Garden Lighting Trends 2018 – 15 Ideas for Harmonious Garden Design

Garden Lighting Trends 2018In good weather you can enjoy the time outdoors in the garden mostly until the late evening hours. The matching garden lighting helps you not only to find your way around in the dark, but also to put your outdoor area in an effective way. The outdoor lighting is next to chic and comfortable outdoor furniture and the neat lawn undoubtedly an indispensable part of the garden design . And when the lighting comes from modern and attractive luminaries, they transform your garden into a fascinating dream location with breathtaking light accents. In today’s article, we would be happy to select selected, modern garden lighting trends and ideas that will convince you with great designs and make your garden shine in a special light.

Garden lighting trends 2018 for a contemporary outdoor design

Garden Lighting Trends 2018If you want to make your garden a special highlight and create a playful or perhaps dreamy romantic atmosphere, you have an almost endless variety of possibilities open. Depending on which area in the garden you want to illuminate, you can use different types of lights. The wall lights, for example, serve not only the basic lighting around the house, but also create great lighting accents on the walls. The current garden design trends score not only with a pleasant light in the evening or at night, but also look excellent in a switched off state.

Creative garden lighting Trends 2018 and ideas for different design and application possibilitiesGarden Lighting Trends 2018

The round wall light impresses with its minimalist, discreet design and allows for comprehensive lighting concepts in the outdoor area. The puristic and simple lighting body creates an exciting contrast on the wall and is a true view. With this luminaire model, high functionality was paired with modern optics. In the upper picture, you see several wall lights running along a parallel line to the pool, creating a uniform overall picture. The elegant stainless steel wall lights look elegant and modern.Garden Lighting Trends 2018

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Particularly important for the lighting in the garden is that the lamps are weather-resistant and robust. The LED garden lighting is convincing with a low power consumption and a long service life. Most LED bulbs for the garden are equipped with a motion detector and are therefore very practical. You and your guests can safely reach the house even in the dark hours, as the lights turn on and off automatically.Garden Lighting Trends 2018

If you prefer to use more color in the garden design, you can get the modern garden lighting in the trade in many colors. If you want to put interesting color contrasts in the garden, you can also conjure your own light combinations. Due to the colorful garden lighting, especially with indirect light, the bark is especially good and also makes the autumn look particularly beautiful.Garden Lighting Trends 2018

If you want to illuminate the garden paths, you can use pedestals or bollards between trees and shrubs, behind stones or low walls to illuminate tripping conditions. Even if there are no sockets nearby or you may not be able to lay a cable in the ground, the solar and bollard lights as garden lighting are an excellent choice. A ball lamp, for example, radiates a powerful, warm-white backlight and belongs to the current trends in garden lighting.Garden Lighting Trends 2018

If you would like to emphasize individual garden statues or create great light spots on the lawn or in the flower bed, you can also put emphasis on ground spike lamps. Above all, if you want to integrate stones into the garden design, you can use magic effects to conjure up a dreamlike beautiful ambience. Due to the specific surface structure, the illuminated stones are particularly well presented. These fascinating floor spike lamps are very elegant and discreet and perfectly integrated into the environment thanks to their leaf shape.Garden Lighting Trends 2018

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Modern garden lighting trends are no coincidence for solar garden lighting. They use the energy of the sun and are charged by the sun’s rays. In the dark hours, you can enjoy the pleasant light and create a moody atmosphere. These models are a skilful combination of lighting and artistry and score with futuristic shapes and designs. The aesthetic aspect of the exterior lighting gives your garden an individual touch. Through special shapes you can create extravagant garden lighting.Garden Lighting Trends 2018

The current garden lighting trends include the planting sockets, which allow you to set decorative accents in your garden. The garden lanterns without diffuser cast shadows on the objects near them and provide great shadow effects. These radiate from within and provide additional highlights. If the outdoor area is equipped with a clearly visible lighting, the spotlights are a great solution. Whether you opt for an immovable or swivel-mounted built-in beam is a matter of taste and of course is left to you.Garden Lighting Trends 2018

If you like to sit on the veranda in the evening and enjoy the fresh, cool air and enjoy yourself with a drink, the torches, the wind lights and the lanterns are an excellent choice for garden lighting. If you want to immersed yourself undisturbed in an exciting novel, a weatherproof floor lamp would be another way to get adequate and non-dazzling light in the garden.Garden Lighting Trends 2018

Naturally, you are free to decide which elements in your garden will play the role of lighting design. These can be individual plants, the trees or an attractive garden decoration. In the upper picture, the special structure of the outer wall was deliberately emphasized. The pendulum lights made of metal score with the simple, diamond-like look and let the light drop down from above.Garden Lighting Trends 2018

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This star-shaped pendulum lamp, for example, is a true viewer with a purely decorative function as a garden lighting above the comfortable seats. The striking lampshade made of metal fits perfectly with the rest of the garden furniture and makes the garden arrangement in combination with the two lanterns on the wall particularly unanimous.Garden Lighting Trends 2018

A delicate and fascinating garden lighting can be created with light chains. The LED light chains can hang on trees, fences, plants, bushes and hedges and decorate the outside festively, romantically or playfully and create the desired flair. You can also choose light tubes and light strings as additional lighting types.Garden Lighting Trends 2018

Today’s string of lights for outdoor use work with LEDs and consume very little electricity. You can distribute light-emitting diodes and light chains between the bushes and trees or simply over the bushes and transform your garden into a cozy place to feel good. If you want to create a corresponding party atmosphere, you can go back to colored lights with light bulbs.Garden Lighting Trends 2018

The varied garden lighting trends and ideas offer models and designs for every taste. Whether your garden is equipped with a gentle, romantic, flickering or harmonious light, you can decide according to your ideas and needs.

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