Easy Tips for Window Decorating in 2017

The window decoration, we can say without fear to make a mistake, is the excellence in the interior decoration of any room. The window decoration offers us countless alternatives with different models and types of curtains.Beautiful curtains patterns purple themed living room decor

The alternative by which we decide: type and design of curtains, blinds, panels, blinds, etc., has the power to totally change the harmony of the environment and the visual effect of the whole.

Here is an unusual but true example: a room with large windows, equipped with cheap furniture, may seem sophisticated and elegant if we choose a sumptuous upholstery or fabric to make elaborate curtains. And the opposite case, we can invest a lot of money in furniture and accessories but, as the decoration of windows is not successful, the final result will be bad. It is preferable to design a window decoration without curtains that neglects this aspect.

That is why we have to give the importance it deserves to the decoration of windows and value many different aspects before deciding on the innumerable possibilities. It is not the same to speak of the windows of kitchens than of any other zone.

How to decide the perfect window decoration

Dining room window decoration ideasIn the decoration of interior windows to be sure that the result is what we expect and do not have unpleasant surprises, we must analyze each window and not rush. The factors that we shuffle to hit with the decoration of windows with curtains are:

  • Analyze the decor, style and type of room: curtains lounges, bedroom curtains, kitchen curtains, children curtains, bathroom curtains or others.
  • See room characteristics: the total width of the room, the luminosity, the obstacles (blinds, beams, radiators)
  • Check the size, position of the windows, their shape and type (doors, sliding leaves, wings…)
  • Discard the different options that, for one reason or another, are not feasible (do not want to make a decoration of small windows of 1 meter wide by placing a Japanese panel because we know beforehand that it will be a failure)
  • If we still do not have it clear, we compare the two or three possibilities (no more) between which we doubt and see the pros and cons of each one of them. We can consult a window decoration specialist.
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Essential kids curtains in decoration

Animal themed kids room curtains window decorAs always we defend, to create a comfortable atmosphere, the icing on the cake is the decoration of the windows. And in children’s rooms the choice of children’s curtains is fundamental.

Besides the aesthetics, the functionality is very important. Children’s curtains are elements that can give us much play when it comes to making changes and remodeling in the decoration.

Types of window decoration

The fashion trends in curtain design are constantly changing, the great interior designers present us with different collections every season. But, above all, diversity is found in the range of possible options and combinations:


Living room curtains window decor ideasFabric designs with fabrics of different textures, colors, prints. Curtains combined with blinds, blinds, curtains or soles. Double curtains, simple, long or short. Accessories for curtains: tie-rods, clamps, sides, galleries…


In addition to the different fabrics, smooth, prints and colors, we can opt for roller shutters, paquetto, folding blinds, for loft windows. And even motorized blinds.

Japanese Panels

Japanese window panels decorating ideasThey are a very strong bet to dress the big windows. The Japanese panel also offers infinite possibilities in their designs; they are elegant, functional and practical.


red living room window blindThey offer a great diversity of types: Venetian blinds, wooden blinds, vertical blinds, pleated blinds… And each type has a great catalog available.

All these alternatives can be valid to strengthen the interior decoration of the different rooms of our house. Some alternatives are ideal combined and surely you find a perfect choice for window decoration with our own style and taste. The 2016 trends allow us to commission a custom window decoration with our own photos or motifs. Also very successful for the decoration of exterior windows.

Window decoration, essential and protagonist

Dressing the windows appropriately can be so definitive that they become the real protagonists. Even getting to decorate windows for parties: windows for Christmas, decoration windows for Halloween, identify the room for the decoration of children’s windows ; Age, sex. And of course, styles and personality in the decoration of environments.Window decoration home interior design

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We can not forget that these options are great for dressing windows and doors but they are also the answer to separate the different environments in the decoration of the loft, in the kitchens with island or integrated and as a substitute of the doors of passage or cabinets.

In some cases, it is correct to contemplate a window decoration without curtains and can be as successful as the most. The window decals can be complementary or substitute. We’ll see.

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