How to Installing Tiles on Wall

How to Installing Tiles on Wall. Besides closed with a layer of leveling compound or mixture of cement and sand, many people are interested in closing wall tiles wear. There were closed as a whole but there were only the bottom only. All must have a reason and argument alone. But clearly, the walls are covered with either ceramic tiles or other materials such as granite, marble and others did have one advantage that the color does not fade so easily enough pair once and for all. Another plus, the walls are covered with tiles is not easy to get dirty and cleaning work is also easy to do.installing-kitchen-tiles-backsplashes

Just to note, how to installing tiles on a wall in the technique varies slightly when compared with the installation of the tiles on the floor. System and how a little more difficult and complicated. This is because the fields on a form vertical walls, while floor area has a flat surface or horizontally. Calculations should be more careful because if done carelessly, the tiles can not be attached and fall.

As for how to choose the two existing systems, namely from below or from above. If starting from the top, first soak them in water first tile will be installed. The goal is that the pores of the tiles on the bottom surface can absorb mortar and sand. If ingestion can cause perfect empty cavity which causes the tile is easy regardless if it is dry, then sand cement mixture placed on the wall and let some time that is not too wet. If it is too wet tiles are firmly attached and can not easily fall. Therefore this dough should be made is not so dilute making it easier to stick onto the wall. And that should not be forgotten, before the paste with dough first wall must be watered with water.

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When the dough has begun to dry up, the process of attachment can be done immediately. Although the tiles have been soaked in water, but before it was affixed or attached tiles must be fixed in wet conditions. After that the bottom surface is given a lump but should not be too thick. If the batter is too thick can make it bolted to the side. Besides the arrangement of the tiles will be difficult to trim.

Once the tiles are placed in the right position, hit with a hammer until the surface fit and parallel to the rope that is used as the reference line. Hammer used to hit not of iron but of wood or rubber. Iron hammer too hard could cause the tiles so easily broken.

To prevent sticking tiles that had not falling edges that are under could be two spikes on the left and right. While the grout by an object that looks thin, for example paper folded plastic bucket or a mark.

When all the walls have been installed properly and neatly, wait until the dough becomes dry. Then loose objects in the grout and fill this section with a special grout to fill the gap grout.

For the process that starts from the bottom, the outline is the same way. But no longer needed because the nail to buffer the existing tile on it already detained by the tiles that are below. But nat gap must remain filled with a thin object. The execution of the following is suitable applied if the tiles of natural stone.

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And before you put the walls can be made small niches randomly generated so that sand and tile grout could cling more tightly.

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