Helpful Hints For Choosing And Making A Flawless Ceiling Paint Color

Ceiling Paint ColorIn early 2018, there is a pronounced trend on Pinterest and blogs dedicated to home decoration. This is the colored ceiling paint that seems to be an eccentric choice but it is only at first glance. We promise you: it’s not as extravagant as you think … unless you want it! Then, in the following paragraphs, we will try to answer the questions “Which is painting to choose?” And “How to paint a ceiling?”. Who has always hesitated to do so will probably take the plunge after consulting the images in our gallery!Ceiling Paint Color

Whether your home is classic, Scandinavian or minimalist, there is a good ceiling paint for any style of interior decoration. In fact, painting the “fifth wall” can enhance the intended decorative effect or add a nice touch of eclectic contrast. Anyway, a colored dome gives a lot of character to a room as you are about to see for yourself.Ceiling Paint Color

Once you have decided to paint your ceiling, you have two starting points to consider. Depending on your budget, time available and level of skill, you can use the services of a professional or do it yourself. So here are some super-useful tips for the most daring owners who are part of the second group of people.

Practical tips for an ideal ceiling painting to do yourselfCeiling Paint Color

A successful ceiling painting, whether white or in color, requires preparing in advance. Unless you have found a way to defy gravity, there will be splashing. But it does not matter when you know what to expect. First, remove all furniture and decorative items in the room. Do not forget the ceiling lamp or shade of the suspension, curtain rods, door hardware and so on.Ceiling Paint Color

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After visiting the paint shop, go through the hardware store not only to buy the necessary brushes and rollers, but also to get some plastic sheeting that is essential for clean ceiling painting. Some rolls of masking tape of different widths will also be useful for this purpose. Safety glasses are another important item.

Material requirements and optimal application conditionsCeiling Paint Color

Having mentioned the necessary equipment, choose a roll with telescopic handle and two brush to rechampir of different sizes. The flat paint tray may seem optional, but it is really essential to minimize sagging. Finally, as it is a ceiling painting of which we speak, a stool will also be necessary for you to work comfortably.Ceiling Paint Color

It should be mentioned that the ceiling must be perfectly dry, smooth and well cleaned before accessing the painting itself. The application of a primer is also recommended to achieve a consistent result with minimal paint wastage. In the same vein, try to stick to the manufacturer’s recommended use on the label.Ceiling Paint Color

Avoid painting in excessively cold or hot weather since this will result in drying respectively too slow or too fast. For example, a temperature between 10 and 20 degrees C ensures optimal drying conditions. Finally, if you want a result without traces, bear in mind that the ventilation of the room is done once the ceiling paint is finished and not during the work.

Which type of ceiling paint to choose and which finish?Ceiling Paint Color

As a general rule, one can choose between acrylic paint and oil paint (most often linen). The only thing these two paintings have in common is that they are suitable for any type of interior surface. However, the rest of their characteristics, which will be summarized below, differ totally.Ceiling Paint Color

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The first is water-based, which means it dries relatively quickly and does not require solvents to clean tools after work. In addition, it is very easy to apply and is ecological, not giving off unpleasant odors and harmful evaporation.Ceiling Paint Color

The second ceiling paint contains synthetic resins and petroleum derivatives and is also known as glycero. It contains a lot of solvents, but its advantages are that it is leachable and considerably more resistant compared to acrylic.Ceiling Paint Color

Except for the chemical composition of the paint, one can make his choice by examining the different finishes that give this or that effect to the piece. Mate, slightly satiny or high gloss, it’s up to you to choose the ceiling paint that you find the most aesthetic.Ceiling Paint Color

It should be mentioned only that the ceiling paint with a matte finish normally creates a more muffled atmosphere and that is why it is mainly used in bedrooms. The satin and lacquered are on their part more intense hence their predilection in the other parts more “active”.Ceiling Paint Color

Also keep in mind that a glossy paint tends to emphasize any irregularity of the surface where it is applied. So, if your ceiling is not smoothed to perfection, prefer a matte finish or a slightly satiny if not to hide at least not to emphasize its imperfections.

What ceiling paint colors for which space? More inspiration in photos!Ceiling Paint Color

In any case, it is the intended environment and your personal taste that remain the most important factors of choice. Examine the rest of our colorful ideas and find the courage to take the plunge to decorate at least one room in your home with an artistic and totally eye-catching ceiling painting!

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A dark ceiling will bring cozy vibrations to a double height or a large roomCeiling Paint Color

The herringbone ceiling paint in candy tones is perfect for the baby girl nurseryCeiling Paint Color

Find inspiration in an aesthetic suspension or other favorite design objects!Ceiling Paint Color

Examples of ceiling paint color in perfect harmony with the room’s decorCeiling Paint Color

Exotic living room frankly awesome with French ceiling painted in bright purpleCeiling Paint Color

Would you dare a metallic gold finish ceiling paint in the dining room?Ceiling Paint Color

Bedroom, dining room or bathroom: no taboos for the ceiling colors!Ceiling Paint Color

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