Interior Of A Children’s Room For A Boy

Interior Of A Childrens Room For A BoyDespite the fact that in the post-Soviet space there is still talk about the optional formation of good aesthetic taste in boys, today more and more attention is paid to this issue. And this is no accident. Scientists have proven that the environment in which small representatives of the strong half of humanity grow up is no less important for the formation of a positive outlook and strong character than training and education. In this article, you will learn how to create an interior design for a nursery in which the boy will be comfortable, cozy and safe.

Styles And Directions

There are many variations in the stylistic design of living and working spaces that are enduringly popular on five continents. The most popular ones will be discussed in detail below.

Pop Art

An excellent solution for fans of popular TV series, comics, video games. Distinctive features are an abundance of colors, a bold combination of materials and textures, soft shapes, bright accents in the format of the chosen theme and non-trivial images. Psychologists say that children identify with their favorite characters. Deep integration of the attributes of their life into the life of the baby will contribute to the development of his positive qualities.


Such an interior is a win-win option for those who consider themselves a conservative and want to instill this in a child. Such people give preference to restrained colors and shapes, natural finishing materials. Classic-style rooms are unassuming but cozy. The classic setting develops sophistication and good aesthetic taste in the boy.


The Spartan environment will teach the kid to discipline, iron order and moderation. This does not mean that he will have to sleep on the floor and keep a wardrobe on a chair, but only the necessary minimum of furniture and interior items will be present in the room. Everything is practical and functional, the space is clearly zoned.

Thematic Design

The most common areas are cosmo, auto sports. The choice of such a design solution involves consistent stylization of the living and working space to achieve similarity to the prototype. Such options are uncontested for purposeful individuals who already know exactly what they want.


Bare brick or concrete walls, comfortable upholstered furniture, distinctive décor items and personalized surface designs are the hallmarks of this trend. More suitable for teenagers who are looking for themselves and begin to express themselves. The direction is characterized by a certain brutality, but this will only inspire young conquerors to new victories and exploits.

Color Scheme

The choice of a colorful palette is directly influenced by a number of factors that should be considered when conducting it:

  • Architectural features of the premises. If there is a sunny side of the house outside the windows, the designer has more opportunities to play with colors than in the case of a lack of natural lighting. In such a situation, it is more advisable to give preference to light colors.
  • Room dimensions. The larger it is, the more diverse catalog of solutions the designers will offer to the customer. Small rooms can be stylized just as well, but the limited space shifts the emphasis towards practicality and functionality.
  • The boy’s taste preferences. For caring parents, this factor is decisive. No matter how bold or non-trivial the design decision, it should first of all please the owner of the room.

The choice of color solutions when decorating a boy’s room is limited only by the customer’s imagination, the only taboo in this regard is pink and pastel colors, which are considered primordially girlish.

Decoration Materials

The attention of parents today is offered a mass of floor and wall coverings, facing materials, decorative paints and other materials with which it is easy to personalize the space and bring it in line with the idea of the ideal. Here are some of the more commonly used ones:

  • Floor coverings. Linoleum leads in the ratio of cost to practicality. They are inferior to him in this respect (due to the higher cost) solid board and laminate. Self-leveling floors in bright colors are very popular.
  • Wall decoration. The easiest way to ennoble the walls is to paste over them with wallpaper (finished or for painting), photo variations and models with a bright print are very popular. Decorative panels made of polymer and semi-natural materials are no less in demand.
  • Ceilings. When decorating children’s and teenage bedrooms, the most popular are fabric and PVC stretch ceilings. The wide range of colors and the possibility of printing allows you to make the interior complete.
  • Paints. The industrial industry offers a large selection of acrylic and water-soluble compounds that are distinguished by excellent color rendering, environmental friendliness, and safety for people.

The correct choice of material combinations is a problem faced by parents who do not have special knowledge and skills in the context of renovation and design. If you do not have experience and artistic taste, it is better to entrust this business to professionals.


Traditionally, rooms for boys do not abound with it, but a standard set should be present: a bed / sofa / couch, a desk with a comfortable chair or armchair, a wardrobe. These items must meet the following requirements:

  • Ergonomics. Furniture must not only fulfill its functional purpose, but also be comfortable to use.
  • Reliability. Boys are less careful about things, so products with an increased margin of safety should be preferred.
  • External appeal. The furniture should please the owner and fit well into the interior of the room, harmoniously complementing it.
  • Functionality and practicality. Important for rooms with limited space. In such cases, folding / multifunctional furniture helps to use it more rationally.

Products can be conditionally divided into factory (guarantees, adequate price list) and custom-made (unlimited possibilities for personalization, a lot of variations in color, shape, texture). Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages, so the choice of furniture depends on the financial capabilities and aesthetic preferences of the customer.


Decorating a room is the last, but by no means insignificant (for a boy, for sure) stage of decorating a room. Stylized interior items and lighting fixtures, bright accents in the form of posters, figurines, frames with photographs and other successful design additions will complete the interior and emphasize the individuality of the child. In this matter, it is especially important to listen to the boy’s wishes and give him the opportunity to choose the appropriate decor himself or arrange / hang the decorations in the order that is closest to him. Far-sighted parents propose to decorate the children’s room together, thereby teaching the child responsibility, giving him the opportunity to realize himself creatively and laying the need for beauty that should surround everyone.


This aspect is one of the most important. Due to the fact that the children’s room acts simultaneously as a bedroom, play and study area, special attention should be paid to its lighting. In this context, daylight is of paramount importance and should be able to penetrate freely into all corners of the room. To implement these conditions, it is necessary that the windows are large enough and face the sunny side. If this is not possible due to the architectural features of the building, take care of high-quality artificial lighting. The room is multifunctional, therefore, the possibility of arbitrary regulation of illumination should be provided. This is achieved by installing several switches and lamps. Preference should be given to LED variations that can provide the desired luminous flux and color temperature. Another plus is their high energy efficiency. In special literature, the illumination rate of a children’s room is within 16-20 W / m2.


The main parameters that provide it are temperature and humidity. Both of these indicators are important for the child’s physical health and comfort. The optimum temperature value is 19-21 ° ?, relative air humidity is 50-70%. In the cold season, these indicators are ensured by using heating devices and humidifiers (the most effective are ultrasonic ones), in summer – by air conditioning and ventilation. Climatic equipment can be part of the interior of a room if it is selected in accordance with the design, acting as stylistic accents, or vice versa – it is skillfully masked. Modern manufacturers offer equipment of both types, it is available to order in a wide variety, so if you want to choose the right one is easy.

Features Of The Design Of A Room For A Boy

Traditionally, boys are taught a love of physical education from early childhood, so for many parents a sports corner is an integral part. But many do not know how to integrate it into the overall design idea without breaking the harmony. This is not always easy, but definitely possible. If you are not confident in your own abilities, it is more expedient to turn to professionals.

When designing a room, you should carefully consider its functionality and, if such a task is set, zoning it. Modern solutions allow you to arrange furniture and interior items so that they perform a number of functions at once (beds with a built-in wardrobe or table, a horizontal bar to which a rope is attached, a rope ladder, other devices, etc.).

Ideally, the room is divided into a recreation area (bed, armchairs, TV), study (table, wardrobe or drawer unit, bookshelves), games and / or functional training (equipment, accessories).


When designing the interior of a child’s room for a boy, it is important to focus on the following factors:

  • Age. A room for a child and a teenager differs not only in color, but also in the type of furniture, its quantity, and functionality.
  • Psychotype. A room for an introvert and an extrovert is designed in different ways (different principles of organizing space are used). Some parents are guided by their preferences when arranging the interior, but it is correct to focus on the child and his worldview.
  • Practicality. Not everyone makes repairs and redevelopment annually, so pragmatic parents should take care in advance of the possibility of re-equipping the room without large financial investments as the baby grows.

Guided by these principles, showing ingenuity and exerting effort, you can independently create an interior that will fully correspond to the ideal as presented by the boy, but professional decorators will embody his wishes faster and more accurately.

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