there is a better use of space. By attaching one of the sides to a piece of furniture or wall, storage is maximized.

Idea for a design and functional and very modern distribution with LED spotlights on the wallsDesigner Kitchens Ideas

What makes them more suitable for small kitchens. Designer kitchens ideas and variants from furniture can form U distributions. For inline kitchens the peninsulas can be the solution to a bar. A moment ago we mentioned the possibility of connecting spaces and at the same time acting as a separation. When it comes to kitchens near the living room, a very effective visual relationship is achieved.

Interesting combination of wooden elements in a small white kitchenDesigner Kitchens Ideas

With sufficient space the peninsula can be extended to create a dining room. Otherwise a different function according to our needs. This is an important detail that places them on the islands since it does not occupy the central space. While they maintain other of the functionalities that we highlight. As a general rule, designer kitchens ideas and details of spaces are valid for large kitchens.

Modern kitchen peninsula with storage space and lacquered surfaces throughout the designDesigner Kitchens Ideas

A peninsula is equally useful in a large kitchen. In effect they are a way to visually free these areas and recharge them less. Whether in a large kitchen or a small one, its functionality is absolute. Whenever you want to save space they are the right decision. Even more in a kitchen design that lacks practical countertops.

Combination of neutral tones with curved design at one end near the wallDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

In summary, we must then make clear some ideas related to kitchens with a peninsula. The first point is that they are perhaps the best solution for open spaces. As an example, let’s take an open kitchen towards the living room where the peninsula will be the separator of the two zones. In the same way they increase the useful surface destined to work. Achieving a greater sense of space by having the sides free.

Traditional kitchen with small two-level peninsula perfect for bar or light mealsDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

This makes it easier to place a piece of furniture for storage and the opposite side to be used for stools for a multifunctional bar. If it is a U-shaped kitchen, the peninsulas will allow greater functionality. The corners are best used integrating them with the furniture. As is logical in the same way we must mention some points that may be negative in the case of kitchens with peninsula.

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Another interesting fresh concept mixing white and gray in different detailsDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

If you compare the use of the upper space is usually lower. Unlike a kitchen with a distribution in L. To show a greater balance and harmonize this detail lamps are the best proposal. The outstanding models will never disappoint us. This point we mentioned earlier and have more importance when used to eat.

In this case the burners have been incorporated into the small peninsula with marble finishDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

If you use this superior space with storage options it can be a bit visually heavy. They should be placed in kitchens that allow to surround them on all three sides. So in cases of small kitchens are applicable if they open to another space such as the living room or dining room. Under other conditions peninsulas are not advisable. In general, these design ideas kitchens and the peninsulas are a practical option.

Idea conforming a finish in ele to make the kitchen more practical and multifunctionalDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

A great idea if we want to combine the aesthetic factor and the practical one. We hope that the proposals of the images are of interest and serve as a guide for a possible reform of your kitchen. Follow the pictures to the end of sure you will find a design that fits your style and personal taste.

Modern design that focuses on wood and exposed brickwork on wallsDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

Traditional style of cuisine and peninsula with a fresh and practical connection to the dining roomDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

White and black is another winning combination for modern kitchensDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

Bar with a built-in shelf for glasses and glasses on the peninsula of great elegance and styleDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

In this variant an island is kept in the center of the kitchen as an extra spaceDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

Modern peninsula variant with a different finish that adds texture to the entire designDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

A relaxing kitchen space that mixes white and gray in the design of the styleDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

Península variant for small kitchen made of marble to delimit the spaceDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

Staggered peninsula with wooden bar countertops or prepare light mealsDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

Minimalist design with a modern look and clean lines with a certain sculptural effectDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

A wooden peninsula in tune with various details of this natural-looking designDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

Another classic example of application of wood in darker shades for furnitureDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

The peninsula is a perfect idea in case of separating some areas of the house and the kitchenDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

Variant with a contemporary sample of countertops and several glossy surfacesDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

Modern model that ends in a functional and very practical dining tableDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

Wide design of pendant and recessed lights just above the area of the peninsulaDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

Venetian gilt granite on the countertop with a curved design at one end of the kitchenDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

Plants can be the best way to add a green accent in white kitchensDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

Contemporary design variant designed for a bar area with metal stoolDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

A nice wooden design for a modern kitchen and open design by ScavoliniDesigner Kitchens Peninsula Ideas

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