Ideas for Kitchen Designs in Modern Styles – Make sure you have a pepp!

Ideas for Kitchen Designs in Modern StylesVersions and designs for the modern kitchen are available in an infinite variety. When choosing, not only does one’s own taste play an important role, but also the floor plan and the size of the space into which the kitchen lines are to be installed. However, different inspirations are always a welcome thing, which is why we have put together some design ideas for the kitchen. Every idea for the design of kitchens is worth considering and guarantees a unique look, which aims to make time in the kitchen as pleasant as possible. Let yourself be inspired and try to use the designer kitchens and suggestions!Ideas for Kitchen Designs in Modern Styles

Try to make the modern kitchen even more interesting and comfortable with some extra elements, special shapes or materials, so you do not want to be out of the kitchen at all. Whether you are looking for ideas for a large space or looking for a design for small kitchens, you might find something suitable here.

Design for kitchens in black

Ideas for Kitchen Designs in Modern StylesAlthough the use of a lot of black in kitchen is often avoided because you simply cannot believe in the dark color, a bright room can be extremely elegant when the kitchen cabinets are chosen entirely in black. The choice is between a modern high-gloss finish or a matt finish. High gloss has the advantage that it also reflects the light while matt black looks particularly elegant.Ideas for Kitchen Designs in Modern Styles

Certain materials such as lacquered wood or natural stone can also create the desired look. If you do not believe in the black color despite the large window fronts and a lot of natural light, you can also consider a design for kitchens in black and white and create a balance.

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Kitchens with floor lighting

Ideas for Kitchen Designs in Modern StylesEven in large window fronts and lots of natural light, artificial light is needed in the evening. The lamps above the work surface and a lamp on the ceiling are necessary to be able to cook comfortably evenings. However, they can also use other lighting effects in order to set your modern kitchen on the scene and to become a real eye-catcher.Ideas for Kitchen Designs in Modern Styles

The lighting is very attractive, just above the ground. This kind of kitchen design also creates the impression that the cabinets float in the air. In this way, the kitchen or cooking island can also be emphasized. For this purpose, the lamps are simply placed directly underneath the protruding worktop. LED lamps are perfect for such a design for kitchens with decorative lighting, because they are economical and are offered in various yellow and white nuances.

Natural materials

Ideas for Kitchen Designs in Modern StylesModern kitchens can be made of a wide variety of materials. A beautiful combination is, for example, stone and wood, which creates an interesting contrast between warm and cold material. Very elegantly, stone work-tops and a panel of the island with wood. You can also choose natural stone with a design for kitchens with wooden barstools.Ideas for Kitchen Designs in Modern Styles

Various effects can be created. Also wood and metal or stone and metal look attractive and fit beautifully to a high-gloss kitchen. In any case, you will get high quality kitchens if you trust the right kitchen manufacturer. Inquire well in advance and pay attention to guarantee. You should also inform about suitable types of natural stones for the worktop and suitable wood types for the cabinets.Ideas for Kitchen Designs in Modern Styles

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Both the variants for the forms as well as the colors are numerous for the modern design for kitchens and can therefore be planned as desired. Above you will see an attractive variant of wood and stone in black and very light gray-white.

Irregular shape for cabinets and kitchen island

Ideas for Kitchen Designs in Modern StylesStraight and simple lines are without a doubt a typical feature of the modern and minimalistic kitchen designand are simply part of it. However, this does not mean that the individual elements must necessarily have the form of a uniform cuboid. On the contrary, you can play with shapes and, for example, let a cupboard protrude laterally.

Sculpture kitchen island

Ideas for Kitchen Designs in Modern StylesIf you want to design your kitchen modern and look for a fancy design for kitchen cooking island, choose kitchen models that have a sculptural island. It transforms from a merely useful element into a highlight for the space and is artful and attractive. With concrete, even an individual design for kitchens with island can be made and adapted to your space and taste.Ideas for Kitchen Designs in Modern Styles

The same is true for a kitchen with a counter that can be connected directly to the island or even a part of it. How extravagant the look is to be final, you decide for yourself. There are subtler design, in which only a few roundings are used as effects, as well as particularly irregular cooking and kitchen island designs.

Neutral and powerful color schemes

Ideas for Kitchen Designs in Modern StylesNeutral colors are simple and elegant and are also very good in the kitchen. They are often the first choice for minimalist kitchens. A kitchen in high-gloss gray, black, white or beige are therefore not a rarity. Nevertheless, there are lovers of minimalism who find the neutral look a bit too boring. And for such persons there are the colored accents.Ideas for Kitchen Designs in Modern Styles

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Whether the design for kitchens in gray with yellow from the example, a black version with colorful underpants or any other color combinations, the main thing is your taste. The accent colors can be used not only with the design for kitchen fronts but also with other kitchen elements such as the worktop.

Kitchen island in different shapes

Ideas for Kitchen Designs in Modern StylesWith a design for kitchens with counter and kitchen island, a completely different design can be chosen. Why should they always be rectangular and run in one direction? Instead, use both kitchen elements to create an original T-shape! This creates an interesting structure and the kitchen gets two separate areas – a counter for sitting and an island for working.Ideas for Kitchen Designs in Modern Styles

Also the design for kitchens in L-shape can be used not only for the kitchens. The shape can also be chosen as the direction for the two kitchen elements mentioned. Not infrequently, a circle design for kitchens is used to break the straight minimalist look a little. So that the kitchen still remains modern, you should use enough other minimalistic features such as high-gloss. Which form is the better depends mainly on your space and the position of the kitchen in it.

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