Exclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

Exclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019The ridge, or balcony or terrace, is empty and waiting for the spring cleaning, which incidentally should have happened long ago, since the beautiful weather is a fact. If you do not plan to escape soon after a faraway vacation, then treat yourself at least the same mood and redesign the private outdoor area. Spring is the season for new trends and exclusive garden furniture. Take a look at our product selection according to the latest trends in 2018.

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Exclusive garden furniture by Trends 2018 – multifunctional furniture for inside and outsideExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

The interior is enhanced by exclusive garden furniture to the outside and garden, terrace or balcony become a living room in summer or occasionally in fine weather. As a trend in modern architecture, the open space planning with loft character prevails. Since you can use multifunctional mostly very voluminous furniture that can be used equally well inside and outside.

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Exclusive garden furniture according to Trends 2018 – comfortable seating for the lounge areaExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

Lou Setting by the German furniture manufacturer Dedon is a modular furniture set offering maximum comfort in the lounge area. The variety of modules can be put together arbitrarily and the arcuate elements can be placed varied at the corner or in serpentine line. All parts stand on hidden feet, which give the overall design extra lightness. The Lou collection is available in three gray shades with a semi-transparent mesh structure, optionally with teak armrest and backrest.

Pure pleasure under reasonable shading – Parasol PlantationExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

The parasol Plantation May Manta by Tuuci, Netherlands is especially designed for open spaces that invite to relaxation and relaxation. It is made of durable aluminum and powder-coated in a natural teak look. The sail of the umbrella resembles bird wings, conveys lightness through its design language and white color.

Exclusive garden furniture – more than just a wooden pergola – Equinox by TuuciExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

The Equinox outdoor seating island by Tucci, Netherlands, transforms the outdoor area into a modern lounge landscape and sets a new concept for the traditional wooden pergola.

Exclusive garden furniture by Trends 2018 – wooden pergola with functional designExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

Equinox is actually a corner wooden bench with a canopy. Soft, weather-resistant cushions ensure full comfort when sitting or lying down, while the lamellar structure of the roof and back wall provide airy shade. Opaque, bright roller blinds can be mounted and afford full privacy.

Exclusive garden furniture – modern seating with shadingExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

The inconspicuous wooden construction with simple design has even more features to offer. Lighting, power outlet and speakers are integrated in the garden island to provide the perfect holiday atmosphere.

Exclusive garden furniture by Trends 2018 – Outdoor sofa with cushions TigmiExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

Tigmi by Dedon, Germany is a deep sofa with a distinctive structure of the frame. It is also wonderful as a day bed because of the many, soft cushions.

Exclusive garden furniture – outdoor seating with shadingExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

The sofa has a removable braided roof with openings that allow the fresh breeze. The outdoor daybed blends well with other world-class products from Dedon’s diverse range, giving new emotions to exotic living spaces outside.

Exclusive garden furniture with functional design – degradable shading and removable cushionsExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

Outdoor Sofa Tigmi by Dedon – metal frame, removable cushions and braid shadingExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

Exclusive garden furniture with attractive modern design – Collection Gravity by Roberti RattanExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

Collection Gravity by Roberti Rattan, Italy brings a fresh touch in the traditional garden furniture design with playful design and clear concept – casual well-being. Spacious lounge chairs with cushions loosen up the ambience in the garden, and not just on.

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Exclusive garden furniture – hanging chair with independent frameExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

Rocking chairs and hanging chairs are definitely in fashion according to Trends 2018 and are referred to as a “middle-thing” between accessory and piece of furniture. They make the outdoor area seem more comfortable, are quite comfortable, but not necessarily practical. Designers focused on oval, organic shapes, resembling some egg shape and weave, but reinterpreted.

Hanging chair Gravity can also be mounted on the ceilingExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

Braid in the traditional version is not approved, but redesigned – but already. Refined and much more stable version of the hammock is the hanging chair, which can be hung alone or in a tree in the shade. Gravity collection carries the playful nature of the hippie-time furniture, but very reduced and kept simple. It consists of lounge seating and side table in powder-coated metal frame in light earth tones.

Exclusive garden furniture, which also fits very well in the interiorExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

Portofino moves the line of thought towards playful outdoor furniture. It is a real garden swing made of hand-woven cotton rope and stable, ultra light aluminum construction, which ensures the durability of the hanging basket. The use of exclusively natural materials allows indoor use, where the swing is sure to be the right highlight for small and large.

Exclusive garden furniture with a playful character – garden swing PortofinoExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

Exclusive garden furniture by Trends 2018 – combination of traditional materialsExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

Mbrace is a real lounge chair for the garden from the last collection exclusive garden furniture by Dedon. It convinces with its extraordinary design, modern and traditional in a multifunctional piece of furniture. The seat shell of modern mesh and frame made of high-quality teak wood is available in versions with four feet and as a rocking chair.

Armchair Mbrace by Dedon made of wood and mesh for indoor and outdoor useExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

A common design element in the pieces of furniture from the collection is the extraordinary weave of fibers in contrasting colors, which is available in three variants: Spice, Pepper and Atlantic. Combined with the soft cushion for every taste available you will certainly feel “hugged”.

Exclusive wooden garden furniture – Armchair New EnglandExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

New England carries the traditional design of its ancestor – the Andirondack chair designed by Thomas Lee in 1903. As a re-edition, it perfectly complies with the design language of the American design classic, but made of modern processed wood and with functional cushions that contribute to complete comfort when sitting or relaxing.

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Exclusive garden furniture, which ensures privacy in the outdoor areaExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

Anyone who is allowed to share a garden share is faced with the problem of missing privacy and the small distance from the neighborhood. Existing partitions made of structural glass or wood are usually not sufficient enough to offer comfort. IG Cube seems to be a good way to control this situation creatively and to derive even more positive benefits from it.

Outdoor partition, screen and storage space – IG CubeExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

IG Cube by RF Architekten looks like a dividing wall that separates the private garden area or the terrace and at the same time tidies up garden accessories and utensils. On the roof of the plant can grow plants and thus look forward to an even lush greenery.

Functional, exclusive garden furniture with a modern designExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

IG Cube offers a great variety of designs to visually adapt to the house facade.

Exclusive garden furniture made of sustainable materials for outdoor use – Kitchen Island 5 ModulesExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

The kitchen island “5 Modules” from Röshults, Sweden, as the name probably assumes, consists of 5 modules which can be inserted in one whole and allow a user-friendly usage. The base, as well as the work surface and the sink are made entirely of stainless steel and provide an appealing overall picture with a minimalist character.

Outdoor kitchen island made of stainless steel – exclusive Design and robust materialsExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

Exclusive garden furniture in modern style – concrete kitchen unitExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

Concrete by dade design AG, Switzerland, is a full-fledged kitchen unit that can offer all the functions of an average kitchen and can be used in the outdoor area without any problems. Sink, refrigerator, stove top and storage space are available as a complete package in 2 square meters.

Outdoor concrete kitchen island with wooden fronts – The ConcreteExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

The functional small outdoor kitchen is made of concrete and wood and looks really distinctive. For the love of detail and of course with regard to great garden parties, she is equipped with adjustable grill. Extendable module expands the working surface with 2/3 while providing storage space for kitchen utensils.

Integrated functional solutions and appliances in an outdoor kitchenetteExclusive Garden Furniture Trends 2018 / 2019

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