Interior Design Of An Apartment In The Style Of “Pop Art”

Interior Design Of An Apartment In The Style Of "Pop Art"If you are attracted by everything non-standard and bright, reminiscent of art exhibitions of the 50s of the XX century with “flashy” posters, sculptures that give food for thought, when seemingly familiar objects turn into works of art thanks to bright combinations of colors, then most likely you I will like the interior design in the style of “Pop Art”.

The emergence of this trend was a kind of revolt against conservatism and traditionalism. Therefore, for decoration they began to use saturated, sometimes even “acidic” colors, play on contrasts and create incredible combinations of shades. Placards, posters, illustrations with comic book characters began to be used as accessories, and not only to decorate the walls – these prints migrated to bed linen and furniture. At the same time, when choosing the setting for the premises, they use the principles of minimalism, for example, Pop Art is characterized by pull-out beds and built-in wardrobes. Some “everyday” objects find non-standard use here: wide-necked bottles or tall cans act as flowerpots.

Finishing materials popular for this style have a glossy shiny surface, and silk or synthetic fabrics are often chosen to match the general idea of the designer. Rhinestones, LED cords and lamps, and mirrored disco balls are used as “glamorous” decor. Neon light complements the illusory space.

As a rule, this style is chosen by energetic people who do not depend on the opinions of others and are able to shock guests with a non-standard apartment design. It is not for nothing that this design direction is distinguished by its expression, play of shapes and sizes, and bright color spots. At the same time, colorful posters on the walls or bright floors do not tire the eyes, but give aesthetic pleasure.

The Main Features Of Pop Art

As the picture can be favorably emphasized by the frame, so in this direction white paint allows to set off the beauty of the wall decoration. A smooth snow-white surface will sparkle brighter with shocking graffiti and bright posters. There are no restrictions for creativity in this style. The walls are decorated in different ways. With a homogeneous light surface, the adjoining one, pasted over with wallpaper with an unusual bright pattern, will be combined. The next wall can be covered with decorative plaster, and the rest can be decorated with photographs or posters.

The choice of furniture rejects bulky models. There is no room for large beds and wardrobes, heavy chandeliers. The furnishings should be light, have an unusual shape. Materials – plastic or wood. Smooth shiny surfaces are welcome, so glass countertops are appropriate. When buying chairs, pay attention to bright plastic models, in the form of a glass or an open palm.

As for materials in general, they can be natural or artificial. The natural beauty of wood will be organically emphasized by a plastic finish, paper inserts in the screens are in harmony with synthetic ones, genuine leather looks good in such interiors. The glass adds a shine of “glamor”.

The floor can be parquet or solid board – this will shift the focus to the interior. If you want to draw attention to the flooring, then opt for bright ceramic tiles or colored carpet. However, a carpet of a non-standard shape or bright colors will look advantageous on a wooden floor.

The ceiling also most often serves to set off the walls. Therefore, they plaster it or choose a glossy hanging one. But multilevel designs are also possible, giving originality to the atmosphere by combining shiny and matte surfaces, play of colors and overflows of lighting.

Decor elements are considered the main part of the Pop Art style interiors. In this capacity, screens, colored furniture, bright pillows, unusual figurines can act. Very often, designers use repetitive symbolism, but in different colors. An example of such decor are posters and posters with portraits in different shades. This style is conducive to the use of hand-made, so homemade jewelry will be quite appropriate. Pay attention to extraordinary glowing accessories. And of course, don’t forget the shiny chrome surfaces that will reflect all this splendor.


Several lines have been developed for the Pop Art style at once. First, there are neutral models that set off paintings, posters and posters. Secondly – models with small patterns in the form of figures or hearts. And finally, bright tapestries with images of cartoon characters from the 60s.

Sometimes designers offer to decorate the walls in the room with monochrome wallpaper, choosing contrasting shades. Photo wallpapers are popular, but not all, but those made in the form of a repeating tape, where portraits of the stars of the past are printed in different colors. Collages from newspapers or coated paper magazine pages will look original. Moreover, wallpaper can be pasted over not only walls, but also a wardrobe, turning it into a niche. This will visually hide such large-sized furniture.


When choosing a chandelier, give preference to a model of an unusual shape. Shades can be plastic, glass or paper, but non-standard. Such options will best emphasize the creativity of the room.

In the interior of “Pop-Art”, artsy spiral shades made of colored glass or plastic, and simply a “naked” cartridge with a screwed-in light bulb fixed on a cord will be equally appropriate.

The chandelier in the color of the ceiling will look interesting – the white or beige model is not striking, serving only for lighting. But there is also another option – an eye-catching model that shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. This will allow you to focus on the exact section of the ceiling where it will be installed. A glass chandelier “sprinkling” light rays reflecting from its edges will decorate the room in the dark. Moreover, the shape of the plafond can be absolutely any.

Designers also recommend the use of built-in fluorescent lamps and LED strips, allowing for original lighting. They are usually fixed in suspended ceilings.


These accessories are just as popular for Pop Art as for Oriental styles. True, their design is significantly different. Portraits of pop stars of different years, made in acid tones, are used as images, pink hair can easily be combined with burgundy skin, yellow lips and purple eyelids.

As for the shape, along with the traditional quadrangular, decorators use hexagonal or trapezoidal cushions. They are placed on armchairs, sofas, wardrobes – all this helps to withstand the bright atmosphere of this style.

Tables And Other Furniture

The dining table should not attract attention, distracting the eye from the unusual wall decor. Therefore, many people choose models of the minimalism style, but in bright colors. Sometimes the table top becomes an additional decorative surface – it is covered with a pattern. A winning option is a round table with a glass top, surrounded by chairs of the same shape, but in different colors. Coffee tables are chosen low with a glossy reflective coating. Plastic options of an unusual shape are popular.

Chairs and armchairs here are suitable design ones, either reminiscent of deep bowls, or with backs of an unusual shape. Along with plastic models, they are also suitable on a metal frame covered with leather or dense fabric of bright colors. Soft poufs will add comfort.

As for sofas, one of the most popular models for Pop Art is considered to be the option in the form of plump female lips, but small flowered sofas will also be appropriate.

Zoning the space in the living room will allow a bar counter, reminiscent of those that were installed in the 50-60 years (they often flicker in American films of that time). For the same purpose, racks without back walls are suitable – they will also become an additional area for placing accessories.

Decoration Of Some Rooms

If you decide not to limit yourself to Pop Art in just one of the rooms, then you will need some points that can help in finishing. So, the entrance hall will surprise your guests at first glance if you decorate the walls of a neutral color with bright posters. There is usually not a lot of furniture here, so it is better to equip a built-in wardrobe, the doors of which will serve as an additional decorative surface, and if space does not allow, then install a compact hanger. It can be metal or made of durable plastic, but it should be bright and custom. An ottoman or a bench for the hallway are chosen bright or in black and white, but with a large color print.

The bathroom can become a branch of the museum if you choose wall tiles with the right pattern. The topic is practically unlimited: from plots of comics and cartoons of the 50-60s, heroes of the first computer games, to portraits of celebrities of the same time. Many designers offer an Edie Warhol-style design, believing that acid colors are quite appropriate here.

There are options for monochrome decoration of one of the walls, which will emphasize the brightness of the rest. With this contrast, you can create really interesting pop-art designs. Walls, floors, ceilings, and even sliding shower doors can turn into a playground for experiments. All sorts of non-standard accessories: soap and cream dispensers, toothbrush holders, towel hooks and bathroom curtains will add extra beauty to the room.


Not every designer will undertake the complete decoration of an apartment in the Pop Art style, because such a riot of colors and shapes can be somewhat tedious. This direction is considered the most emotional and shocking, designed to evoke a lot of emotions, so you should think in advance whether you are ready to spend all your time in such an “environment”. It may be worth limiting yourself to one or two rooms so that the house does not begin to resemble an exhibition hall.

As an option: decorate the bathroom and living room (or dining room) in the Pop Art style, and in the rest of the rooms, limit yourself to some accessory of this design direction. For example, a bright spot of a poster on a white wall background or a piece of furniture of a non-standard shape and color.

How To Avoid Mistakes?

Of course, if you have a delicate taste, then you can quite independently develop the design of your apartment or house in this charming style. However, it is very difficult to find that thinnest line that turns a work of art into kitsch. To prevent this from happening, it is better to entrust the design to professionals. High-class specialists are able to think through every detail in such a way that it will resonate in your soul. At each stage of creating a sketch of the room, you can make adjustments, discuss with the designer how this or that piece of furniture or accessory will look. Working with a master of your craft, you will create a magnificent art space in your home where you will be comfortable.

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