Easy Tips to Cut Back a Weeping China Doll Tree Rose

When “Weeping China Doll” tree rose (Rosa “Weeping China Doll”) blooms, the fountain of spicy blossoms stops passers-by of their tracks. Vigorous, bloom-laden canes cascade 4 to 6 ft. Pruning “Weeping China Doll” could seem daunting, however it’s easier than many suppose — particularly because the rose is at eye stage. Grafted atop a rose normal that varieties its roots and trunk, “Weeping China Doll” thrives in U.S. Division of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9b by way of 10. Annual pruning includes cleansing up the rootstock and prepping “Weeping China Doll” for the upcoming 12 months.

weeping china doll tree rose

  1. Time your pruning for late winter, when “Weeping China Doll” continues to be dormant. In Mediterranean climates, the start of the brand new 12 months alerts rose pruning time. This lets you clearly see all of the canes on the graft the place “Weeping China Doll” grows from the usual’s prime.
  2. Sterilize sharp, bypass pruner blades with family disinfectant earlier than and after you prune. This protects “Weeping China Doll” from any ailments lingering in your blades, and retains your pruning cuts clear. Sharp bypass pruners make crisp, clear, quick-healing cuts without crushing rose stems as some pruners do.
  3. Placed on lengthy garden gloves and security eyewear to guard your fingers, arms and eyes. “Weeping China Doll” canes have only a few thorns, however they do have some. Items of thorns or canes can generally fly up inadvertently while you prune this eye-level rose.
  4. Take away all useless, broken or diseased canes first. Prune all of them the best way again to the place they hook up with a wholesome department or to the highest graft itself. Prune out any crossing or rubbing branches, and skinny out weak canes in order that sturdy, wholesome canes are left.
  5. Step again to look at the symmetry of the remaining canes earlier than you prune additional. Work towards a full, well-balanced dome form on the head of the plant that can fill in shortly in spring. Prune totally, however not as severely as you would possibly prune a garden rose.
  6. Reduce the remaining canes again by one-half to two-thirds, leaving no less than 12 inches of wholesome cane intact. Make cuts at 45-degree angles, about 1/4 inch above wholesome buds. Work your means across the head, maintaining stability as you’re employed. Depart some canes longer when you want; simply retain symmetry.
  7. End the job by eradicating sprouts or suckers alongside the rose’s trunk and at its base. Reduce these again to the trunk or so far as doable within the soil. These aren’t “Weeping China Doll” canes; they belong to the rootstock rose. Pruning energizes “Weeping China Doll” for a vigorous comeback in spring.


  • At all times hold “Weeping China Doll” staked for help. It grows top-heavy with profuse sprays of pink blossoms. Wind and weight can harm a tree rose with out help.


  • By no means reduce into the union the place your tree rose has been grafted on the prime of the usual. Aside from the cleanup of sprouts and suckers, confine your pruning to “Weeping China Doll” canes.

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