Discover With Us the New Wallpaper Trends 2019

At this year’s trade fairs, the new Wallpaper Trends 2019 are presented again. We have looked closely for you and tell you in advance, which wallpaper Trends 2019 you will not pass.

And these are the new wallpapers Trends 2019

Wallpaper Trends 2019 – RomanceNew Wallpaper Trends 2019

Delicate pastel colors, faded designs and filigree elements – the Romance Wallpaper Trend 2019 transforms your home into a place of peace and security. Because the romantic wallpaper will fill your home with an unprecedented lightness and freshness. At the same time, the Romance wallpapers are versatile: in addition to the bedroom, the feather-light wallpapers are just as suitable for your living room, dining room and even the kitchen. For this beautiful wallpaper trend, large-scale flowers and the smallest flowers are just as characteristic as leaves and branches, delicate lines and suggested structures. The color palette of the Romance Tapestry Trend 2019 ranges from soft beige and cream tones to delicate colors such as light blue, light green or rose.

Wallpaper Trends 2019 – Urban CultureNew Wallpaper Trends 2019

Simplistic and reliable – the Urban Culture Wallpaper Trends 2019 is characterized by its purist character. The fast pace of our society today arouses the call for adaptability and at the same time creates the desire for a relaxing retreat. The wallpaper trend Urban Culture takes on this seemingly hard contrast at first sight. Their unobtrusive and at the same time diverse design unites all urban culture wallpapers. The focus here is on the versatility of these wallpapers. Neutral colors and a clear design form the keywords here.

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Often, beautiful wallpaper designs are kept geometric and linear. A re-working of the premises without annoying change of wallpaper is no longer a problem with the Urban Culture wallpapers. From the living room to the bedroom or back. With the Urban Culture wallpapers you stay flexible and are up to any change. Consistent wood decors and botanical motifs create a place of rest and relaxation. The simple elegance of the Urban Wallpaper writes nothing to you, but allows you almost everything!

Wallpaper Trends 2019 – LuxuryNew Wallpaper Trends 2019

The Luxury Wallpaper Trend 2019 is aimed at all who love the special! High-quality materials, extraordinary combinations and innovative designs make every Luxury wallpaper a real work of art. In particular, textile wallpapers, whose appearance is truly unrivaled, are worth mentioning. Although the modern tapestry print 2019 has reached a very high level, you will not only see, but also feel the difference to a textile wallpaper. But also individually decorated with LEDs or pearl wallpaper will amaze you. The stunning LED wallpaper brings walls and ceilings to shine. All you have to do is connect the cable that protrudes sideways between the wallpaper carrier and the wallpaper surface to a socket.

Not only in the upper class, even in the middle price segment will find all those who like it gorgeous and elegant. Particularly high class in 2019 are mostly uni wallpapers with the extraordinary structures. The structures of the noble uni wallpapers are diverse and anything but boring. Often, these timeless beautiful unis are additionally decorated with glitter particles or metallic effects and thus appear even more luxurious. This makes even plain tone-on-tone wallpaper a real highlight.

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Wallpaper Trends 2019 – Modern ArtNew Wallpaper Trends 2019

Modern Art wallpapers are bold and confident. The fancy designs of this wallpaper trend bring color a good deal of color into your home. From funky to slightly retro – the fun-loving wallpapers radiate a cheerful charisma and leave no room for murky thoughts. Cheeky, young and unconventional – this wallpaper trend makes your life more colorful!

Wallpaper Trends 2019: Digital printing photo wallpaperNew Wallpaper Trends 2019

Photo wallpapers are experiencing an absolute comeback this year. One of the main reasons is the technical progress in digital printing. Today’s photo wallpapers inspire with an unprecedented color brilliance and incredible plasticity. Another argument is provided by the artful motifs of the digital print photo wallpaper. Combining these two motifs creates murals in an impressive variety of colors and shapes, expressive wall designs and an incomparable spatial atmosphere. Whether modern or classic, dreamy or abstract, the exciting motif selection of the digital print photo wallpaper 2019 will inspire you and let see the photo wallpaper with new eyes!

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