Green Kitchen Ideas 2018 – How To Combine The Harmony And Energy Of Different Tones

Green Kitchen IdeasNature is the greatest source of joy and peace. Its richness of green nuances brings a feeling of harmony and comfort to a space. The green is available in many tones more or less intense. And it is to this intensity that the green owes its nature either cold or soft. In interior decoration, the green has the particularity to create a reassuring atmosphere without however escaping its energizing nature. If you’re wondering how to make green work in a contemporary environment, sitazine has all the right answers for you. Believe it or not, the color of nature is perfect for any room, no matter its function and style. In this article, you are invited to discover how to combine the serenity and energy of green to make them work in the kitchen. The green kitchen is a place of conviviality par excellence, in an exceptional and enveloping atmosphere, which the whole family particularly appreciates.Green Kitchen Ideas

Did you know that the human eye perceives green better than other colors? So this is an excellent reason to dare green kitchen decoration. Indeed, green belongs to the family of cold colors, hence its ability to infuse fresh air into space. A blend of blue and yellow, the green offers an enormous palette of tones ranging from softest to darkest shades, acidulated and chameleon tones.Green Kitchen Ideas

Anise green, water green, emerald, celadon, fir, apple, mint, sage, khaki and many more – green always has something to surprise. Considered a symbol of bad luck in the Middle Ages, green has subsequently become the embodiment of destiny, hope, youth and nature. It is thanks to the feeling of harmony and comfort that it brings to a space, that color is perfectly suited to play to dive the kitchen in a friendly atmosphere as elegant.Green Kitchen Ideas

Decorative green helps to balance certain physiological functions. The color is therefore ideal to create a reassuring atmosphere in the kitchen. In addition, the color of the plant world has a direct impact on the nervous system, hence its anti-stress qualities. Obviously, the effect of green on sight and on the brain depends largely on the shade chosen. It is no surprise that every green brought to the decor creates a different ambience and style. It is therefore necessary to rely on the rule of balanced dosage so as not to fear the lack of taste.

Green kitchen – zoom on tones and their influences

Green Kitchen IdeasAs already mentioned, green is a color benefiting from a wide palette of nuances. And there arises the big question: how to choose the right tone and what atmosphere will create in the kitchen? To help you clarify the issues raised, sitazine offers you a detailed and focused list of the benefits of the most well known and widespread green shades.

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Pale tones

Green Kitchen IdeasThe pale green is one of those tones that know how to distil a feeling of serenity wherever it is in the interior space. Soothing par excellence, the shade parks walls and furniture while distributing its natural note and irresistibly refined. A soft, dull green is perfectly suited to give the kitchen a sense of joy but discreetly.

Green Kitchen IdeasThe list of pale tones includes mint green, celadon and almond. This magnificent color chart befits any style of interior and allows to create a simplistic background, sometimes even absent. In the green kitchen, to emphasize the delicacy of the color, it is advisable to privilege furniture in light or bleached wood. A similar association promises to infuse a noble and soothing character into the play.

Energizing greens

Green Kitchen IdeasYour kitchen is spacious and bright? So choose a decoration of green kitchen… and energizing. Yes, the green tones promise to create a cheerful and stimulating atmosphere. Prefer acid tones such as apple green, anise, chlorophyll and neon and be careful to use them sparingly. In the green and sparkling kitchen, everything is a matter of proportion. It is necessary to avoid the total look because these colors will overload the atmosphere and make it difficult to bear for the eyes.Green Kitchen Ideas

The tones of green acid are also advised in a white bathroom or in a child’s room. They should be combined with other neutral or clear colors to create a balanced and coherent look. Being on the subject of energizing greens, the shades “apple” and “anise” draw a flashy set and you will succeed to emphasize them if you conjugate them with white or warm colors.

The dark greens

Green Kitchen IdeasA feast for the eyes and for the senses, the green kitchen is adorned with superb dark tones by metamorphosing into a place of nobility and well-being. The list of dark greens includes emerald, fir, English green and bottle green. If the acidulated greens distil a dynamic atmosphere, with the dark greens, it’s something else.Green Kitchen Ideas

The deep shades of green create a sense of calm and unparalleled elegance. They work wonderfully well in an office, a lounge or a library whose atmosphere often evokes luxury, opulence and classical character. Still, a piece of wall declined in English green or emerald is a wonderful idea to adopt in the green kitchen. The only rule of thumb is to use dark greens in rooms with high ceilings.Green Kitchen Ideas

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Timeless and always trendy, the green kitchen under all its seams has everything to please. Green, whatever its color, presents the superb advantage of being able to be used in many ways, both in wall covering and floor or distilled in small touches according to the style of the room. Either soft, acidic or dark, the color immediately gives a relaxing and chic.

With which colors to combine a green kitchen?

Green Kitchen IdeasGiven its soft and soothing nature, green facilitates all associations. So, a green kitchen can be further energized via a few colorful notes. So for example, to sublimate a green paint, nothing like a few touches of red here and there. The green and the red sublime each other while designing a modern decor and full of energy.Green Kitchen Ideas

Half way between a green and a very pale blue, the green celadon is particularly prized in decoration. This tone exudes a captivating softness and an unparalleled refinement. How to better use this hue to design a contemporary and chic green kitchen? The celadon green blends wonderfully well with natural tones such as ocher, linen and cream. In order to brighten up the atmosphere, it can also be combined with spring colors such as yellow and pink pastel for example.Green Kitchen Ideas

The idea of having a green kitchen tempts you but you still hesitate on the choice of nuance? Why not consider an olive green paint? This clear hue promises to give a sweet impression to your kitchen if used in total look. To overcome this sensation, it is better to make smart associations. So prefer the colors inspired by nature, like the olive green itself. Taupe, gray, brown and black will bring a certain dynamism to the green kitchen while creating a harmonious contrast and a refined atmosphere.Green Kitchen Ideas

Apple green is a garish hue that is usually difficult to tune with another color. This is why it is better to distill it in small touches. Bright and tangy, this color is ideal to energize the atmosphere of any room provided it is used sparingly. A good dose of white will sliced harmoniously with the predominantly acid tone in the green kitchen, without extinguishing its tonic effect.Green Kitchen Ideas

As for the other tangy hue – the so-called anise green, it blends wonderfully well with warm hues like a pastel yellow or a mild orange. For an effect all nature, it is necessary to associate the green anise with neutral tones. A green and white kitchen promises a resolutely contemporary look, especially if you bet on glossy finishes for your closets and credence.Green Kitchen Ideas

Emerald, fir or English, the dark green in the kitchen decoration exudes unparalleled refinement. To succeed in decoration of kitchen green and dark, it is advisable either to paint a piece of wall in the desired shade, or to concentrate on furnishing in the color of your choice. To combine a dark green, bet on a purple, an ash rose, a bright blue and an oriental violet.Green Kitchen Ideas

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Known for its soothing virtues, green reduces fatigue and distils cheerfulness in a room. The color is perfect for all those who rely on the principles of Feng Shui with regard to interior design and decoration. And since Chinese art aims to harmonize the energy of a room, it puts the green plants on a pedestal. It is thanks to them that one benefits from a purified air and an atmosphere of well-being and freed from the harmful energies. So, indoor plants are a great way to integrate greenery into the habitat without having to buy a green kitchen.Green Kitchen Ideas

Color of hope and luck, green associates with nature and wide open spaces. Whatever its nuance, it has soothing and refreshing virtues. He invites himself therefore in all rooms of the home provided that respect the balanced dosage. A choice not very widespread, the green kitchen is, indeed, a modern room, bright and full of character. Obviously, each of its beautiful tones infuses a very different atmosphere to the space. A thorough reflection will be necessary to determine well the hue and its character.Green Kitchen Ideas

In order to succeed in creating a bright and original green kitchen, the interior designers advise you to decline kitchen furniture green on white walls. The neutral background, or even absent, allows you to give free rein to your imagination and experiment with two or more shades of green at a time. You like your wood kitchen but you still want to give it a fresh touch? Needless to do a total renovation! Instead, consider installing an anis green central island that, by cutting with the rest of the dark wood furniture, will make its effect and brighten the space.Green Kitchen Ideas

If your goal is to breathe more into your green kitchen, consider repainting a piece of olive green wall and installing a credenza in the same shade. If you prefer to bring a spring and punchy note to the set, bet on green turf and light green, scattered here and there, according to your desires.

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