Garden Mirror – Clever Ideas to Expand the Space and Tweak the Decor

Garden MirrorDespite its small size, the garden is a luxury that many people can not afford. Without being able to push the barriers and maximize the space, we must look for certain intelligent solutions that will allow us to optimize the ground. Indeed, having an XS garden is an opportunity to have a little corner of paradise, even modest. So we must appreciate it and try to give it the attention it deserves. The deco tricks to successfully enlarge the small garden are not lacking! But, there is one that is gaining popularity thanks to its multiple functions. Today, the garden mirror is highly prized in exterior decoration where it allows to enlarge the spaces and add a touch of originality.

Garden MirrorWondering what the garden mirror can do for you? In the picture gallery below, you will find several inspiring ideas that will encourage you to dare the mirror in exterior decoration. Given that the current trend pushes us to copy and paste everything that is done in it and to adopt it in exterior decoration, the mirror can not be neglected.

Garden MirrorA key object of the garden decoration, the mirror proves to be an accessory enjoying exceptional versatility. He knows how to play with light, thus enabling visually to enlarge the spaces. The mirror thus exceeds its initial role of reflecting our image. In exterior decoration, it provides a sensation of space and serves as an unusual decorative object. We dare therefore on the terrace or in the garden and the result is spectacular.

Garden MirrorIn exterior decoration, the mirror allows to beautify the fence, the fence, the trees etc. Manufacturers offer a wide range of garden mirrors designed to withstand moisture, rain, sun and shock. Made of glass or acrylic, as it is or surrounded by an original frame, the mirror allows to accessorize any place giving it a superb decorative touch.

Garden MirrorWhen we talk about setting up a small garden, we always hesitate about decoration to adopt. But, in order to enlarge the small space without sacrificing the aesthetic side, there is a little deco trick to consider. Installing a large mirror gives depth, while visually doubling the area of the place. Usually made of acrylic, the garden mirror is unbreakable and promises a long life.

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Garden MirrorA garden wall in stone often presents an austere look. To change this impression and bring a decorative touch to the whole, one can bet on laying a garden mirror. In addition to accessorizing the wall or fence, the mirror creates a play of light, allowing to visually enlarge the restricted space. Moreover, the mirror brings a discreet decorative touch, ideal to refine the dining area outdoors.

Garden MirrorWhatever the style of a garden, accessorizing it with a mirror is an intelligent solution, adaptable to any layout. Opting for a large mirror of square, round or hexagonal shape, or even a small version, the variety is so vast and allows everyone to make the best choice for himself. One thing is certain – the one who puts on the garden mirror, does not regret his choice!

Garden MirrorAs for the design of the garden mirror, a wide range is offered to the buyer. Modern and well-cut lines or even, embodying the vintage style and charm of yesteryear – there’s something for everyone! And, the faux window look garden mirror is the must-have accessory to adopt for vintage decoration. In order to give it a touch of authenticity, one can try to rust his metal frame.

Garden MirrorHanging the garden mirror at the fence or fence, is a deco trick to bring a feeling of space and joy to space. Accessorizing the small garden in such a way is an excellent choice of decoration because, in addition to visually doubling the area of the place, the mirror can reflect nature. Thus, the gardener will enjoy a corner of paradise plunged in a universe of beautiful colors.

Garden MirrorCurrent trends are pushing us to develop the outer space as well as the interior. In fact, there is nothing surprising about this, given the current context in which we aspire more and more to comfort, where we need it. So, hung on the wooden fence, the large garden mirror assumes the role of accent and brings a decorative touch to the outdoor dining area. A promise of conviviality, the accessory confers a unique character to the whole.

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Garden MirrorNothing like a garden mirror to bring more luminosity to the layout and create an illusion of space. In addition to accessorizing the outdoor space, a mirror is ideal for highlighting the shady recesses of a garden by bringing a feeling of cheerfulness. A large mirror, for its part, makes it possible to conceal a damaged wall or a disgraceful facade.

Garden MirrorThe mirror comes out of the house to settle outside. Whether one opts for a large garden mirror or a lot of mirrors, the object offers several not insignificant advantages. The garden mirror brings a deco touch to the set and creates superb trompe-l’oeil effects. In addition, it allows to highlight certain elements like floral compositions, decorative objects, exterior architecture etc. In addition to visually enlarging the site, laying a garden mirror also makes visible a given part.

Garden MirrorInstalling customized mirrors is a great idea, allowing you to multiply space and give an impression of grandeur. In order to obtain the desired optical effect, the mirrors must be placed at strategic points. Thus, they will reflect light and plants well, while visually doubling the area.

Garden MirrorThe garden mirror is available in several versions that differ in terms of style and size. The accessory can therefore be equipped with a vintage, industrial or Shabby chic frame, as well as modern or old. The famous sun mirror for example is the ideal accessory to adopt in decoration of terrace, which will become immediately the focal point of the space.

Garden MirrorA modern decorative accessory, which has the capacity to infuse a touch of yesteryear, the window mirror invites itself in interior and exterior decoration. Attached to the garden fence, the mirror conceals certain imperfections while becoming an integral part of the decor. It will reflect the plants and landscape and will bring a pleasant and romantic atmosphere.

Garden MirrorThe garden mirror is, indeed, a very romantic decoration accessory. It can be used for indoor as well as outdoor use, but wherever it is installed, great visual impact is guaranteed. Window style, the garden mirror can be erected against a wall or embedded in a palisade so as to offer an overview of the surrounding greenery. This trompe-l’œil window creates a spectacular illusion and opens up a new perspective.

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Garden MirrorIn addition to bringing a touch of originality and creativity to the environment, the garden mirror, no matter its style, can also be super convenient. A large mirror or a lot of small mirrors, allow to visually structure the outer space. The original ideas for the location of the mirror in the garden are not lacking. The most common examples are mirrors that adorn the covered terrace or hang on the front of the house or a garden fence. The location of the garden mirror in general depends on the optical effect to be created, as well as the constraints of the terrain.

Garden MirrorIt turns out that, apart from its initial role of reflecting our image, the garden mirror is a strategic ally to sublimate the design of the outdoor space. Benefiting from an increasingly original design, the acrylic garden mirror is available in several versions, each one more decorative than the others. The variety of colors, sizes and styles allows each person to find the design that best suits their taste and the rest of the decor.

Garden MirrorSuccessfully setting up a tiny garden is a challenge, but it is not impossible. There are some astute ideas to try that, besides allowing the gardener to personalize his garden, instill in the whole a feeling of peace and well-being. The use of trompe-l’œil is a superb ally to visually enlarge the garden. How to do it ? For a guaranteed effect, it would be better to install false windows on a wall or on the fence, replacing the windows by mirrors. Thus, one will eventually blur the boundaries of the site and redraw it.

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