Functional Bathroom In Modern Style

Functional Bathroom In Modern StyleThe bathroom is a private and most vulnerable space. Here, family members can recharge themselves with energy before the start of the work day, or indulge in relaxation, relieve the stress and fatigue accumulated during the day. Therefore, an atmosphere of comfort, harmony and coziness should reign in a room intended for hygiene procedures. When creating the interior of their country house or city apartment, contemporaries try to follow fashion trends. The indisputable advantage of modern style is that it not only gives the opportunity to breathe new life into the design of the space, but also offers functional solutions. Unlike the catwalk, interior fashion is not characterized by such rapid transience and changeability. But in 2022 new trends were born.

Features Of Modern Style

The 20th century brought with it numerous contradictions, acute social conflicts, and at the same time gave hope to humanity. As a result of an active search for new ways of development, significant changes have taken place in all areas, including ideology, culture, and art. Progressive-minded artists have renounced the old canons. New directions were created instead. Thus, the modern style was originally built on principles that contradict the classics. The interiors, designed in a classical style, presuppose a clear stylistic expressiveness, strict composition and subject content. In contrast, modern trends in interior design give the utmost comfort, versatile solutions that adapt to the needs of people. At the same time, bold ideas are only welcome. There are no clearly regulated rules.

  • thoughtful layout, assuming the presence of functional zones, a sufficient amount of free space, an abundance of light;
  • maximum convenience and practicality. Each item is designed to bring comfort to everyday life, while it is part of a single, holistic concept;
  • the absence of a large amount of decor, small parts and accessories that load and burden the space. Decorative elements should be discreet. They can be embodied in smooth lines, clean shapes, various textures.
  • taboo on any restrictions in the choice of materials. So, artificial materials look harmonious and appropriate in modern interiors. The trend of recent years has become a return to nature, so professional designers often use objects and accessories made of natural wood, stone, or textures that imitate them in their decoration.

A bathroom is a room that is great for a visual demonstration of the limitless possibilities of this popular style trend today due to the practical purpose of the space.

Modern Bathroom: Current Trends

Among the latest design trends, it is necessary to highlight the fact that minimalist trends are less manifested in the interiors of bathrooms, asceticism is a thing of the past. The forms of plumbing have become simpler and more concise, and monochrome options prevail among finishing materials. A harmonious design is now created through a competent combination of textures, affixing original accents. Preference is given to simple color solutions and careful detailing.

Finishing Materials And Colors

The design of the premises of modern bathrooms is based on creating a contrast, but not sharp, but soft, excluding absolute oppositions. So, in wall cladding, you can use two types of ceramic tiles, kept in a single color scheme – large and mosaic. Ceramics in rooms with constantly high air humidity is an absolute favorite. One of the leading trends is embossed decorative ceramic coating. A tile with a volumetric geometric pattern looks no less impressive. Both of these options are designed for spacious rooms.

Designers recommend combining several materials, for example, combining wooden surfaces with glossy tiles, matte plaster with mirror inserts, natural stone with concrete. A fashionable offshoot of modern style these days – eco-style involves the use of only natural finishes and muted natural shades.

When creating a contemporary style, the use of a wide variety of tones is allowed, provided that they are aligned in a harmonious color palette. So, if you like bright colors, there is no reason to refuse them. But saturated shades should be used dosed, for example, put bright accents with their help.

Snow White Bathroom

White is a universal color, so it blends harmoniously with any design options. A modern-style white bathroom is ideal for those who love space and crystal cleanliness right down to sterility. To maintain it, it is recommended to give preference to unpretentious materials in maintenance.

Gray Haze

Gray shades of varying intensity are very popular in modern interiors. It is recommended to combine them with contrasting or monochrome colors. This coloristic solution creates a sense of elegance and respectability. It will be good to “play” with textures, to revive the cold colors with the help of carefully thought out lighting.

Exquisite Black

In classic interiors, black is usually found in small details. But in spacious modern bathrooms, with a competent approach to interior design, it looks incredibly advantageous and stylish. A profitable solution is to combine it with contrasting white or natural shades.

Brown Tones – Close To Nature

It is desirable to embody the brown color scheme in natural wood surfaces or their imitations. So, neutral natural tones are characteristic of eco-style. Chocolate, brick, sand, coffee shades look noble, cozy and soothing. According to psychologists, they tune in to rest and relaxation.

Deep Blue

This color that evokes associations with the water element is ideal for those who like the marine theme. It gives calmness and pacification, creates a positive mood. Deep shades are used for wall cladding. It is advisable to choose pure white plumbing elements, and furniture made of light wood (for example, bleached oak).

Ceilings, Walls, Floors

The correct decoration of surfaces sets the tone for the interior as a whole. For decoration of ceilings, paint, plexiglass, plastic, tension and suspended structures are used. Ceramic tiles are ideal for walls. The following requirements are imposed on the tiles:

  • the formation of drawings, compositions from tiles is not encouraged (the only exception is two-color decor in a checkerboard pattern);
  • wall cladding with mosaic and relief tiles is possible;
  • imitation of natural materials is permissible – sandstone, marble, granite, wood.

Experts advise using the same tiles, porcelain stoneware or self-leveling floors as flooring. Large tiles are suitable for spacious rooms; preference should be given to options for light, natural shades. Space zoning is often performed using different color solutions.

Furniture And Plumbing

When choosing furniture for a bathroom in a modern style, you should give preference to models made of natural wood or moisture-resistant MDF with a minimalist design, clear shapes and lines. Hanging options are very popular among consumers today, which take up less space and create a visual feeling of lightness, floating in space. It is important that the products are extremely compact and ergonomic. Countertops made of wood, natural or artificial stone, into which washbasins are inserted, are extremely convenient. Under such a countertop, you can install a washing machine or equip spacious storage spaces.

Modern plumbing is distinguished by excellent ergonomics, functionality, ease of use. If space permits, the hot tub is combined with a shower cabin, box, corner. In small rooms, you can limit yourself to just one shower. In the combined bathroom, a compact wall-hung toilet is installed, the installation of which, together with the cistern, is hidden in the wall. The sink will fit both a standard shape and a bowl – round, oval, rectangular. A faucet built into the wall allows you to hide the plumbing system, which clearly does not add to the attractiveness of the interior. Models with a lever, which have replaced two-valve products, are in special demand.

In addition to the usual plumbing, experts advise placing additional equipment in the room designed to give comfort while taking water procedures:

  • additional ventilation system;
  • air ionizer;
  • “warm floor”;
  • radio;
  • footrests, special overhead tables that are installed on the side of the font.

Lighting And Mirrors

Lighting is the final touch to interior decoration. It has an important functional and decorative role. According to the rules, lighting devices are installed at several levels:

  • overhead light (spotlights built into the ceiling, located in the room above the main areas);
  • special moisture-resistant sconces and suspensions in the washbasin, bath and shower area, mirror frame lighting;
  • LED floor lighting – with its help it is possible to facilitate orientation in space at night, as well as to give the bathroom individuality and comfort.

Mirrors also help to create additional lighting. By reflecting light rays from their surface, the room is filled with light. When using several mirrors and with their good location, it becomes possible to add sophistication and charm to the interior, and at the same time save on lighting fixtures. In addition, these accessories visually enlarge the space and expand its boundaries.

Little Tricks For Creating A Cozy And Functional Interior

  • If there are children in the house, you should install a special shelf or a stylish plastic box for toys and other children’s accessories in the bathroom;
  • it is advisable to choose textiles for the bathroom – rugs, robes, slippers, towels – in a single color scheme;
  • for constantly used detergents, a corner shelf near the washing area or an organizer mounted on the wall is suitable;
  • if family members are of different heights, then it is worth installing two mirrors, two shelves at different levels. Mirrors can be of different geometric shapes, this will add a zest to the design.

The interior of a modern bathroom rests on three pillars: style, comfort and functionality. Taking into account these indispensable components, it is easy to create a cozy space that will create a positive mood outside of time and fashion.

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