Ikea Catalog 2018: What Are The New Trends In Decoration?

Ikea catalog 2018Here are some excerpts from the new IKEA catalog. The first question that can be asked is what are the new trends in the field of decoration.

Without stopping on specific furniture, we will focus on the following trends: the decor in all shades of blue, the decor in order to achieve the atmosphere without stress or in other words, zen attitude, closet type storage open, friendly and especially friendly layout and decorating small space concealing the disadvantages with tips.

Ikea catalog 2018 and deco in blue in all its nuances

We dare to plunge into the big blue because the trend in 2017/2018 in terms of interior decoration is blue in all its forms. All shades of blue are allowed at home. This blue wave affects furniture as well as decorative accessories.Ikea catalog 2018

The petrol blue or the duck blue are shades of blue that are in the spotlight in the interior decor this year. The colors are obscure but looking for chic at a low price we come to find it thanks to dyes covering furniture, paint on the walls and some decorative objects. All objects are not blue because copper objects and metal objects imitating gold or just gold are very trendy too.Ikea catalog 2018

The most popular fabrics in dark blue, duck blue, petrol blue or a shade are velvet, satin and cotton. We will mention here that almost all the pictures we have chosen for you, there are flowers or green plants that are part of the decor and specially cataloged in Ikea catalog 2018.Ikea catalog 2018

The furniture in blue duck or some shades of blue that you could get for your living room, bedroom or hallway are cupboards, dressers or cubes that can serve as shelves.Ikea catalog 2018

This type of shelf has more advantages than disadvantages. It is true that their limited height does not allow you to store large books but the layout you can find at these cubes at home may not be fixed. Indeed, you have the freedom to scatter them all over the wall at home. By the way, you’ll get them in almost every color, so you can combine the blues with others, as shown in the picture below.Ikea catalog 2018

We told you about friendly landscaping when we listed the trends to follow this year. The friendly arrangement is among them. What does it mean exactly? The friendly arrangement allows you to store your little ones’ toys next to your own belongings. The general idea that combines with another general idea, namely to live in a stress-free environment, is to no longer make the strict division between what belongs to you and what your child plays. In other words, it is no longer impossible from the decorative point of view to see small plays in the living room for example.Ikea catalog 2018

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The idea of open space is very fashionable and it translates into a sharing with people in a friendly and friendly atmosphere without sharing the objects that are part of the decoration. The Ikea catalog explains the principle very well and illustrates it through various images. Regarding the friendly atmosphere in the open space for adults, we have selected some pictures for you that you will see below.Ikea catalog 2018

Ikea catalog 2018: the decoration in blue and dividing walls

It is very fashionable to live in an open space such as a studio, a loft, etc. In this open space, it will sometimes be better to provide a separating wall or separator furniture to properly form corners whose function may be different. You are under no circumstances obliged to build a real wall. The dividing walls we are discussing here are nice dividers, like the one shown below. You see a slight metal or plastic construction that does not obstruct you in any way visibility or passage.Ikea catalog 2018

The dividing wall can be a piece of furniture with shelves open on both sides where you can store decorative objects, books, plants, etc. Indeed, you have free way as to how you will express your tastes and preferences.Ikea catalog 2018

In addition, the arrangement of a table and chairs arranged around may constitute such a corner in a room.Ikea catalog 2018

The floral separator wall is the last example of this sub-category that we are going to show you. The climbing plants in the middle of the room are indeed a living and fresh dividing wall.Ikea catalog 2018

Ikea catalog presenting trends of dark colors sometimes combined with pale and more tender colors

Now back to the dark decor and ask ourselves the question why this choice of colors is fashionable. Indeed, the shades of blue that were mentioned earlier are in vogue this year because the blue duck or peacock in English, as well as the dark blue color are in the palette of royal colors. To decorate in blue and its dark shades is to decorate chic at affordable prices.Ikea catalog 2018

Tinting or painting in this way gives your home an interesting and original look without having the shock effect. On the contrary, these cold colors soothe the atmosphere and do not create a feeling of tension in the inhabitant. It may be that the atmosphere is not really warm but the chic is not at all warm prices.Ikea catalog 2018

Decorative objects that go well with dark dyes are living objects, gold-colored objects, or pastel-colored objects. In this way, bright or soft touches (in case of pastel-colored decor) revive the dark complexion.Ikea catalog 2018

Luminous bodies are accessories that play an extremely important role in an interior dyed in blue, gray, dark green. Metal as the chosen material for lamps and shades is a good choice. In this way, the artificial light brought is accompanied by an additional shine that shines instead of illuminating only.Ikea catalog 2018

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In addition, shiny objects give the complexion or pastel paint a contrasting glow. All accessories with shimmering effect brings its touch bling bling often sought by many of us all!Ikea catalog 2018

And speaking of the bling bling, here is a decorative object that is almost unavoidable today: the mirror ball! Indeed, the disco ball is since its appearance in the 50s, in France it seems, the accessory that does not stop to please. Always in fashion, it will probably never be obsolete. And to close the blue chapter alone, blue combined, specify that the golden mirror ball would fit better in a dark and pastel decor that the mirror ball classic.Ikea catalog 2018

Furnish a clear interior, or even painted white, with blue duck furniture is also very fashionable. In addition, for many of you, white is the color of walls par excellence. What you can do, too, is paint a single wall in duck blue and leave the other white walls.Ikea catalog 2018

Ikea catalog: how to make a small space bigger or what tips to make the space look bigger

Transform a small studio into a small apartment, it’s possible! There are several smart solutions to make the space bigger. What are they ? First, it is necessary to furnish in height. Where the ceiling of your studio allows it, you can put everything you do not need instantly, regularly or daily. Second, any furniture with drawers or free space in it is preferably. Thus, you can put away business without planning to buy another piece of furniture for the occasion.Ikea catalog 2018

Third, the open closet type storage is the storage to choose from. Making everything visible is a way to save space if only because shelving-type furniture takes up less space than closets. Then, with the visible storage, we see everything in depth: we see the furniture itself, all the objects that belong to the wall.Ikea catalog 2018

Fourth, it is important to find the right furniture for the space to be developed. Buying a huge table that will not bend will clutter the entire space. Do not put down stools and provide chairs that can hang on the wall for guests, this is an intelligent solution. Finding room for each object you really need is what you need to do!Ikea catalog 2018

Sticking mirrors to the wall to reflect everything inside and create an optical effect is the fifth trick you can apply. So take some adhesive mirror tiles on the wall and put them where it seems most appropriate!Ikea catalog 2018

The white subway tile is another tip that you can use! How smart is it to choose this type of tile? The white metro tiling has a particular style drawing more towards the industrial style which predisposes to not feeling locked in a very small space. There may be people who suffer from claustrophobia and for whom the corridors of the metro are confined spaces but this fear can not be explained by the inability to appreciate the vastness of the space which, As for the corridors and tunnels of the metro, especially in certain countries, it remains indisputable, but because of the fear of remaining cloistered, locked up, as indicated by the etymology of the word claustrophobia.Ikea catalog 2018

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The tendency to arrange everything in a way that we can see everything is explained by two other trends of this year, one of which has already been mentioned above , namely to savor the pleasure of sharing everything in a friendly and friendly space. Exposing your favorite things is the trend we have not talked about yet.Ikea catalog 2018

Indeed, tidy everything we own and logically like in closets, cabinets, boxes, etc. can sometimes seem a shame. Moreover, in an increasingly busy daily, it is best to store his stuff so that projects started or notes about them remain within sight for ease and comfort.Ikea catalog 2018

Regarding the clothes that we love and that we wear every day and especially those that we wear in winter and that we do not put in the washing machine after each use, they often hang on in the entrance or put on a chair somewhere at home. Instead of having clothes scattered on the floor or on the chairs, you can easily provide pretty hooks to hang your favorite fabrics.Ikea catalog 2018

Do you plan to attach hooks for your vests, jackets or coats? You will have done well to foresee it! But for the rest of your business, we advise you to install a shelving unit. A nice storage would allow you to not worry where to put this piece of furniture. In other words, if you do not have a dressing room and you have to install it against the wall of your interconnecting room, you can take inspiration from the storage ideas presented in pictures in the latest ikea catalog.Ikea catalog 2018

Ikea catalog and serene atmosphere

To live in a serene space, or Zen if you prefer, is the last trend that we will approach with you. To know how to live in peace with oneself is vital! If the interior design and decor can help you find peace in your home, do not hesitate to decorate as you feel! Providing ideas and possibly furniture at IKEA is what we recommend you do! The Ikea catalog is rich in ideas and will answer the question of how to create a stress-free corner at home.Ikea catalog 2018

The interior presented by the stylist Sasa AnticIkea catalog 2018

Ikea catalog and friendly atmosphereIkea catalog 2018

Ikea catalog: artistic style and the mandatory presence of canvasesIkea catalog 2018

Ikea catalog and mix of trends: landscaping in blue buried in abundant greenery and immersed in a serene atmosphereIkea catalog 2018

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