Some Easy Tips on How to Hang Plant Pots Inside

Create a splash of coloration on a clean wall with flowering houseplants.hanging plant pots

A dangling basket can gown up the nook or a room or add coloration and greenery close to a window. Hanging the pot appropriately ensures the crops obtain what they want and you do not injury your partitions, flooring or ceilings. Hang baskets close to eye degree so you may benefit from the flowers and entry them for care and upkeep.

Select a Spot

Choose a spot in your crops that meets their wants. Most flowering crops require all-day daylight when grown indoors, though some could tolerate oblique or part-day solar. Close to a south-facing window typically supplies finest gentle depth indoors. Temperature can also be a priority. Keep away from hanging baskets close to drafty home windows in winter, or air conditioner or heater vents. The temperature fluctuations can injury the crops and drying air can depart them dry and brown.

Potting Wants

A light-weight soilless potting combine works finest. These mixes usually include peat, perlite, vermiculite and different light-weight, well-draining supplies. The pot should include backside drainage holes. Select baskets for indoor use with connected backside drip trays so water does not drip onto your flooring.

Care Suggestions

Crops in hanging baskets or connected to the wall require the identical care as any indoor potted flower. Water the basket when the highest 1 inch of soil feels dry. When watering, take the basket down and set it within the sink. Let it drain for 30 minutes, then empty the drip tray earlier than rehanging to attenuate drips. If the crops within the basket start stretching towards the window and looking out leggy, rotate the basket every time you water it so a special aspect faces the window.

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